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Seasonal Looks: A Leg Up On Fashion

 (NAPSI)—Must-have wardrobe essentials this season include pencil skirts, dresses and winter shorts, so the must-have accessory is legwear.

Legwear is an integral part of any trend-right ensemble and great for adding that finishing touch. The two most important fashion trends are Vintage Glamour and Simple Layering.

Vintage Glamour

Fashion welcomes back a sense of glamour—layers of sheer and lace mix with modern details to create a new femininity. Traditional luxuries are matched with modernized classics. Sumptuous fabrics and rich jacquards create a sense of savoir faire. Classic nets, thigh highs and beautifully sheer hosiery add a touch of elegant sophistication that can make any woman feel like true royalty.

Simple Layering

Sportswear separates reflect cleaned-up classics with a menswear influence for a new sophisticated yet casual trend that is polished and pulled together. Taking a cue from sweaters, tights provide color and comfort in a variety of opacities and textures and continue to be a wardrobe staple. Seasonless sheer tights provide the right balance between sheer and opaque. The newest look from runway to reality is the “blackout tight,” a soft, sleek black tight with maximum coverage. Tights can make any outfit chic and modern; they’re a true showstopper.

For one-stop shopping for all your legwear looks, check out Hanes Silk Reflections. Their new blackout opaques, offered in a tight and thigh high style, are light and soft in texture while providing maximum opacity. The Lasting Sheer Collection with run-resist technology includes the beautiful Ultra Sheer, Silky Sheer and Sheer Tight. This recent innovation in legwear prevents embarrassing runs.

The latest look involves a variety of textures and this legwear has you covered.

or call (800) 800-5800.

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Fall Fashion Forecast

(NAPSI)—As temperatures become cooler, fall fashion heats up with a focus on feminine details, new shapes and textures, and rich colors. Savvy shoppers will find all the season’s designer must-haves, for less, at off-price retailers such as Marshalls and T.J.Maxx. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll want in your closet this fall:

Glamorous Colors: This season, colors are deep and rich, in purple, spice and teal. Bright berries and reds will also have everyone falling for the season’s hottest fashions. Knits look sophisticated in deep purples, while dolman tops wow in rich, winter grays and fall florals. Cashmere ponchos in earth tones, creams and light browns pair beautifully with accent colors of teal or deep spice.

Feminine Details: Feminine details and demure prints return. Blouses with tie necks, bow details and flowing, dolman or exaggerated kimono sleeves add a pristine feel, while fall floral and polka-dot prints are constructed with delicate chiffon.

Lovely Fabrics: Fabrics like silk and georgette paired with solid-color staples are easy to dress up or down. Chunky knits keep it cozy in warm winter hues along with oversized, marbled yarns. Boiled wools, leather and suede are chic and add a dose of autumnal style. Ponchos and wraps, like the ruana, abound in a variety of fabrics, textures and colors, from deep purples to spice and camel. To find these styles for up to 60 percent off specialty and department store prices, shop off-price.

Feminine Silhouettes: Flare-leg trousers and denim are officially back en vogue. Skirts vary in length and styles vary from pencil to A-line or fit to flare. Dresses include such details as voluminous sleeves, faux fur trim, belted styles and animal prints and can take you from day to night.

Showstopping Shoes: Tall wedge riding boots with faux shearling trim, lace-up or hiker stacked-heel suede booties and motorcycle boots with buckle details take center stage. Other fall shoe trends include animal print and platform styles with color block heels, plus flats with unique toe embellishments.

Outerwear: Outerwear comes in many styles, including the classic belted trench, as well as leather jackets with shearling or faux fur trim and tremendous attention to detail with zipper and button accents. Sleeve detail is also a must-have, with dolman or ?-length sleeves rounding out the trends for the season.

Fabulous Accessories: Structured satchels, totes and bucket bags come in deep seasonal colors and animal prints. Pair them with ladylike gloves featuring rosettes and ruching and silk or cashmere scarves. Jewelry, from layered bangles to tassel detailing and statement necklaces, is both pretty and sophisticated.

Fast Fashion Facts: Shopping at off-price retailers such as Marshalls and T.J.Maxx means every stylish shopper can snag the same on-trend, designer goods as seen in department stores—for less—every day. The stores’ buyers travel to more than 60 countries, over 40 weeks a year, to deliver amazing merchandise every day. Plus, with 10,000 new items delivered to every store, every week, there’ll always be a new assortment of fabulous finds.

For more information, visit or

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Four Top Trends

(NAPSI)—This season, fashion goes from the runway to everyday. Here are four easy and affordable ways to incorporate the latest trends into your wardrobe:

1. Make a statement with must-have colors—amber, burgundy and orange. Found in everyday essentials such as denim, handbags and scarves, they’re easy to incorporate into any look.

2. The ‘70s continue to be popular with vintage-inspired styles. From soft, sheer blouses to flattering wide-leg pants, head-to-toe ‘70s style can be modern and chic.

3. Add luxe details for less with faux-fur and shearling accents. Make a bold statement with faux-fur trimmed coats and sweaters, or incorporate them into accessories with shearling boots and handbags.

4. Stay cozy with reinvented sweater styles, including ponchos and long cardigans. Choose from a variety of details, such as pointelle textures, cable-knit patterns and rosette accents.

Find these seasonal trends and more at Kohl’s and from the portfolio of national and exclusive brands, including Jennifer Lopez, LC Lauren Conrad, ELLE, Daisy Fuentes, Dana Buchman and Levi’s.

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Anti-Fog Lenses

(NAPSI)—America's eyeglass wearers are not unclear about what they want: they want lenses that do not fog up.

A recent survey commissioned by Essilor of America, a leader in eyeglass lenses, revealed the situations in which foggy glasses pose a problem.Ê

Seventy-eight percent found foggy lenses most annoying when moving from indoor to outdoor temperatures, but the most troublesome activities are common everyday tasks: cooking (52 percent) and bath time (40 percent). Other problematic situations include: playing sports and exercising outdoors (16 percent), driving (16 percent), working out in a gym (8 percent), when at work (7 percent) and hunting (3 percent).

Glasses wearers also considered foggy lenses a safety issue as three in five (59 percent) reported feeling unsafe with them when driving.

A majority (61 percent) of respondents found their glasses fogged up the most during the winter, while just over one in five (23 percent) said summer.

Among those who do find foggy glasses a problem, most (56 percent) are interested in anti-fog lenses. Seventy-three percent would be interested in learning about anti-fog lenses.

To help four-eyed consumers see their best, Essilor has unveiled lenses with Optifog technology, an anti-fog property. These lenses offer the best and most durable protection against foggy vision and are available through eyecare providers.

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The Essentials of Men's Grooming

Practical Skin Care Tips For Men

(NAPSI)--Though men's grooming is on the rise, it is often still the case that when guys hear the words "grooming routine," they envision a lengthy process involving many products and spending as much time in front of the mirror as their wives and girlfriends. This misconception about skin care can have painful consequences: Dove® Men+Care™, the brand's first product line specifically designed for men, found that 50 percent of men experience some form of underarm discomfort or itching and believe this is the price to pay for using a powerful deodorant. It doesn't have to be this way.

Dr. Jeffrey Benabio, dermatologist and men's skin care expert, offers simple tips to help guys take better care of their skin without cutting into their free time.

"Grooming and skin maintenance aren't just for women—there are simple things that guys can do that will visibly improve the look and feel of their skin," said Dr. Benabio.

1. Ditch the Soap: Guys often rely on a generic bar of soap (or worse, shampoo) to wash their bodies. These products are too harsh and strip essential oils from skin.

"The dryness caused by soap is cumulative—the more you use it, the more damage you do to your skin," said Dr. Benabio.

At the drugstore, grab a moisturizing body wash like Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body and Face Wash that is clinically proven to fight skin dryness with no irritation or tightness.

2. Upgrade Your Workout Gear: While working out or playing sports, try wearing fabrics that wick sweat away from skin to help prevent skin from staying wet (when moisture is trapped on the skin, it is at a greater risk for infection). Cotton, for example, is not ideal because it absorbs moisture. Check your local sports shop for moisture-wicking apparel made of materials like polyester or microfiber.

3. Don't Forget Your Skin on Game Day: Tailgating and getting painted up in your favorite team's colors is a tradition for many guys, but face paint makeup can clog pores and lead to irritation. After the big game, to completely remove the gunk, use a moisturizing body wash in the shower.

4. Remember That All Deodorants Are Not Created Equal: If the skin under your arms starts to itch or you see a rash developing, your deodorant is likely the culprit. Never treat this with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to "disinfect" the trouble spots—the problem is almost never an infection; it's usually a contact irritation. Look for a formula that works best with your skin but still gives you the odor and wetness protection that you need. Dove Men+Care antiperspirants and deodorants, for example, are specifically formulated to be nonirritating and hydrating to help combat dryness while providing powerful 48-hour odor protection.

5. Have a Good Road Warrior Routine: When traveling to and from new regions with differing climates, know your skin and use products that you're already familiar with; now is not the time to experiment with new lotions and deodorants that hotels might give you. Always have these basics in your travel bag: facial wash, moisturizer, sunscreen and products that do double duty, such as Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash that also have Dove moisturizers, to provide total skin comfort and keep you traveling light.

Follow @DoveMenCare on Twitter or visit to join the conversation about skin care and more.

Note to Editors: November is National Healthy Skin Month.

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Being Nicely Natty

(NAPSI)—Dressing for success, at work and for fun, many American men have discovered, means more than just looking neat or even fashionable. Often, it's even more important to look like yourself, to wear the sort of suit that suits your own personal style so you project both confidence and your own personality.

Expert Opinion

Fortunately, that need not be difficult. As the menswear personal shopper at a major Manhattan store explains, one way to "personalize a suit is with a custom belt. The Trafalgar label, for example, has a program in which shoppers choose belt color, leather type, buckle and monogram style."

This Custom Belt Program features belts in all sizes, even extra long. Altogether, there are over 3,000 different combinations to make each belt as special as the man who wears it. It makes a great gift, too.

Choose Your Style

You can see the entire selection online at or call (800) 971-4920 to learn more.

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Technology Offers Flattering Solutions

(NAPSI)—It’s taken a team of fashion experts, mathematicians and computer scientists to find a solution to the fit issues that concern nearly 60 percent of American women: plus-size women who wear size 12 and up.

The team spent nine months fitting real women, issuing extensive surveys and analyzing the data. It took over 10,000 in-person fittings of bras, pants and tops, and 1.25 million surveys among plus-size women, to find a workable solution to this fashion problem. The solution? Fashion Genius, technology that gives plus-size women what they have always craved: easy access to fashion that caters to their unique body shapes and style preferences.

Pieces That Fit And Flatter

The proprietary research conducted during the Fashion Genius research and development phase reveals that there is a strong correlation between the way plus-size women describe their shape, their weight distribution and what areas they look to conceal. When it comes to finding pieces that fit and flatter, 93 percent of plus-size women say they want to conceal their tummy, while 63 percent say they want to conceal their arms; when buying jeans and pants, 65 percent report problems with gaping at their waist.

An Individualized Approach

Only one in eight are happy with the fit of their bras, with cup shape, shoulder strap and band lines cited as major issues.

Sonsi and its sister brands Lane Bryant, Catherines and Fashion Bug have launched Fashion Genius, a breakthrough technology that will give plus-size women an individualized approach to the fit issue.

Creating Your Own Profile

Plus-size women can use Fashion Genius to create their very own personalized style and fit profiles by taking a simple survey about their body shape and style preferences. Once completed, each woman will be offered a personalized Style Profile and have the opportunity to style and purchase outfits from products recommended specifically for her.

Fashion Genius will become a plus-size woman’s new personal stylist, offering up product recommendations that fit and flatter her figure and style. She can create outfits just for her from these recommended products, along with shoes and accessories from Sonsi’s 300+ brands (well-known brands such as Lane Bryant, Kiyonna, Sydney’s Closet, IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel, and Sealed With a Kiss Designs). Fashion Genius can be found at and

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Stylish Footwear For Less Is A "Shoe-in"

(NAPSI)—Getting the latest designer shoes is even more fun if they’re a steal, and fortunately, getting stylish footwear at a greatly reduced price is a “shoe-in.”

There are many places that claim to sell designer shoes online, but consumers should shop carefully. When shopping for shoe bargains online:

• Be wary of counterfeits. If a shoe that usually sells for hundreds of dollars is available for a lot less, it could be a counterfeit.

• Examine a seller’s feedback.

• Ask about shipping costs. Some online bargains may not be such a good deal because they are accompanied by exorbitant shipping costs.

• Consider gently used shoes. For example, you can find designer shoes that are “like new” from companies such as Bag Borrow or Steal. The site offers you the chance to buy, own and wear like-new designer boots, flats and shoes on its popular “Private Sale” website.

Founded in 2004, Bag Borrow or Steal offers unprecedented rental access to the world’s most desired collection of authentic designer handbags, jewelry, watches and sunglasses via its website Featured in the first “Sex and the City” movie, the company wowed even Carrie Bradshaw.

The private sale site has quickly established itself as the premiere fashion website for purchasing gently used authentic designer accessories.

Featured brands include Burberry, Chanel, Chloe, Coach, Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Tom Ford at greatly reduced prices—up to 70 percent off retail. Frequently, each pair of shoes or boots is just available in one size.

Bought from those ladies who perhaps only wore their brand-new shoes just once, the site’s buying specialists ensure every pair is sold “like new.” Buying experts guarantee quality and authenticity for each pair featured on its website. It’s never been easier to be Cinderella for a day.

The company frequently adds new inventory to its already highly sought-after collection and continues to grow its customer base and loyal following from within the fashion industry and beyond.

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