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Red Carpet Hair Trends Can Be Yours

(NAPSI)-Awards season and the red carpet may come and go, but with a little effort, women everywhere can still re-create Hollywood-inspired hairstyles.

Suave Professionals celebrity stylist Jenny Cho offers these tips to help you get the top red carpet looks:

Sleek and straight strands. Hip, edgy and always en vogue, celebs rocked this red carpet look to perfection this year. To get the look, take clean, dry hair and spritz with a heat protection spray. Then separate hair into 1-inch sections and flatiron. Finish with a spritz of shine spray to give strands a dose of shimmer.

Windswept updo. As classic beauties strutted down the red carpet, many flaunted this romantic and classic hairstyle. Hair that was shampooed yesterday actually works best for updos, so use a dry shampoo to refresh hair and absorb oil.

Next, pull hair into a messy mid-level bun using bobby pins and leave some pieces loose for that windswept look. Finish off this romantic do with hair spray to control flyaways and give long-lasting hold.

Loose and captivating curls. Effortless, loose curls were seen resting on the shoulders of Hollywood celebs this past awards season. To achieve the look, start with a shampoo and conditioner that fights frizz and defines curls. Then blow-dry with a diffuser to encourage natural curls and use a large-barrel curling iron to pump up any weak waves. Hold curls in place with a mousse.

Style doesn't have to cost a fortune. To re-create these looks, Cho suggests using salon-proven styling products that work as well as the top brands but cost much less, such as the new styling product line from Suave Professionals.

For more hot hair trends and tips, visit or follow along on Twitter@suavebeauty.

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New Ways Sunscreen Prevents Signs Of Aging

(NAPSI)-Skin care experts have long considered sunscreen one of the best ways to prevent skin damage and signs of aging, but the latest sunscreen technology means this invaluable beauty tool offers even more benefits.

Recent research into the properties of a molecule called NIA-114 (niacin in the form of nicotinic acid) found that when added to sunscreen it repaired past UV damage while helping to protect against future damage. That can lead to healthier skin, visibly improved tone and texture, fewer discolorations and a stronger skin barrier.

By now, sunscreen users have become savvy about the SPF ratings. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and the number reflects how long it will protect your skin from burning by UVB rays.

Some sunscreen labels also list a PA ranking, which refers to the amount of protection the sunscreen offers from the UVA rays, which are the ones that contribute to premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. The more plus symbols listed after the PA on the label, the more protection the product offers from UVA rays and long-term skin damage.

For example, new StriVectin- SH Age Protect has UVB shields (SPF 30) plus the highest PA grade UVA protection available (PA +++) to help prevent free radical damage and wrinkle formation.

It contains NIA-114, plus a blend of botanical antioxidants (blueberry and goji berry extracts) to protect against collagen degradation and free radicals. A calming blend of rose and cucumber extracts soothes the skin while soybean extract and ceramides strengthen skins natural moisture barrier and panthenol (vitamin B5) revitalizes and conditions skin.

This daily, oil-free sunscreen treatment strengthens the skin's natural protective layer to help prevent new photoaging.

Remember that the sun can age your skin even on cloudy days. That's why it's important to wear an effective sunscreen every dayone that both protects and repairs skin.

Apply in the morning on cleansed face and neck and reapply as needed or after towel drying, swimming or perspiring.

StriVectin-SH Age Protect SPF 30/PA +++ has been awarded the Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation, which verifies the safety and efficacy of sun protection products.

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A Guide To Putting Your Best Face Forward

(NAPSI)-When it comes to men's faces, things can get pretty hairy. Despite the growing popularity about 60 million guys currently sport facial hair there are plenty of unanswered questions for guys in terms of styles and trimming tips.

Facial hair is more acceptable now than it's been in a long time, and when it comes to styles, anything goes, said Ben Phillips, master barber for Wahl. But just because anything goes doesn't mean guys should let it grow out of control. Lots of men are looking for help in finding a style that best enhances their look-and with a few simple tips they can sport a look that suits them best.

According to Phillips, the key to a well-groomed look is understanding what shape best suits your face and finding the right tool to deliver the desired style.

For example, when considering an electric trimmer, he says, be sure to get one that has the power, precision, design and run-time to easily maintain your facial hair style.

He also offers these five tips to help you keep your facial hair looking good:

1. Before you trim, comb hair straight using a narrow-tooth comb.

2. For most facial hair styles, start by outlining and shaping the hair.

3. Use a slightly shorter length underneath the jawline, as hair tends to grow thicker there than on the cheeks and chin.

4. For lining up the hairline, start in the center and work toward each ear.

5. Remember, it's about personal style. Experiment with different facial hair styles and shapes to see what best suits your face.

If you've mastered these trimming tips and proudly sport facial hair, you could be named a Wahl Man of the Year in the sixth annual search for the best facial hair in America. Contest winners receive a lithium ion prize package including an iPad 2, Garmin GPS system and Flip video camcorder. To enter, simply submit a photo of yourself at by Oct. 9, 2011. More tips and information are also on the website.

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Looking Good, Doing Good

(NAPSI)-It's a beautiful way to help others and yourself: A product that removes pollution in the form of dirt, toxins, excess oil and dead cells from the skin has joined forces with a group that preserves waterways from polluters.

A venerable purveyor of fine-quality skin and hair care is introducing a limited edition label art series of its Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque to help Waterkeeper Alliance fight pollution. That grassroots advocacy organization is dedicated to empowering communities to protect and preserve waterways from polluters. Kiehl's Since 1851 will donate 100 percent of net proceeds of the limited edition product to the organization.

As part of the project, Golden Globe−winning actors Michael C. Hall and Chlok Sevigny created limited edition labels for the masque, each inspired by water ecology, depicting their visions of social responsibility. The masque itself is made with fairly traded Amazonian White Clay, found in the basin of Brazil's Amazon River and known for skin detoxification properties.

The deep pore−cleansing masque helps eliminate surface impurities and toxins, leaving skin soothed and looking more refined with visibly minimized pores. Learn more at


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Nail Art Made Easy

(NAPSI)-When it comes to a great way to look and feel chic, quick, you've got to hand it to, well, your hands.

A nice new nail look can change your appearance and your mood in mere minutes.

Making it even easier to dress up your nails is a new kit that contains unique stickers for a nearly instant nail makeover. Similar to the styles of the popular Minx manicure using a film, not a polish, so there is no smudging, no chipping and no drying time new Broadway Nail Dress requires no heat for application and can be shaped to any nail. Removing the look is also easy you just peel them off.

The designs on these Broadway Nail Dress Stickers were originally created by celebrity nail technicians and range from pert plaids to delicate flowers to shiny silver and gold. They're available in most major drugstore chains.

Learn More

You can learn more online at and follow the stories on Facebook at Broadway Nails and on Twitter at @BwayNails.

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Protect Your Pout: Defend Lips Against

Nature's Harshest Elements

(NAPSI)-Lips leave a lasting impression without even saying a word. Make sure your pout implies the positive. There are easy ways to kiss goodbye the damaging effects of chapping and soreness caused by dry air, cold temperatures, wind, heat and sun.

Doctors have long touted prevention as a key to a healthy life. The availability of work wellness programs and increased usage of sun protection all year long are a few signs of consumers willingness to prevent health problems before they arise.

Dr. Charles Zugerman, associate professor of dermatology at Northwestern University Medical School, offers top tips to maintain soft, supple and healthy lips throughout the year:

Hydrate. Drink the recommended 8 oz. of water eight times a day to maintain a healthy complexion and avoid dehydration. Water helps revitalize skin and keeps cells and tissue strong.

Moisturize. Using a humidifier adds moisture back into the dry air, which is often a contributing factor to chapped lips and skin.

Protect. Lips can be exposed to a number of conditions on a daily basis from dry indoor air, cold temperatures, sun and wind when stepping outside. An all-weather, all-season lip balm ensures protection regardless of the elements you face.

"My patients always ask for advice on preventative measures for good health," said Zugerman. "I tell them to keep it simple. Activities such as flossing, exercising, taking a multivitamin and applying lip balm with moisturizers and sun protection are easy to do and go a long way in preventing health problems down the road."

Blistex Five Star Lip Protection contains dermatologist-recommended ingredients, including:

  • Glycerin, which retains moisture in dry air and pulls up to 20 percent of its weight in water from the surrounding environment;
  • Candelilla, which forms a barrier against moisture-robbing wind;
  • Wheat germ oil to rehydrate heat-stressed lips;
  • Calendula oil, which soothes and helps heal cold-chapped lips; and
  • Four sunscreens with broad-spectrum SPF 30 UVA/UVB for year-round sun protection, recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology.

For more lip care tips, visit

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Diminish Facial Lines Without A Doctors Visit

(NAPSI)If expensive dermatologist visits have created a wrinkle in your attempt to have wrinkle-free skin, theres good news. Theres now an affordable alternative to invasive, in-office, wrinkle-smoothing procedures, one that is clinically proven to diminish the look of facial lines in two ways, both instantly as well as over time.

Kiehl's Since 1851 has added a new product to its Dermatologist Solutions line, Double Strength Deep Wrinkle Filler, that fights such signs of skin aging as forehead lines, crow's-feet, naso-labial folds and lip and eye-area lines. The collagen-building product does double duty by instantly plumping out lines and wrinkles, then smoothing them over time.

Sodium hyaluronate filling spheres bind and retain water to immediately and visibly fill wrinkles and promote firmness. Fragmented hyaluronic acid penetrates deeply to minimize lines and plump out wrinkles over time. The silicone-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free formula features polymers, peptides and silica for immediate results as well as long-term skin elasticity. For more information, visit


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An Eye For Beauty

(NAPSI)-When it comes to looking lovely these days, all eyes are on long, luxurious lashes.

Until now, however, applying glue-on lashes has been somewhat of a sticky situation. Many otherwise high-style women see wearing lashes as too frustrating. You try applying them but they don't position correctly, so you have to take them off and try again and again.

Fortunately, you can for the first time get an eyelash kit that comes with patent-pending application strings to make applying lashes faster, easier and more comfortable.

With the new Kiss everEZlashes, you simply apply glue to the lash base and, holding both sides of the lash with its string applicators, just place the lash on your eyelid along the natural lash line. Once the glue is completely dry, you just pull the string away.

You can find these lashes at Walgreens, Walmart and CVS stores and order them online at To see the companys entire collection, go to, and follow it on Facebook at everEZlashes or on Twitter @everEZlashes.


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