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An Ultrabook For The Ultra-Dad Or Grad

(NAPSI)—Still searching for the perfect gift for your dad or grad? When thinking about how you want to say “Happy Father’s Day!” to dad or “Congratulations!” to your grad, Ultrabook devices are the must-have tech gadget for dads and grads this summer.

Inspired by Intel, the company that makes the processor – or the “brains” of today’s computers – the Ultrabook is ultra-sleek, ultra-powerful and ultra-portable, making it the perfect gift for busy dads or grads who want to stay connected no matter where they are.

A mobile gadget that screams cool, Ultrabook devices from companies including Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, HP and Toshiba each bring a unique and first-class personal touch to mobile computing, along with the performance, mobility and long battery life provided by Intel® Core™ technology. The Ultrabook takes the weight off a traditional laptop PC, weighing in at under three pounds, and is less than an inch thick. This powerful and lightweight computer is designed to appeal to everyone’s lifestyle.

Here are a few Ultrabook choices to consider:

Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook

For the modern-day dad who is constantly on the go between work, home and extracurricular activities, this powerful Ultrabook is designed to extend his mobile freedom. The Acer Aspire S3 can be used for up to seven hours on one charge, turns on instantly and connects to the Internet at lightning speed.

Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook

Is your loved one prone to accidents around the house? Then the Toshiba Portege Z830 might be the answer. It is strong, durable and portable and features a suite of safeguards to protect against shocks, spills and falls with its magnesium alloy casing with honeycomb structure and a spill-resistant keyboard.

Asus Zenbook UX31E Ultrabook

The Asus Zenbook brings the perfect combination of sophisticated design and high-end performance. The Zenbook UX31E is the perfect device for people on the go, with instant-on functionality that keeps them connected and at the top of their game, no matter where they are.

Lenovo IdeaPad U300s Ultrabook

Available in graphite grey or limited-edition clementine orange, the Lenovo IdeaPad U300s blends style and technology. It also features a breathable keyboard that allows air to flow in through the keyboard and out the sides and rear hinge, making it the ideal device to use on the lap when pulling an all-nighter to finish a paper or while relaxing and surfing the Web after a long day at work.

For more information, visit Intel at

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Tech On The Beach

(NAPSI)—When the temperature rises, millions of Americans hit the road for a little summer adventure. A recent study by Microsoft found that 75 percent of summer travelers plan to take their PC along for the ride. This year, travelers will be looking to lightweight Windows PCs to ensure their tech meets their needs without weighing them down. The infographic above gives you a glimpse into the mind and behaviors of traveling Americans, and what Microsoft found may surprise you. Are you one of the 57 percent who admit to snooping at someone else’s laptop on a plane?

For more information, visit

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 Personalized Protection For All Your Devices

(NAPSI)—With more ways to access the Internet, from laptops to tablets and smartphones, come more security risks. As a result, comprehensive security, customized to a consumer’s unique needs, has become a must-have.

Some people may find themselves feeling overwhelmed when trying to handle security over a multitude of devices, but fortunately, a new model for security makes it simple and offers a variety of helpful features.

The latest security offerings now deliver protection across multiple devices—including PCs, Macs, Android-based smartphones and tablets.

In fact, Norton now offers a membership plan called Norton One, which provides security across multiple platforms and devices. The extended portfolio is tailored to meet each member’s needs for security, backup and priority service.

This membership includes virus protection assurance, cloud-based management, custom communications and special offers, such as:

• Personalized Experience—Each membership is tailored to the member’s individual security needs, allowing for customized communications and a personalized experience.

• Priority Support—Members enjoy a high level of service to get the most out if their memberships, including exclusive access to advisers in an estimated two minutes or less and an Instant Call Back option.

• Comprehensive Care—In the unlikely event members think they may have a virus, the advisers are there to remove any malware on customers’ devices at no additional charge.

• Exclusive Benefits—Members will receive exclusive special offers for Norton products and services. Membership grows with the changing needs of each member’s household and provides the flexibility to add additional devices to their membership or expand their online storage at any time for a prorated fee.

For more information, visit

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Bringing Your Invention To Market

(NAPSI)—Betsy Kaufman is not your traditional inventor. Rather, she’s a wife, mother and a television producer. She’s just someone who had a self-professed “kooky idea.”

She thought what if you could hard-boil eggs in a heat-resistant, egg-shaped container that prevented hairline fractures and meant you no longer had to pick and peel eggshells?

Many of us have had that “What if?” moment, but then we need to figure out what comes next. Kaufman decided to submit her “Egg Toss” idea into Edison Nation’s search for top As Seen on TV (ASOTV) product ideas. She didn’t have a CAD drawing or a minute of video; rather, she had a well-explained, well-written description of her egg-making concept.

Edison Nation and its ASOTV partner selected her idea and developed the product into what is now known as Eggies. The popular kitchen gadget is found in retailers nationwide, and to date, more than 1 million Eggies have been sold. Kaufman—listed as an inventor on the patents—splits the royalties with Edison Nation.

If you’ve ever had an “aha” moment like Betsy’s but lacked the knowledge and resources to make your idea a reality, you’re not alone.

In a recent survey, more than 90 percent of respondents believe it is a difficult process to bring an invention to the store shelf. Seventy-five percent cited money and not knowing how as the main reasons they had previously not been able to bring an idea to market, and 81 percent of those surveyed said in the past they’ve had a great idea that they didn’t pursue only to later see it successfully come to market.

This is where inventors’ communities such as Edison Nation come in. “Edison Nation levels the playing field between idea people and real inventors,” said Kaufman.

An inventors’ community can help ordinary people bring their ideas to fruition, and Edison Nation actively seeks these ideas for products that could end up on store shelves. As is the case with Kaufman, if you can describe an idea or simply draw it on a napkin, it may be brought to market through Edison Nation’s capabilities. It costs nothing to join the online community and just $25 to submit an idea to most searches.

The company partners directly with manufacturers and retailers, such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Rawlings Sporting Goods, that have an innovation need.

For example, if Bed Bath & Beyond is looking for new dorm room products, Edison Nation posts criteria for this product search, and its members can submit their ideas to be considered. If an idea is selected for licensing by Bed Bath & Beyond, Edison Nation gives the inventor an advance on future royalties, which will be split 50/50 between the inventor and Edison Nation. The cost of bringing a product to market can range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In addition, through the operation of a $25 million innovation fund, Edison Nation is able to develop and license ideas and innovations. Edison Nation handles everything from patenting, prototyping and all steps involved in validating ideas and getting them to the store shelf, all at no additional cost to the inventor.

To date, the company has discovered and developed 35-plus products, including Kaufman’s Eggies and other top sellers such as the Gyro Bowl, Mister Steamy, and Emery Cat Board. Together, these products have sold more than $175 million without any of the inventors taking the risk of cashing in 401(k)s or quitting their jobs to make these dreams come true.

Most recently, Edison Nation partnered with the Boy Scouts of America for an “Innovation Challenge” to inspire young minds to submit creative new product ideas. It also partnered with Daymond John, the sought-after new business consultant known for his role on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and as CEO of FUBU, to present an opportunity for people with innovative product ideas to pursue licensing and commercial success. Finally, Fisher-Price partnered with Edison Nation to find innovative ideas for mechanical dolls, plush and plastic characters with compelling, entertaining and interactive features that will make them the next must-have item.

To learn more about Edison Nation, sign up for a free account or simply to take a look at what product searches are running now, visit

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4-H: Preparing Today’s Youth To Become Engineers Of Tomorrow

(NAPSI)—4-H set a new record in 2012, celebrating the fourth year of its robotics program with 21 teams competing in the national FIRST Championship.

The event culminates after six weeks of building, engineering and designing robots to play in games created by FIRST. The event brings together teamwork, sports and technology for thousands of high school youth.

With support from jcpenney and Lockheed Martin, 4-H has established 87 FIRST Robotics teams over four years in cities such as Atlanta, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City and West Palm Beach. From urban to suburban, 4-H youth in FIRST Robotics come from incredibly diverse backgrounds to join a shared passion for engineering.

That passion earned Scott Brenneman and the 4-H TechnoClovers of Accident, Md., second place overall.

“I love this because there are so many things that can be done and discovered with robots,” Brenneman said.

Nationwide, nearly 5 million 4-H youth each year participate in hands-on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning experiences like robotics through afterschool programming, in-school enrichment programs and camps. With the launch of the 4-H Robotics Curriculum, those youth have the opportunity to begin exploring STEM year-round.

“We are proud of our 4-H youth who stepped up to robotics, and devoted their time and talents in the name of engineering,” said Donald T. Floyd Jr., National 4-H Council president and CEO. “Their success is a testament to 4-H’s efforts to address the nation’s scientific workforce development challenges by expanding our STEM programming, sparking an early interest in the sciences and providing an environment where young people can discover the possibilities of pursuing degrees and careers in science.”

The early introduction to STEM among 4-H’ers is key, according to a study by Tufts University. Through activities like robotics, youth in 4-H have better grades and higher levels of academic competence; are two times more likely to excel in STEM; and are more interested in pursuing science careers.

“In order for our country to succeed tomorrow, we have to make critical investments in the technological education of our youth today,” Floyd said. “From food insecurity to environmental issues, many of the solutions to society’s problems will be solved with STEM. At 4-H, we want to be sure we are doing what we can to train those who will find the solutions to those problems.”

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Signs Your Computer May Need A Memory Upgrade

(NAPSI)—Some experts say that it may be possible to improve a person’s memory through an improved diet and exercise. Fortunately, when it comes to improving computer memory, the process is much easier and the results are immediate.

For anyone who relies on a computer—be it for work or entertainment—few things can be more frustrating than waiting on a machine that has become slow and unresponsive.

If your computer is sluggish and not as snappy as it was when it was new, it may be the result of too little memory. The good news is that in most cases this is an easy fix. Here are some tips on how to know when your computer could use a memory upgrade and what you can do about it.

Your computer’s memory may need an upgrade when:

• You experience poor performance in everyday tasks such as viewing digital photos, watching videos or working on a document or presentation.

• When restarting, the boot-up time seems to take forever.

• Response time suffers when multiple programs or windows are open at the same time.

What Is RAM?

At its most basic, random access memory, or RAM, is used by a computer to run its programs. Any time you open your e-mail, surf the Web, watch a video, type a paper, play a game or just plain turn on your computer, the system is using its internal memory.

Should You Install Additional Memory Yourself

or Use an Expert?

While the physical act of installing memory is fairly simple, the process of finding the correct type of memory upgrade for your computer can sometimes be confusing and complex for the average computer owner.

Fortunately,, an online retailer specializing in memory and storage, offers free, easy-to-use online tools designed to help you quickly find the right memory upgrade to restore your computer’s lost performance.

The Crucial® Memory Advisor tool enables you to choose your computer make and model from a simple drop-down menu to immediately see detailed information regarding the types of memory supported by the computer and recommended memory upgrade options.

If you are unsure of your computer’s make and model, the System Scanner tool automatically scans the computer’s system to determine the current memory situation and then recommends compatible upgrades for your specific system. offers hundreds of thousands of types of computer memory upgrades for PCs and Mac computers, both new and old. The company also guarantees that the memory you buy through the Memory Advisor tool will be 100 percent compatible with your system.

To find your memory upgrade options, visit

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How Apps Will Shape The Future

(NAPSI)—There’s not only an app for that-just about everything from online banking to driving directions—but now there’s an online tool that makes it easy for anyone to quickly and easily create professional-quality mobile applications. That tool is making it easier to develop and deliver apps to users.

According to the L.A. Times, 24 percent of U.S. adults now use apps. There are estimated to be more than 700,000 apps available across iPhones, Android, Windows, Nokia, BlackBerry and other smaller platforms.ÊMore than 14 billion apps have been downloaded. That’s a lot of apps.

The app-creating tool, Everyone Apps, by Bitzio (stock symbol: BTZO), helps lower the cost of developing and deploying applications, helps improve marketing and, as a result,Êincreases sales. Experts at the company predict that by the end of the year, many people will begin to switch from being app consumers to app creators. Here’s why:

• Apps will help you stay in touch. With smartphone sales gaining on computer sales, apps may soon become the main communication medium between businesses and consumers, with cloud technology replacing e-mail.

• The technology for the use of apps will force hardware to catch up in clever and innovative ways.

Imagine a cutting board in the kitchen with a screen on it showing you how to cut flowers out of a carrot whileÊyou’re using the cutting board to actually do it.

• Apps are expected to replace traditional media.

Companies that develop apps for mobile eWallet purchases and integration of social coupon sharing are expected to explode, and consumers may soon start seeing taglines like “Swipe your smart-phone instead of your debit card.”

• Apps will help you share. You may be able to send a 50-cent coupon for product X to 500 of your Facebook or other social media friends.

Bitzio can help companies launch their app products by building communities through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, marketing, optimizing and automating their apps, and creating innovative technology solutions.

For more information, visit

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Fair Access For All

(NAPSI)—A new ruling by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) may keep rural communities on the slow side of the digital divide. The Universal Service Fund—a program overseen by the FCC and funded through contributions paid by telecom providers—makes sure rural consumers have access to high-quality networks and affordable telecom services. But recent rule changes may put that at risk.

Reliable, high-speed broadband can improve the lives of all consumers, but access is especially important to rural America. It enables small businesses to reach customers nationwide, offers local students the chance to take classes online, and allows doctors to remotely diagnose patients and offer emergency care.

But the new rules cut support revenues for many smaller, community-based telecom providers. If you are concerned that the new policies will require rural consumers to pay higher rates for telephone service and slower broadband, contact your congressional representatives. Urge them to support regulatory action that ensures equal and affordable access for all Americans. Join the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association in advocating for rural communities at

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