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Survey Shows The Highs And Lows In Celebrity Style

(NAPSI)-Once again, an annual survey names top celebrity styles--and the stars that fell short of fabulous.

The Stars

A recent survey conducted by MarketTools, Inc., for Sally Beauty Supply, found that women love the luscious locks of Jennifer Aniston but may be more interested in watching for the outrageous hairstyles of the over-the-top Lady Gaga.

In the men's category, George Clooney rose to the top of the pack for the second year in a row, while dreadlocked rapper Lil' Wayne was rated as the worst.

Kelly Ripa's tresses won her the title of best tressed in the talk show hostess category and Halle Berry's short do inspired the most people to chop off their own.

The Survey

Participants in the Sally Beauty Best Tressed Survey also talked about their own styling habits:

  • 45 percent of women have more than 10 beauty products.
  • More than 20 percent of women wear a hair accessory a few times a week.
  • 31 percent of women wash their hair every other day.
  • 56 percent of women color their hair either in the salon or at home.
  • Over 55 percent of women work out without makeup on.
  • 32 percent of women spend an average of 10 minutes on their hair every day.

The survey was commissioned by the largest retailer of professional beauty supplies in the world, Sally Beauty, with over 2,900 stores that offer the salon professional and the consumer over 6,000 salon-quality products for hair, nail and skin care.

Learn More

For more information, visit www.SallyBeauty.com or call (800) ASK-SALLY.

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(NAPSI)-Whether they're on the road for business or pleasure, novice trip takers could benefit from the advice of seasoned travelers such as Ryan Bingham, a character played by actor George Clooney in Paramount Pictures' recently released film "Up in the Air". The film, directed by Jason Reitman, is a compelling story set within a world of frequent travelers.

"When I traveled constantly for work, I found that there was something intriguing about a life on the road--you find a subculture of people who spend countless hours on planes and in hotel rooms and turn travel into a sport, often solely for the thrill of it. The main character in 'Up in the Air' is one of those passionate travelers, and travel is a powerful setting for the story," Reitman said.

Not everyone can have the travel perks that come with Bingham's millions of frequent-flyer miles; however, travelers looking to get the inside scoop on how to travel well can go to Web sites such as FlyerTalk.com to listen to what the community of real-life expert travelers is saying.

"Many people who are looking to plan a trip often don't realize that with a little online research and a few phone calls, they can find ways to make their trips more convenient and affordable," said FlyerTalk.com blogger "Canarsie." "Traveler blogs are a great place to find and share hints on how to get the most out of frequent-flyer miles or find a hotel."

Here are a few tips from well-traveled bloggers that may help:

  • Find Out What's Free--Ask the hotel concierge or look at the local papers to find out about free concerts, free days at museums, street fairs and the like.
  • Prepare For Your Arrival--Use the Web to prearrange for comfort foods, bathrobes, birthday balloons or even an extra refrigerator to be waiting in your hotel room such as Hilton Hotels' Requests Upon Arrival service. You can create your own personalized experience before leaving home.
  • Call the Hotel Before You Travel--Speaking directly to someone who is an employee at the hotel property at which you are staying may yield unpublished or unadvertised information, such as special discounted room rates, amenities or promotions. It does not hurt to ask, and you have nothing to lose.
  • Airport Parking--Use an off-site airport parking lot instead of the parking lot on the airport grounds if you plan to drive your car to the airport. Off-site parking lots are often less expensive and have free transportation for the short trip between the parking lot and the airport. To reduce the cost of parking further, many off-site parking lots have coupons on their Web sites. Some even offer free amenities such as drinks, newspapers or bonus miles or points.
  • Drive Smart--Check with your insurance agent to see if your current plan covers auto rentals. If it does, save yourself the cost of the insurance at the rental counter. Also, check with the financial institution that issued your credit card to find out if rental car insurance coverage is part of the cardmember benefits.
  • Remain Loyal--Follow the path of Ryan Bingham in "Up in the Air" by using loyalty programs. Hilton HHonors, one of Bingham's preferred travel programs, helps him bypass hotel check-in lines and enjoy special amenities, such as upgraded rooms, complimentary breakfast, executive lounge access, or bonus points.
  • Get Out Of Line--If you're traveling internationally, the U.S. Customs Global Entry program could allow you to bypass lengthy passport-processing lines. Participants who are preapproved by Customs and deemed "safe travelers" can instead quickly be processed through kiosks that scan fingerprints and passports and ask customs declaration questions.
  • Don't Part With Your Pet--Some hotels let guests bring certain pets along so you save the cost of a kennel--and you and your furry friend may have more fun, too.
  • Leave The Laptop--If you'll have access to a computer at your destination, use your MP3 player, iPod or flash drive to transport files from your computer. That way you can save the trouble of carrying a laptop on trips and unpacking it at security checkpoints. Also, many hotels have business centers that are equipped with computers, printers, telephones and office supplies.
  • Book Early and Save--Check with your hotel to see if it offers deals when you book in advance. Some chains, such as Hilton Hotels, offer advance-purchase rates that let travelers save up to 20 percent off of the best available rate when they book ahead of time. Taking advantage of these offers can be a smart way to cut costs if you have a set travel schedule or plan to host standing annual, quarterly and/or monthly conferences.

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NBA Star With Asthma Tyson Chandler Teams Up With Dr. Melina Jampolis To Raise Awareness About The Importance Of Fitness In Children, Particularly Those With Asthma

(NAPSI)-NBA star Tyson Chandler of the Charlotte Bobcats was diagnosed with asthma in 2004, though it's clear that with the right management, this condition hasn't gotten in the way of his physical fitness. As an ambassador for the inaugural 2009-2010 NBA FIT/WNBA FIT Challenge, Tyson has teamed up with fitness and nutrition expert, Dr. Melina Jampolis to raise awareness about the importance of fitness for today's youth, particularly for those who have asthma and may avoid exercising.

The NBA FIT/WNBA FIT Challenge is a nationwide competition for boys and girls ages 14 and under that encourages participants to maintain active and fit lifestyles through time-based fitness courses. The NBA FIT/WNBA FIT Challenge also aims to raise awareness about asthma and proper asthma management. As part of their involvement, Tyson and Dr. Jampolis hope to motivate children and their parents to engage in an active lifestyle and if they have asthma, to discuss an appropriate plan of action with their physician.

Today, about 17 percent of children between the ages of 6 and 19 are overweight--more than double the proportion since 1980. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, children and teens need 60 minutes of activity a day for their health. These facts are important for all children, but particularly important for those who have asthma-a disease affecting over 6 million children in the United States. For up to 80 percent of asthma patients, exercise can act as a trigger for their condition, which may discourage parents from allowing their child to be active. The fact is that, when controlled, asthma should not get in the way of their child participating in exercise or physical activities.

Both Tyson and Dr. Jampolis want to help raise awareness among parents of children with asthma that the disease does not need to get in the way of their overall fitness. "A child should be able to engage in regular physical activity in their daily life and with the right management, asthma should not be an obstacle. Parents need to talk with their child's doctor about managing the condition so their child can enjoy an active and fit lifestyle," said Dr. Jampolis.

Tyson Chandler is living proof that, with the right management, one can enjoy an active and fit lifestyle even when diagnosed with asthma. He hopes that his personal story will help inspire people with asthma to be active. "Dr. Jampolis and I are thrilled to be talking about the importance of children's fitness, particularly for kids with asthma who may think they don't have a chance to play sports or be active," said Chandler. "Physical fitness is so important to a child's health and happiness. I hope my experience as an NBA player serves as an example of how active one can be, even with a condition like asthma, and helps children never give up on their dreams."

There are many ways that parents can help their children have an active and fit life even when dealing with asthma:

  • Create a fitness routine for your child where they can decide what kinds of exercises they enjoy and would like to participate in.
  • Encourage your child to take part in organized activities and team sports as this will guarantee structured exercise in your child's life.
  • Explore how much exercise your child is getting at school and make sure to count this towards their daily routine. Even an active recess or class trip can count towards fitness.
  • Set up active play dates with your child's classmates so exercise can be incorporated with playtime.
  • At the end of the week, evaluate the exercise that your child has accomplished and ensure that it adds up to approximately 60 minutes per day.
  • Try to make fitness a family affair. Plan activities like going for a bike ride, playing tag or football in the park instead of going to the movies on weekends.
  • Before starting any exercise routine or program, parents should talk to their child's doctor.

Parents of children with asthma should understand their child's condition and educate themselves on asthma control. To learn more about their child's condition, parents should speak with their child's doctor. They can also access an online asthma resource, www.ASTHMyths.com, to find out more about some of the common myths and facts about asthma. To learn more about how physical fitness can benefit children with or without asthma and for fun tips to keep families fit, visit www.nba.com/nbafit.

2009 NBA Entertainment. Photo by Kent Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

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Movies theaters reign as America's favorite entertainment destination

(NAPSI)-Long gone are the days of heading off to the movie theater just to catch the latest flick. Once upon a time, the movie theater was only a venue to view films and munch on popcorn. Today, as movie theater chains experiment with special programs, a whole host of new alternative content can be seen on the big screen. The movie theater has become the premier entertainment destination where Americans can immerse themselves in the worlds of art, politics, sports and more.

Screenvision, the world's foremost cinema advertising company, is leading the pack in transforming the theatergoing experience. The company provides theaters with a wide array of intriguing programming ranging from operas and live baseball games to documentaries and children's films. Moviegoers could witness President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address on the big screen in January 2009 and celebrate the New York Yankees' 27th World Series win with the Official World Series Film in November 2009. Screenvision also prides itself on bringing the arts to the public, including screening operas from the famous Italian opera house La Scala. Special programming has been expanded by Screenvision to incorporate in-theater gaming in which audience members physically participate in entertaining motion- or audio-based games during the preshow.

We might not all have the opportunity to listen to the inaugural address live or root for a team at a World Series game, but the size of a movie theater screen, the digital surround sound and the excitement of the crowd around you makes it feel like you are actually there, capturing the thrilling essence of the live event.

And start your engines, NASCAR fans! Starting in early 2010, Screenvision will present original NASCAR content including racing highlights, top moments, driver profiles, behind-the-scenes vignettes and fan tributes to over 15,000 screens nationwide.

Advances in digital cinema have made these types of alternative programs easy to present and enable the content to be broadcast in the highest definition and crispest sound that only a theater experience can provide.

Screenvision will continue to expand its offerings through 2010 and beyond. By acquiring the rights to such diverse programming, Screenvision has transformed the movie theater into a gathering place to enjoy more than just movies.

Screenvision's programs are available at various times and locations throughout the Screenvision cinema advertising network of over 15,500 screens in over 2,400 theaters across all 50 states. Participating theaters include Carmike Cinemas, National Amusements, Rave Motion Pictures, Harkins Theatres, Mann Theatres, Clearview Cinemas and Pacific Theatres and many more. You can check out your local theater schedule--for more than just movies.

For more information on Screenvision, please visit www.screenvision.com.

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Football Legend Joe Theismann Advises Seniors to Find the AAAnswers About AAA

(NAPSI)-Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) is a ballooning of the abdominal aorta, the artery that carries blood from the heart to the lower part of the body. AAA is a potentially life-threatening condition unless diagnosed early and successfully treated by a specialty-trained vascular surgeon. Research suggests more than 1 million people are living with an undiagnosed AAA.




The risk for AAA increases if you:

  • Are over the age of 60
  • Are male
  • Smoke or have smoked more than 100 cigarettes
  • Have a family history of AAA
  • Have clogged arteries
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Have high cholesterol.

If you or a loved one is at risk, speak with your doctor about a simple noninvasive screening test. If an AAA is diagnosed, see a vascular surgeon who is best skilled to treat your condition with medication, minimally invasive procedures or, in the most severe cases, surgery. Go to www.FindtheAAAnswers.org and www.VascularWeb.org to learn more about AAA.

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Slow Down In Your Silver Years?

Only When You Want To, Says Star

(NAPSI)-Shirley Jones, best known for her roles in movies such as the musical "Oklahoma!" and the television series "The Partridge Family," refuses to let joint discomfort slow her down. In her 70s, the beautiful actress has danced in two Broadway musicals, "42nd Street" and "Carousel."

She does what she can to stay in shape so she can enjoy life--whether it's dancing in a musical or taking a quiet walk on the beach.

"I work at that now more than I ever thought I would," said Jones. "And I don't have much patience with elaborate workout programs, even elaborate pill or liquid and powder schedules."

Jones describes herself as a "magic bullet" girl and she's sure she has found the fastest way to reduce the joint discomfort that might keep a less motivated person from dancing on Broadway.

"It's a supplement called Move Free Advanced," she said. "And so far, it's given me back what Father Time took away so I can enjoy my simple 'dropout' time and be fresh and ready when the red carpet calls again."

Finding ways to relax and commune with nature is easy for Jones. "Show me the rushing fall, an empty beach, a blazing sunset, a ride through nowhere with someone you love, a quiet day free of phone calls and grass mowers and auto growls and all but the air and sky and the sweet music of absolute quietude and I'm happy."

The daily supplement for joint health that helps keep her happy and ache-free is Move Free Advanced, which has been clinically tested. It combines two unique ingredients--Uniflex and Joint Fluid--with glucosamine and chondroitin, to support joint care.

Joints start to feel better within seven days, which is faster than with products that only contain glucosamine and chrondroitin and that can take up to six weeks to start working.

Nutritionists such as Dr. Luke Bucci, author of "Healing Arthritis the Natural Way," recommend exercise, good nutrition and daily supplements as the best course of action for treating stiff or achy joints.

You can learn more by calling (866) 829-7509 or visiting www.KeepMovingWithMoveFree.com.

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