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Cold-Weather Hair Care
by Ernie

(NAPSI)-When temperatures dip and indoor heat rises, hair can be robbed of important moisture. Add the stress of heat styling and it can become dull, brittle and hard to manage. Fortunately, a few minutes and the right conditioner can revitalize stressed hair.

When your hair loses moisture it starts to look dull and frizzy. Even worse, it can begin to split and break. To help your hair regain its luster during the cold, dry season, Sally Beauty Supply suggests adding a few steps to your beauty regime. To repair dry and frizzy hair, try a hot oil treatment such as Ion Hot Oil Deep Penetrating Treatment. Simply heat the bottle or tube in hot, water for two to three minutes, then apply and rinse. You should see immediate improvement. If hair becomes too oily, opt for a hair masque or a reconstructive conditioning crème.

These weekly treatments can reverse the damage, while a good daily conditioner can help prevent additional damage. A daily conditioner shouldn't be so heavy that it leaves residue; it should lightly condition and detangle the hair. For example, One 'n Only Argan Oil can be used before styling as a treatment and even helps with frizz. If you have very coarse or curly hair, consider an additional leave-in detangler. Some daily conditioners target specific problems. For example, Miracle 7 Leave-in Mist helps prevent static electricity in addition to conditioning hair.

Heat styling can also rapidly damage hair. If you curl or straighten your hair with an appliance, you should always use heat-protecting products. Beyond The Zone Turn Up The Heat Serum provides thermal protection from heat stress, while conditioning and smoothing.

If you start noticing flakes on your sweaters, it might be time for anti-dandruff products. Those with pyrithione zinc or coal tar are the most effective. You can try Ion 2-in-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo + Conditioner or Ion Clear-T Dual Action Anti-Dandruff Shampoo to calm and heal itchy, dry scalps.

Ernie McCraw is a licensed cosmetologist with more than 25 years in the beauty industry in all phases of cosmetology. To find a Sally Beauty store, call (800) ASK-SALLY or go to

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Tackling Hair Care

(NAPSI)-If you think your hair takes a beating, consider the football player who spends most of his time wearing a helmet.

That's one reason many football players keep their hair short-but not Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu. He considers his hair his trademark and a tribute to his Samoan roots. Even so, he realizes that playing football and having long hair may require some extra work.

"Between my intense practices and rigorous workout routine, my hair takes a good beating," said Polamalu. "I need to keep my hair in great shape, and I know that starts with a shampoo that takes care of your scalp, such as Head & Shoulders. A healthy scalp means great-looking hair."

Serving as the official spokesperson for Head & Shoulders has made it easier for Polamalu to keep his hair in great shape during football season. Well known for its dandruff-fighting properties, the shampoo offers distinct scalp and hair benefits, including relief from itchiness, dryness and irritation, to produce healthy-looking hair. Visit

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The Gift Of An Elegant Holiday Hairdo

(NAPSI)-Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like giving the gift of beauty to the loved ones on your list this holiday season. T3, the hairstyling brand of choice for professionals, is making the gift-purchasing process a snap by taking the guesswork out of shopping for the perfect present.

T3 offers three special gift sets designed to please any woman who cares passionately about her hair. Each set includes a variety of essential tools to help prepare the ideal professional look for work or create a special hairdo for a night out on the town.

As a personal touch to your gift, you can provide the following tips for creating a special festive look.

Tousled Updo's are about creating an effortless look that is elegantly chic. It's easy to achieve this style, as the goal is to appear a bit disheveled with slightly imperfect hair along with a touch of "fun and festive." The Tousled Updo looks great on women with all types of hair.

Holiday Hair How-To for creating a Tousled Updo:

1. Begin by blowing out washed hair using the company's Featherweight dryer with the nozzle pointing downward. Create waves using the T3 round brush by wrapping hair around the brush, applying heat, then setting the curl using the cool shot button.

2. Once hair is voluminous and wavy, spray Orlando Pita Control for added texture and flexible hold.

3. Create a ponytail at the nape of the neck; only pull the hair halfway through to create a bun and loop the ends through the elastic.

4. Wrap the remainder of the hair around the elastic and secure using a bobby pin.

5. Using additional hairpins, grab small random sections of the bun and pin to head until you achieve desired look. Lock in the style by spraying Control Hair Spray.

For more holiday hairstyles and tips, visit

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Being Well Tressed

(NAPSI)-By using your head, you can protect your hair from in-door heat, harsh cold and wind that can zap the moisture right out of healthy hair.

Celebrity stylist George Papanikolas of the Andy Lecompte Salon in Beverly Hills shares his tips for keeping hair healthy and hydrated:

• For a salon experience at home, try heating your conditioner for a few seconds. It will leave hair revitalized, soft and shiny.

"Keeping hair hydrated is very important. Using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner like Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner will infuse your hair daily with hydrating ingredients," says Papanikolas.

• "A deep conditioning treatment is a must," he adds. "Joico K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor is a favorite among my celebrity clients. Focus most of the product on the ends of hair so your roots will maintain volume and lift."

You can find more tips and tricks online at and (800) 445-6426.

A little TLC can keep your hair from becoming dry, dehydrated and unmanageable.

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Cold-Weather Skin Care

(NAPSI)-Taking extra care to protect your skin during the colder months could help you put your best face forward year-round.

Experts say low humidity and frigid temperatures can cause serious damage to the skin's protective lipid barrier, leaving people vulnerable to painful cracking, flaking and breakouts, in addition to eczema, flare-ups, sensitive skin and other issues.

Fortunately, simple things, such as using a humidifier to add moisture to indoor air, keeping skin covered when you head outdoors and using the right types of moisturizers and balms, can help.

Here are a few extra skin care tips from Annet King, director of global education at The International Dermal Institute, which provides postgraduate education in skin care and body therapy.

Watch What You Wear

If you get dry skin, winter itch or eczema, avoid wearing nylons, wool sweaters and synthetic clothing that could cause added irritation. Instead, opt for layers of soft, breathable cottons or other natural fibers.

Better Baths

Try to avoid shower and bath products that have artificial fragrances, as well as high-foam products, as many of these could dehydrate the skin. Alternatively, you might add a few pumps of oil to your bath. King recommends Dermalogica's Stress Relief Treatment Oil and Conditioning Body Wash for their soothing and moisturizing effects.

About Face

King says you can protect your face from the elements by using a heavier-weight cream such as their Super Rich Repair. It's packed with shea butter, vitamin E, borage seed and evening primrose oils and peptides--each of which helps repair and safeguard skin. Also, if it's very cold, apply healing balms on exposed areas such as lips, the nose and cheekbones for extra protection and healing.

Skin Care Menu

Alcohol, caffeine and high-sodium foods could worsen some skin care issues. You might help your skin--and waistline--by drinking plenty of water and adding healthy oils from fish, seeds and nuts to your diet.

For more information, visit

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How To Look Great In Glasses

(NAPSI)-Finding the perfect eyeglasses doesn't have to be difficult or break the bank. One important tip to remember is that facial features are the best guide for selecting the most complementary pair of frames.

"If people try to follow trends too closely when shopping for glasses, they may end up choosing a pair that doesn't fit properly or complement their face," said supermodel and fashion designer Daisy Fuentes. "It's important to find frames that accentuate your best features before focusing on the look you are trying to achieve, whether it's stylish, intelligent or geek chic."

Fuentes, whose line of affordable eyewear is sold at Walmart Vision Centers, recommends the following tips for matching the perfect pair of glasses with various face shapes:

Oval: Keep balance and proportion in mind when trying on different options and look for frames that are as wide as the broadest part of the face. Make sure the eyewear features aren't overwhelming.

Round: A round face is full with curvy lines and no angles. Use eyewear to provide a slimming effect and minimize the fullness of the face. Avoid square styles. Look for oversized eye shapes in oval or rectangle to make the face appear longer and thinner.

Square: Square faces often have a strong jawline, broad forehead and wide chin and cheekbones. Choose a frame with soft lines or curves to enhance and make the face appear longer. Try highlighting the cheekbones with a cat-eye-inspired look.

Another factor in choosing frames is the prescription in the lenses; this affects which frame style to pick. Plastic frames are usually the first choice for thick lenses, although they may have a tendency to slide down the nose frequently without adjustable nose supports. Metal frames are more durable and are a great choice for people who prefer a lower-profile design. Whichever the choice of frames, be sure to pick a color that complements hair, eye color and skin tone.

"If you have red hair and freckles, avoid bright red frames. Dark skin tones look great with a lighter pair of glasses and vice versa," said Fuentes. "Pick hues that accentuate your eye color. You can amplify your brown or blue eyes by wearing glasses with a similar shade."

After selecting the frames, it's important for people to wear glasses that are recommended by an optometrist and to get regular eye exams to ensure the prescription stays up to date. The latest eyewear styles by Daisy Fuentes and other celebrities, as well as affordable eye exams by licensed optometrists, are available at nearly 3,000 Walmart Vision Centers across the country.

Look Out for this Season's Hottest Eyewear Trends:

Animal Attraction: Leopard and snake in all shapes, sizes and colors. Mix with any trendy color to make a glam statement.

Retro Revival: Vintage is new again with a sprinkle of geek chic. A great vintage accessory will spice up any wardrobe and keep a signature look from looking stale.

Star Studded: Bold, brave, confident…perfect to satisfy the inner diva and make heads turn when entering a room.

True Beauty: From airy feminine details to dangerous curves, make sure to infuse some personality into an everyday wardrobe.

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Tips To Help Recessionproof Your Skin

(NAPSI)-Tough economic times should not serve as an excuse to shortchange skin care.

Annet King, Director of Global Education at The International Dermal Institute, offers a few tips on how to make skin care dollars go further:

• Get your zzz's. Don't underestimate the power of sleep to help your skin regenerate. Get at least seven to eight hours a night. Skimping on sleep could cost you a glowing complexion.

• Moisturize from within. One of the best natural moisturizers is free: water. Drink at least eight glasses a day to rehydrate your skin from the inside out. Shopping in the outer aisles in the supermarket is where you will find the fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet rich in vitamins can do wonders for your skin.

• Get your skin analyzed. Many women think they have dry skin when actually it's dehydrated; that is, it needs water, not oil.

Have a professional skin therapist look at your skin and tell you what you need to know about your skin type and skin condition. Free Face Mapping™ consultations, exclusive to Dermalogica, can tell you what type of products you should be looking for and how to best use them.

• Try before you buy. Many spas, salons and specialty retail stores let you try before you buy. At Skin Bar™--available at Dermalogica's Concept Spaces and Ulta locations, among others--under the watchful eye of a skin therapist, you can try products and learn how to use them. You can even ask for samples to test at home.

• Invest in multipurpose products that double up on a few functions. A clay-based cleanser for oily skin can also be used as a three-minute mini-mask.

A spritz toner for the face will also work on taming frizzy hair.

Using a hydrating serum can mean you don't have to change moisturizers during harsh weather. Try dabbing a few drops of product such as a hydrating booster around the eyes at night if skin is dehydrated; or mix it into a moisturizer for a firming effect, a mask to intensify the skin treatment, or an exfoliant to give skin cells a double punch.

Look for a moisturizer with SPF or add your SPF to your moisturizer or foundation to get sun protection instead of having to invest in several sunscreen products.

For more information, visit

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Beauty Secrets Every Woman Should Know

(NAPSI)-From signature scents and shampoos to shower gels and skincare, beauty and fashion guru Jenn Falik has tried, tested and fallen in love with beauty products from a young age. Jenn reveals her latest beauty secrets, trends and tips to keep your skin looking radiant every day.

• The Perfect Arch--A good eyebrow shape is an important part of a polished look. The perfect shape can brighten your appearance and keep you looking years younger. Make sure to maintain your brow shape by regularly visiting a specialist or investing in the right shaping tools.

• Two-in-One--Break your eye pencils in half. A shorter pencil gives you more control. You can rest your thumb on your cheekbone for stability and get up close to the mirror for precise application. And, now you have two liners in your favorite color--one for home and one for the purse.

• Three Is the Perfect Number--To hit all the right angles on your face and give yourself a natural glow, apply bronzer or blush in the shape of the number three on your face. Start along the hairline, go out by the ear, back in just under the cheekbone, then out and around at the jaw line, finishing just under the chin. Reverse and repeat on the other side.

• Perfect Pucker--Embrace the art of achieving beautiful, full lips by dabbing white eyeliner pencil right above the center of your upper lip to enhance your pout. Put one dot right in the middle of your upper lip and blend it up and out until you can just detect a slight iridescent glow.

• Fresh Face--Trying to go from exercise class to cocktails without the fear of running mascara? Throw a pack of Pond's® Wet Cleansing Towelettes in your purse to keep your skin looking fresh while on the go. Their oil- and dirt-trapping fibers work like a magnet to remove dirt and oil, removing up to 40 percent more makeup than the other leading towelettes, even waterproof mascara.

Be sure to check out for more beauty tips, download coupons for Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes and get more information on the Pond's free money-back guarantee.

Beauty and fashion expert Jenn Falik provides advice to keep your skin looking radiant.

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