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NAPS distributes releases for most Fortune 500 companies, over 150 associations and government information offices and more than 100 PR firms including all of the 12 largest.
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Radio NAPS:  Radio Feature Releases are written, produced and distributed in one of our twice monthly mailings. Broadcasters receive CDs and paper scripts. MP3s and PDFs of scripts posted on our web site.

For your protection these releases have been carefully screened by NAPS editors, the NAPS home economist and by technical experts.

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Television NAPS: Video Feature Releases are written, produced and distributed in a monthly mailing on the 23-minute Consumer Science News & Notes Program (CSNN). Quicktimes and PDFs of scripts of each spot are posted on our web site. Broadcasters receive CSNN in any format they choose (Beta, Beta SP, DVD, DVC Pro, etc.).

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