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Sensational Skin Suits The Season

(NAPSI)-Getting ready for warm-weather fun involves more than buying a flirty new bikini or summer dress-it also involves getting your skin ready for the reveal.

It's a good idea to give your skin a few months to get ready for the frequent shaving done during the height of the season. To help minimize red bumps and shave irritation along your bikini line, start shaving now. It will help your skin become more resistant to the passes of your razor blade. Here are a few more tips to help you make the smoothest transition:

• To help prevent razor burn, your best option is to prepare skin by moisturizing a few hours before your shave. Moisturizing right before you shave can dull your razor, leaving it full of lotion, therefore preventing you from getting a close shave. So if you're planning to shave in the morning, consider applying a moisturizer the night before.

• Using shave cream offers better moisture protection for your skin versus just soap and water. It may also help to cut down on repeat passes of the razor because it stays on better than a gel in the steamy environment of a shower.

• Choose a shave cream that contains ingredients designed to give you a smoother shaving experience. An aloe-enriched product such as Pure Silk® Shave Cream moisturizes skin, while other ingredients actually raise the hair follicles so you get a closer, long- lasting shave without pressing the razor hard against your skin.

• Use a cooler water temperature while shaving. Hot water will remove even more moisture from skin.

• To get more enjoyment out of shaving, use a shave cream such as Pure Silk that comes in 100 percent aluminum cans that won't rust in the shower or leave rings on bathroom surfaces. Did you know that 80 percent of women shave in the shower or bath?

In addition to being rustproof, aluminum cans are also environmentally friendly, being five times easier to recycle than steel cans and capable of holding more shave cream in a smaller can size. You can get great-looking legs and be kind to the environment.

With a little planning and a few tips, your legs will be ready for the season's flirtiest fashions.

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Indoor Workouts Work Well During Bad Weather

by Bobby Waldron

(NAPSI)-Don't let the weather or the cost of gym fees serve as an excuse to get out of shape.

There are many exercises you can do at home to keep yourself in top form--especially using basic exercise equipment such as weights, an exercise mat, exercise ball or my Belly Burner Belt®.

Here are a few tips to help:

• Watch exercise TV. Tune in to an exercise program and work out alongside the experts. DVDs such as my "Blazing Abs" training are a great way to start your day and tone up your abs. Look for an exercise video created by a credentialed fitness professional.

• Start by raising your heart rate for at least 20 minutes and increase time and intensity from there.

• Clean the house. Intense housework can be a great aerobic exercise, especially if you upgrade the fat-burning potential by wearing a specially designed belt like the Belly Burner. Such belts are designed to increase metabolic rate and speed up your body's calorie-burning process.

The belt can be worn under or over light clothes and worn during normal daily activities and exercises, from walking and jogging to biking.

It can double the calorie burn with any workout regimen and help burn off unwanted inches.

The belt allows you to supercharge the calorie-burning process and accelerate the fat-burning energy needed to lose belly fat and have firmer abs.

• To recover from holiday weight gain, change your diet. When you look at your plate, you should have 80 percent vegetables, 10 percent protein and 10 percent grain. What that means is you should have a lot of salads or smaller portions of meat and a lot more veggies.

• Functional training is easy to do from home and doesn't require any equipment; you can use your body's natural movements, such as sit/stand, push/pull and run/jump, to get a full workout.

When doing these exercises, you can use your couch, household objects or your own body weight, but you want to make sure to get the full range of movement in each exercise.

These exercises are great as they trigger the natural production of human growth hormone and are compound movements, so you get more out of each exercise.

The Belly Burner Belt is available at Walgreens, Sports Authority, Big 5, Rite Aid, CVS and Target and online at

Waldron is a top celebrity trainer working in Hollywood and has appeared on various talk and morning shows as a fitness expert..

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Finding Shopportunities On Seasonal Designer Trends

(NAPSI)-Fashionistas are revamping their wardrobes and stocking up on the season's must-have designer trends--and many are discovering they can do so without those designer price tags.

With budgets still tight, savvy shoppers are continuing to discover that off-price retailers like Marshalls offer fashionable, current-season merchandise at tremendous savings. Here are a few of the top trends:

Get Neutral: Banish those dark winter tones and embrace the softer side of spring with a neutral color palette. Try shoes, handbags, tops and even dresses in pinks, corals, tans and blush hues.

Pretty and Polished: Delicate details including lace, eyelets and ruffles are part of this feminine look. Flowing blouses and lightweight tops paired with pencil or tulip skirts make for a great office look. Draped or cascading cardigans are the perfect light layer over a strapless sundress. Wear a printed kimono with designer denim for a weekend look. Show off your girly side with a tissue-weight tee and a pair of paper bag−style waist shorts.

Utilitarian Chic: Get casual with cargo shorts and capris. Emerge from hibernation with a denim sundress or shirtdress layered with an adorned tank and bright accessories. Embrace the romper, a one-piece in shorts, or capris that are comfortable and versatile. Add a flouncy floral blouse to give the romper a feminine touch. Pair any of these looks with beaded sandals, ankle booties with a bit of cowboy flair or a cross-body messenger-style bag.

Keep it Classic: Mix the new trends with classic pieces like pencil skirts and tiered blouses.

Rocker Chic for Day and Night: Slim-fit leggings in denim, a fabric of choice this spring, coupled with a grommet-studded bomber jacket will make a statement at any daytime outing. For a night on the town, slip on a bandage dress and a handbag with chain accents in a muted metallic.

In the Swim: The one-piece is back with updates you won't be able to resist. Look for animal prints with one shoulder strap and hardware detail for an edgy style. Sundresses do double duty as beach cover-ups for that new, colorful tankini. Shopping off-price at Marshalls and snagging trendy buys for up to 60 percent off allows shoppers to get a few designer additions for less. For more information, visit

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Shower Your Way To Younger-Looking Skin

(NAPSI)-Not just a pretty face: There's more to having a youthful appearance than soft, smooth facial skin. Your neck, décolletage, hands, arms and knees are also prone to visible signs of skin aging.

"As body skin ages, it loses moisture and elasticity, which can make skin appear older as well as lead to dryness," says beauty scientist Rolanda Johnson.

A disparity between face and body skin care can exaggerate the signs of aging, according to evolutionary biologist Dr. Bernhard Fink. He recently conducted a study on the effect of body skin's appearance in relation to perception of age. It found that in terms of age and attractiveness perceptions, people are sensitive to the appearance of body skin. In addition, the study indicated that when judged independently from the face, body skin, if maintained, is perceived up to 10 years younger and adds to the overall perception of youthfulness.

"The study indicates that skin around the neck and chest, arms and hands are important areas for women in terms of age perception," said Dr. Fink. "Keeping your skin moisturized is one of the most basic things you can do to prevent visible signs of aging. Using products that go beyond basic moisturization to provide additional anti-aging benefits can be a further help."

To that end, there's now a product that helps you shower your way to younger-looking skin. It contains a proprietary technology that goes beyond cleansing and basic moisturizing to remove dry skin cells and improve skin cohesiveness for younger-looking, more radiant skin. It fights seven signs of aging, brightens dull skin, evens skin tone and improves elasticity in seven days.

The product, Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash, comes in two formulations: Deep Penetrating Moisture, with jojoba butter and VitaNiacin; and Exfoliate & Replenish, with microderm beads and VitaNiacin to remove dry skin cells and replenish your skin with moisturizers.

"We lavish attention on faces and bodies but necks get no respect," said author Charla Krupp, who examines over 1,000 smart, easy ways of hiding fat without dieting in her book "How To Never Look Fat Again." "The neck often ages faster than the face. A lot of women who began using a sunscreen on their faces a decade or two ago continued to tan their neck and bodies and the contrast between neck and face is unsightly."

Krupp recommends daily use of a broad-spectrum SPF 15 or higher sunscreen. Reapply it every two hours if you've been swimming or perspiring. Also, wear protective clothing and stay out of the sun at midday and when at high altitudes to protect your skin from premature aging.

For more information, visit

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Wallet-Friendly Beauty Tips From An Expert

(NAPSI)-A few wallet-friendly beauty tips can help you find great alternatives to beauty splurges. Sonia Kashuk, a professional makeup artist and author of "Real Beauty," provides high-quality products at affordable prices at Target. She also provides sensible answers to beauty questions:

Q: What are my options with foundation? A: Unless you have a specific skin issue, you probably don't need full-coverage foundation. Today, women take better care of their skin, and foundation can be used on an as-needed basis. Options include tinted moisturizer, for a beautiful finish with a natural, weightless feel; and liquid foundation that lets you build it up where you need additional coverage. To thin out foundation, mix it with moisturizer.

Q: I want to save money and give myself manicures at home. What do I need and what are the hottest colors? A: The first nail care essential is a good metal file that's safe and effective for even brittle, weak nails. Metal files are washable so they last longer and stay germ-free. Use a cuticle pusher to gently push back cuticles after soaking them in warm water. You need a good buffer. A three-in-one option smooths, buffs and shines and keeps nails ridge-free. Nails are the new color playground. Look for neutrals, brights and shimmering metallics.

Q: What are the color trends this season? A: They run the gamut from neutrals to soft pastels and warm brights, so there's a color for everyone. The combination of a paler eye with a brighter mouth is great while a natural-looking nude face is gorgeous on everyone.

Q: I don't want to be in the sun but do want a tan. What's the healthiest, easiest way? A: Self-tanners are the best option for natural-looking color without sun. My Sonia Kashuk collection at Target offers great tan towelettes for face and body that are easy to use. The single-use towelettes give you a healthy, streak-free glow, instantly. Since they're in individual packets, they're great for travel. Also, use a radiant tinted moisturizer with an SPF 15 to add a hint of tint while protecting skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Complete the look with a light dusting of bronzer on the bridge of your nose, forehead or cheekbones-any part of your face that would be naturally sun kissed.

Q: I don't have a big budget. What brushes do I need? A: You need four brushes to start: a medium fluffy eye shadow brush, domed eye shadow brush, smudge brush and a blusher brush. The fluffy shadow brush applies a wash of color over the entire lid. Use the domed shadow brush to blend and to place color in the crease of your lid. The smudge brush is great to put color at the lash line, and lastly, the blusher brush can be used for powder, blush and bronzer. These are all in the Kashuk Tools line at Target.

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Simple Ways To Clean And Refresh Your Skin

(NAPSI)-One of the easiest ways to cut the clutter in your bathroom cabinet is to use a multipurpose product, such as an astringent. These clarifiers, known for their ability to promote clean, clear, healthy skin, also have many unconventional uses.

• When choosing an astringent, opt for one with botanical ingredients. Choose a formula that works with your skin type.

Two of the most popular astringents include Sea Breeze's Original Formula, a classic blend of camphor, peppermint, clove and eucalyptus; and its Sensitive Skin Astringent, which blends cleansing and softening ingredients such as camphor, clove, eucalyptus and glycerin.

Back by popular demand, these astringents, made with botanicals, don't dry out your skin or make it too tight.

Both formulas are available exclusively at Walmart stores.

• Deep cleaning: Wash your skin as normal and moisten a cotton pad with astringent to remove any remaining oil, dirt and makeup. Smooth it over your face and neck and repeat with fresh pads until no trace of dirt is left on the pad.

Deep cleaning your pores can help unclog them and remove blackheads. Astringents also help treat and prevent breakouts, blemishes and acne, rebalancing skin pH and leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Astringents can be used for more than just cleansing the skin. Here are a few alternative uses:

• Refresh yourself: Astringents can have an instant cooling effect. Add it to a bucket of ice. Soak a hand towel in the astringent and apply the towel to the back of the neck or dunk your feet in it to cool off.

• Manicure and pedicure use: Apply it to nails and fingertips prior to polish to ensure they are as clean and dry as possible.

• Scalp treatment: If you have coarse or curly hair, astringent can be used prior to shampooing to remove excess oil and dry the scalp cuticle.

• Waxing use: Prior to waxing, apply astringent to remove excess oils. This prevents the wax from sticking to the skin.

• Bug bite remedy: Use astringent to neutralize the sting and itch of mosquito bites.

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Morning Routines Made Easy

(NAPSI)-Morning can be tough, but now you don't have to struggle with your youngsters to get them ready for the day if you follow a few helpful hints:

• Do all your prep work at night:

1. Decide on breakfast foods, such as cold cereal, and have everything set out. Your little one can pop out of bed and head for the kitchen without your help.

2. Set out clothes, shoes and accessories for the next morning. That can save time on last-minute "debates" about what to wear.

3. Use shampoos, conditioners and styling products that nourish and soften your child's hair to make it more manageable and easier to style during the morning rush.

• If your little one fusses over hair combing because it pulls and hurts, try a detangling spray formulated with proteins and vitamins. The added conditioning will make brushing easier.

Also make sure to use the right brushes: a plastic, wide-bristled one to detangle and a fine-bristled one for smoothing hair into a ponytail or taming flyaways along the hairline. Another great way to tame flyaways is Just for Me! Hair Milk Smoothing Edges Crème. It's gentle and takes the hassle out of taming your little one's messy tresses.

Even if you're creating braids, twists or ponytails, the morning routine doesn't have to be stressful. Shampoo and condition at night with Just for Me! Hair Milk Shampoo and Conditioner. With nutrients such as vitamins C and E and calcium, children's hair is moisturized and softer, making hairstyling in the morning a cinch.

All of the products in the Just for Me! Hair Milk line are specially formulated with milk and honey, as well as essential nourishment for stronger-feeling hair that is tangle free and looks silky and shiny. There's also a straightening mist and styling crème available at food, drug and mass market retailers.

Learn More

You can find more information, tips and styling ideas online at or by calling (800) 527-5879.

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Get What You Really Want At The Salon

(NAPSI)-Changing your hairstyle, whether it is a dramatic cut or new hair color, is a big decision. Celebrity colorist and Joico spokeswoman Beth Minardi offers the following "Salon Talk" tips to help make your next salon visit a success:

• It's true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Bring photos of hair you like as well as hair you don't like--this will help your colorist or stylist understand exactly what you want.

• When scheduling your appointment, tell the receptionist that you need an extra 10 or 15 minutes for a consultation.

• Communication is crucial. Bounce ideas back and forth with your colorist or stylist so that you both agree on what to do.

• Ask for a timetable--sometimes your stylist or colorist can't achieve the look you want in one appointment. For example, changing from dark hair to platinum blond can't happen in one visit.

• Speak up--voice concerns throughout the appointment. Often, a bad haircut ends up that way because the client didn't speak up earlier.

Remember, colorists and stylists want happy, satisfied clients who come back. Talking your new style through before and during your appointment is a good idea.

For more tips, visit and call (800) 445-6426.

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