NHLBI: Exploring Research Directions In Hope Of A Widely Available Cure For Sickle Cell Disease

September is not just "back-to-school" month; it's National Sickle Cell Awareness Month-a month selected to call attention to a life-long illness affecting around 100,000 Americans, the majority of whom are African American or Hispanic.

Sickle cell disease is accompanied by severe pain attacks and poor oxygen delivery throughout the body that can cause critical damage to organs. Currently, the only cure is hematopoietic s ...

Minor Symptoms Turned Out To Be A Major-League Disease

Like most people starting retirement, Angela S.* was thinking about how to manage volunteer work, help her children finish college, and just starting to consider '‘what's the next chapter,' when her husband, Shawn, noticed that she was having trouble tying her shoelaces. They joked that she was either too stressed or too relaxed, but when Angela's left leg started feeling weak, she finally went to a doctor. It turned out to be Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), c ...

When Disasters Strike, You Can Be Part Of The Solution

Every 24 seconds, somewhere in America, a fire department responds to a fire and firefighters are on the job, saving life and property. What many people may not realize is that most of these firefighters are volunteers. Seven out of 10 firefighters and emergency responders are volunteers, protecting their communities from a variety of hazards and saving taxpayers nationwide an estimated $140 billion a year. They come from all backgrounds, professions, ages, genders, r ...

Irving Burgie: The Man Who Put Calypso Music On The Map

While many Americans may be surprised to learn just where some of the best-known and beloved calypso songs originated, for those in the know, the name Irving Burgie springs to mind.

Burgie is the creator of such songs as "Day-O," "Jamaica Farewell," "Island in the Sun" and many more, and his talent and achievements have made for a remarkable life.

Born in Brooklyn in 1924, Burgie served in WWII and went to the famed prestigious Juilliard music school on ...

Five Ways To Help Kids Stay In School And On The Path To Success

Most parents know that school attendance is important-after all, we want our kids to have the best possible chance of doing well in school and achieving their dreams. But many parents also know that getting their kids to school every day isn't always easy. Kids get sick or they worry about facing bullies. Sometimes kids miss school because their families are struggling or because they feel unprepared.

Nearly half of parents (49 percent) believe that it is oka ...