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Holiday News For Savvy Spenders And Stylish Shoppers

(NAPSI)—Whether you're the "fashionista" among your friends or aspiring to be one, advice from Steve Kemble can help.

To help make this year's holiday shopping experience the most fun yet, Kemble, America 's sassiest lifestyle guru and General Growth Properties' (GGP) gift-giving expert, outlines his holiday shopping secrets and the hottest items of the season.

• Don't Strip Your Wardrobe of Color: Choose your favorite color to wear—just tone down the hue. Think lavender and rose.

• Add Prints for a Splash of Excitement: Prints add a pop of excitement to your holiday getup. Try pairing a printed sweater with a monotone and neutral-colored outfit. If you have the confidence, wear multiple patterns in one look.

• "Buy Two, Get the Third Free" Deal: Keep an eye out for "Buy Two, Get the Third Free" or "Buy One, Get the Second Half Off" sales and make your move. Just be sure to have a list of everyone you plan to buy for and how much you plan to spend on each person. Don't forget co-workers, teachers, neighbors and friends. By having your list handy, you'll be time efficient and money conscious.

• Personalize Your Gift: No matter what you're giving, add your own touch to make it even more special. You can personalize almost anything. For example, for Mom, choose an apron with a picture of the both of you on it or a hanging calendar filled with cherished family photos. For Dad, personalize a sweatshirt with his favorite college team or upload family memories to a digital photo frame for his desk.

• Plan Your Day to Save Time and Money: Make a list of all the stores you need to hit and plan your day so there's no need to backtrack. Android and iPhone users can download GGP's free mobile app "The Club," which offers today's on-the-go shopper real-time retail sales and mall event updates, Google. Maps navigation, live Facebook. feeds, Shop Etc. gift card balance updates, play-a-day games and more. Download the free application through the App Store or Android Market by searching The Club Shopping Mall Guide.

• Give the Gift of Choice: Consider giving GGP Shop Etc. mall gift cards. It lets your special gift recipients decide what they really want most. They can buy that hot new iPad they've been eyeing or treat themselves to a nice dinner. Become a fan of your local GGP mall on Facebook. Join The Club. Membership is free. Visit at, choose your mall and sign up for event activities, special offers and retailer savings.

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How To Stay Safe Online This Holiday Season

(NAPSI)—Many people look forward to holidays as a time to spend with friends and family, load up on Mom's turkey and sing their favorite holiday jingles. For savvy shoppers, this time of year also offers a chance to take advantage of major discounts, whether you're buying gifts for loved ones or yourself.

However, lured by the promise of getting the must-have toy of the season or the latest tech gadget at half the price, bargain hunters all too often fall for online scams to steal their personal and financial information. Although online shopping continues to be a popular an easy way for people to get their holiday shopping done, it can also open the door to scams from sneaky cybercrooks.

According to Norton, the leading online security company, holiday e-mails with taglines like "You Have Received a Christmas Greeting Card!" and "Cash for the New Year" have already started appearing in people's in-boxes. Although the messages can seem harmless, they may contain viruses and worms that will damage your computer or, worse, send you to websites designed to steal your e-mail and bank account information.

In fact, Norton recently found that 73 percent of Americans have been victims of cybercrime in their lifetimes. Follow these tips to stay safe this season:

• Check your list twice—If you receive a suspicious e-mail, whether it's offering discounts that are too good to be true or is filled with grammatical errors, delete the message. It could be part of a scam to trick you into downloading a virus or giving away your personal information.

• Find out which websites are "naughty" and "nice"—When conducting transactions online, make sure the website address contains "https"—which indicates an added layer of protection. Also, scan the entire Web page for a trust mark, such as the VeriSign Trust Seal. These marks demonstrate that a trusted company has taken comprehensive measures to certify security, online business ethics and customer privacy standards.

• Don't let scams turn your Black Friday into the blues—Use trusted online security software, like Norton Internet Security 2012 or a mobile solution like Norton Mobile Security, to make sure you're protected against online threats and help ensure safe shopping, from home or on the go, this season.

For more information on how to stay safe online, please visit

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Tips On Shopping For High-Tech Gifts

(NAPSI)—When shopping for a high-tech holiday gift, it pays to know before you go. Doing your homework prior to shopping can pay dividends when it comes to price, features and satisfaction.

For example, if you're buying a smartphone as a gift, make sure you know whether the carrier has good coverage where it'll be used. Also, check out the different data plans that each carrier offers.

When shopping for a new HDTV, the model you select should reflect the taste and viewing habits of the person who will use it.

It's also important to have a backup plan. For instance, a tablet device may turn out to be a better gift for someone you originally thought would want a laptop.

For help with these kinds of buying decisions, consumers often turn to their friends, family or sites such as CNET ( With videos, comparisons, links to retailers and more, CNET's reviews have information that can help with holiday shopping. The site even has a How To section to help users get the most out of their new devices.

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Gifts For Greater Audio Enjoyment

(NAPSI)—It's hard to imagine a world without sound—sound soothes, inspires, unites and punctuates memorable moments. Below are some great-"sounding" gift ideas for the loved ones on your holiday list.

The homebody: HDTVs from Samsung and VIZIO come equipped with virtual surround sound technology for delivering an impressive surround experience from the built-in speakers—no extra speakers littering the room. If a TV is not an option, look for a soundbar featuring virtual surround sound technology; they are easy to install and deliver incredible sound, at a fraction of the price of an actual surround sound system.

The desk jockey: For those who spend their day at the office, a good pair of headphones is essential for enjoying music. For the best sound, look for headphones that feature built-in audio enhancement technologies designed to improve their performance.

The busybody: For those who are always on the move and never leave home without their iPhone., iPod. or iPad™, check out the iWOW 3D audio enhancement adaptor from SRS Labs ( This little gem attaches between the device and any headphones to deliver amazing audio fidelity—boosting bass and restoring detail to music, movies and games!

No matter your price range, there are plenty of products to choose from. So this holiday season, give your loved ones the gift of sound-their ears will thank you.

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Holiday Gifts That Have The Personal Touch

(NAPSI)—A growing number of people are finding that creating personalized holiday gifts can help make gift giving more meaningful-and economical.

Plus, since personalized gifts are made with someone particular in mind, many believe it's more likely the gift will be appreciated and actually used by the recipient.

Easier Than Many Think

The good news is that creating personalized gifts that you would be proud to give doesn't require years of crafting experience or a dedicated workshop.

That's because Staples-a company that is usually thought of as the source for office supplies-has so much more to offer this holiday season. Staples Copy & Print is equipped to help customers create a wide variety of holiday items.

Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are an excellent way to share your best wishes for the season and the year to come- and a custom-made card can help make your greeting even more personal.

Fortunately, when it comes to creating classic custom holiday cards, the experienced Staples staff is prepared to help you select from hundreds of holiday designs. Cards can be created in minutes and printed in store the same day. It's also possible to order cards online and pick them up in the store.

Traditional holiday cards made from high-quality paper stock with embossing and foil print options are also available. They can be ordered online, as well, and come with free standard delivery, personalization and logo placement-and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Custom Calendars

When it comes to keeping family, friends and associates on track and on schedule, a custom calendar can be a fun, easy and unique gift that stands out all year long. You can even personalize it so the person who gets it won't forget key dates in the coming year.

Once again, Staples has hundreds of designs available, and the calendar can be ordered online and picked up in the store.

Photo Books

Many consider a photo book to be a gift that can help to bring memories to life. These are also available from Staples Copy & Print, and customers can select from more than 80 designs in either 4" x 6" or 5" x 7" sizes.

To learn more, visit the website at

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Getting Ready For The Great Outdoors

(NAPSI)-Whether you are taking a daylong hike or considering a camping trip, preparation is key if you want to make your excursion memorable and comfortable. Here are a few tips to consider when embarking on an outdoor adventure:

First, make sure your body is well protected. A comfortable pair of hiking boots to protect your feet is a must-have. Many people make the mistake of wearing brand new shoes on a trip that involves a lot of walking. Experts recommend breaking in your new boots beforehand by wearing them outdoors for at least a few days—this will prevent blisters in the long run. Don't forget to bring socks that are well suited to hiking shoes. Socks, made out of merino wool are the best. Avoid cotton socks, since cotton retains moisture and that's what causes blisters. If you are planning on any water-related activity during your trip, consider bringing water shoes. For under $10, this affordable purchase can save your feet from sharp rocks.

If you can't fathom living without your iPhone even in the toughest terrain, be sure to purchase a protective case to prevent damage from the outdoors. One of the toughest cases on the market is the new Case-Mate Tank case. Tank is built to military standards, making it tough enough for military personnel. The case also features a retractable screen cover that offers incredible screen protection. Visit for more information.

Finally, a quality camping or hiking backpack is essential for a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience. Make sure the backpack is sturdy and will hold everything you need without aggravating your back. Other important items to bring are a rain poncho, waterproof matches, a first-aid kit, a compass, emergency whistle and plenty of water and trail mix to last for the duration of your trip. Follow these easy tips and you'll be sure to have a safe and enjoyable time in the great outdoors.

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Tips On Avoiding Smartphone Scams

(NAPSI)—For many consumers, using a smartphone or a similar device can be a convenient way to handle much of their banking and shopping.

To help protect your phone or device from scam artists and increase your awareness of cyber security, here are a few tips designed to keep you and your money safer:

• Sync mobile devices. Essentially, mobile devices are small computers with software that needs to be kept up to date, just like a PC, laptop or tablet. Make sure all the mobile devices in your house have the latest security protections. This may require syncing your devices with a computer.

• Guard your personal information. Protect your phone just as you would your computer. Secure your mobile device by using a strong passcode and be cautious about the sites you visit and the information you release.

• Think before you app. Before you download applications (apps) on your devices, review the privacy policy and understand what data an app can access.

• Protect your money. When banking and shopping on your mobile device, check to be sure the sites are security enabled. Look for web addresses with https://, which means the site takes extra measures to help secure your information.

Bank of America executive Keith Gordon, who specializes in security, explained: "Bank of America's security systems analyze millions of transactions a day, looking for patterns to help identify and help stop fraud and identity theft from happening. The company has more than 50 alerts, helping customers detect possible fraud and keep track of their accounts."

• When in doubt, don't respond. Fraudulent texting, calling and voice mails are on the rise. As with e-mail, requests for personal information or calls for immediate action are almost always a scam.

As an added precaution, Gordon recommends that consumers choose a bank that offers its customers protection from such scams. Bank of America customers who are victims of fraud are protected with their $0 Liability Guarantee and are not liable for such transactions.

Should fraudulent activity originate from a transaction on your consumer deposit or credit card account, the losses will be covered by the guarantee.

• Stay current. Keep pace with new ways to stay safe online. Check trusted websites for the latest information, share with friends, family and colleagues, and encourage them to be Web wise.

To learn more, visit


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Keeping Your High-Tech Devices Good To Go

(NAPSI)—High-tech devices—such as mobile phones, gaming devices and MP3 players—generally offer consumers a high level of convenience and entertainment. However, they also bring the challenge of how to keep them charged, particularly when they are being used in the "great out- doors" or on the go.

Fortunately, that dilemma may become a thing of the past thanks to a new kind of rechargeable power pack. Simply plug your devices into the power pack and get another six hours of talk or play time.

Stylishly designed in white and with a comprehensive adapter kit, the new Platinum Rechargeable Power Pack from Rayovac is a complete and innovative solution for portable high-tech devices.

The handy device is no bigger than a cell phone; small enough to take with you anywhere, but large enough that you won't lose it in your car or purse.

With three hours of recharging the Power Pack by USB or outlet, it's ready to give your gadgets an extra six hours of use. And it comes with the adapters you need to charge them all: Micro USB, Mini USB, and Apple devices.

With its 800-mAh internal Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, it's possible to charge an MP3 player three times on just one recharge of the Power Pack.

Easy To Use

The colored LEDs on the Power Pack will tell you when it's all charged up. Red indicates that the device is charging, green lights inform you when your unit is completely charged and the blue lights indicate the Power Packms battery life. Never be left worrying about how much talk or play time you have again!

A Reliable Source Of Power

The Power Pack was designed to be a reliable source of power on vacations and trips away from home. Handheld devices are among the first things consumers pack when going away, and they want to know they can count on them. By keeping the Power Pack in your travel bag, you'll never miss the perfect snapshot or call from your loved one due to a dead battery.

With such a quick charge time and long battery life, the Power Pack can quickly become a welcome traveling companion.

The Platinum Rechargeable Power Pack from Rayovac is only available at Walmart.

Learn more at

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