Top 10 Tips For Smooth Boating Safety

(NAPSI)—When hitting open waters this season, safety should be a top priority for passengers AND the boat itself! Before setting sail, check out these 10 helpful tips to keep everyone onboard and your boat safe.

1. Use and maintain the right safety equipment required by law. Have a U.S. Coast Guard–approved life jacket for each person onboard and one approved throwable device for any boat 16 feet and longer. Keep a fire extinguisher handy for unexpected flames.

2. If you are doing any water sports or out-of-boat activities, make sure someone is in the boat watching everyone in the water and keeping an eye out for any issues.

3. Make sure your boat lights are in working order and always test them before the boat leaves the dock. Carry extra batteries and flashlights as backup.

4. Create an emergency supply kit and keep it handy. Items to include: cell phone, maps, flares, shelf-stable snacks and a first aid kit. Store in a floating pouch in an easily accessible area of the boat.

5. Keep a close eye on the weather and bring a radio. If bad weather is approaching, get off the water early to avoid possible disaster.

6. Before heading out, tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.

7. Apply protective sunscreen on exposed AND covered skin. Renew it every couple of hours and after going in the water.

8. Keep your boat shipshape and clean and protect its surfaces with products developed specifically for boat maintenance. Use 303 Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser to safely clean vinyl, leather and plastic. It also offers UVA/UVB blockers for maximum protection from the sun. For an additional layer of UV protection and to help repel water on the boat’s surface, apply 303 Quick Wax. Apply 303 Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner to enhance visibility and to safely clean and protect against yellowing and cracking of vinyl, clear vinyl, Strataglass™ and Eisenglass.

9. To restore power, maximize fuel economy, prevent ethanol damage, clean the fuel system, and for better water removal from marine engines, many boaters turn to STA-BIL 360° Marine. Used at every fill-up, its unique vapor technology protects above and below the fuel line.

10. Remember to not pollute, as debris could affect wildlife and other boaters.

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Proper boat safety is the smart way to start your water adventure.

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