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Jewelry For Every Budget

(NAPSI)-This holiday season, the focus will be on meaningful gifts. Presenting a small box of jewelry can make it a memorable holiday and it doesn't have to break your budget.

Here are some ideas:

Give Back--Consider gifts that benefit charities. There's a wide range available, from a bee-shaped pendant by Alex Woo to help honeybees, to a Rembrandt Charms breast cancer awareness charm bracelet.

Sterling Silver--Sterling silver is increasingly incorporated into fine jewelry. The fresh look is oxidized or blackened sterling silver. Mixing it with polished silver or yellow gold can blend the best of both worlds.

Bracelets--Bracelets are back, especially cuffs and bangles. Look for textured sterling silver and gold cuffs. Bangles can be worn in multiples so you can give one now and another for the next occasion.

Sentimental Talismans--Personalized jewelry gifts are sentimental and meaningful. Consider jewelry styles with inscriptions, symbols of hope and freedom, and "evil eyes" that become protective amulets for the wearer.

Keys--A key can represent the key to your heart, the key to your future, the key to life, the key to independence and so on. The new Tiffany & Co. "Tiffany Keys" collection pendants and charms are crafted in sterling silver and gold.

"There is no better time to give a gift of jewelry," says Amanda Gizzi of the Jewelry Information Center. "No matter the budget, the excitement of giving jewelry can be yours."

You can use the Gift Guides at to help you find jewelry for everyone on your list.

Rhonda Faber Green

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Lift Your Spirits And Elevate Your Looks

(NAPSI)-The latest trend in intimate apparel could lift your spirits by helping you look your best.

That's because innovations in bras now offer women more lift without adding size. By providing superior lift and side shaping, these bras comfortably offer full coverage support.

When a well-designed bra lifts, smoothes and shapes your contours in even the most formfitting clothes, it can give you self-confidence and help you feel beautiful. Feeling and looking great can help start your day on the right note.

A good example is the Bali Natural Uplift bra, which, in addition to lifting, incorporates extra comfort details such as Silky Smooth Lining against the skin and an encased underwire for an added level of comfort.

The bra is available in several color options including white, black, nude, sheer latte and mulberry wine, so you can pick the shade that will uplift your mood.

The bra is available in stores now. To see how the bra looks on a body type like yours, visit

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Dressing For A Successful Interview

(NAPSI)-The right outfit is an important part of making the best first impression at a job interview. And while some interview-dressing guidelines never change, style experts say there are a few new rules candidates should adhere to. They offer these tips:

• Think about your industry. Every industry has its own set of style rules. Banking, accounting and law, for instance, tend to be conservative, and job candidates should dress in a traditional black suit. Creative industries--such as advertising agencies, marketing firms and media companies--often have a business-casual dress code, and potential candidates might opt for slacks and a collared shirt.

• Do your homework. Many candidates are taught to research a company before they sit down for an interview. While you're researching, conduct some fashion reconnaissance. Before your interview, look online for photos of company employees at industry events and take cues on how they are dressed.

• Test it. The night before your interview, try everything on. If anything is too short, too tight or low cut, find something else to wear.

• Be polished. Ensure that your clothing is wrinkle- and stain-free, and check your shoes for scuffs. Finish off your interview look with the right accessories. Carry your r้sum้s in a briefcase, laptop bag or a structured handbag, and wear a watch. It subtly tells potential employers that you are reliable and that you value time and efficiency.

• Leave any luxury or designer clothing and accessories at home. A high-end handbag or a watch that costs thousands of dollars might be great for the weekend, but to a potential employer it could look frivolous. Look for stylish and affordable watch brands such as Timex, which has hundreds of styles for men and women, many under $100.

• Make an impression. With so much competition for the same jobs, you want to stand out, not just with your r้sum้, but with your look as well. "Wear one item that reflects your personality and creativity," says style expert Amy Goodman. "A colorful tie, heirloom earrings, shoes with a unique detail or an eye-catching watch may be what helps an interviewer remember you from a sea of candidates."

For more style tips, visit

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Trimming The Cost Of Gift Giving

(NAPSI)-A tighter budget doesn't have to put the squeeze on holiday shopping. Here are some tips for stretching your budget and some suggestions for the hard-to-shop-for man, including some inexpensive grooming products and other ways to shop smart:

• Plan Ahead-Follow Santa's lead and make a list. Be sure it includes each person you're shopping for, as well as a few gift ideas for your recipients. A list can help you avoid costly impulse buys and save you valuable shopping time.

• Set a Budget-Discipline yourself (in spite of the "anything goes" holiday spirit). Bring out your inner bean counter and set limits on how much to spend per recipient.

• Keep it Cash-Pay in cash whenever possible. Doing so could help you maintain a sense of what you are spending, and it can be a smart way to keep holiday expenditures separate from everyday outlays.

Shopping Smart

You can give movie tickets for less than $25 or a gift card to a favorite store for less than $30. You might give women on your list a trip to the salon for around $40, and men on your list can receive grooming tools for the same price or less.

For instance, the Remingtonฎ PG-360, a versatile 8-in-1 personal groomer priced at under $20, makes it simple for a guy to maintain his own unique facial hair style. It features attachments ranging from a detail trimmer and the world's first neck-liner, to a nose- and ear-hair trimmer and a mustache and beard comb with five adjustable settings. The attachments are rinse-and-go for quick cleaning.

You can also find the Remington Body+Back Groomer, which is showerproof and makes it easier for guys to take charge of their own body hair and trim or shave areas such as the back, chest, abs, legs and underarms. There's a self-sharpening, titanium-infused steel blade, two adjustable trimming combs, an extendable handle with a nonslip grip and 360-degree attachments for added versatility and total control. In addition, it saves the pain and cost of waxing. Plus, it saves your wallet at $34.99.

Remember that some of the best gifts can be the least expensive.

For more information about Remington Products, call (800) 736-4648 or visit the Web site at, where you can enter for a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas for you and three friends. No purchase is necessary to enter the contest. See details and official rules at

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How The Strength Of Your Love This Holiday Season

(NAPSI)-The holidays are the right time to show the people in your life just how much you love them. Those who are looking for a classic way to express their feelings often decide on diamonds as the gift that best symbolizes the depth of that love and appreciation.

Strength of Love: Based on the Hercules knot, an ancient symbol of strength, the new Everlon Diamond Knot Collection honors the strength of your love. These special pieces feature a single diamond at the heart of every knot, without which the knot would unravel, symbolizing that the only thing as strong as a diamond is love itself.

Available nationwide at retailers such as Zales, Macy's, JCPenney and Sam's Club, the collection features various designs such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

True Romance: This is the perfect time to show her just how much you have loved her all these years. Great romantic diamond jewelry pieces include a three-stone diamond pendant from Helzberg Diamonds representing your past, present and future, or a dazzling pair of Journey diamond earrings from Ben Bridge symbolizing how your love grows over time. No matter which diamond gift you choose, it will truly symbolize the bond of love you have shared for so long.

The Classics: Diamonds are considered by many to be the ultimate accessory--simple and chic. Pieces such as a pair of diamond studs from Fred Meyer Jewelers, available in every size and cut, or a gorgeous diamond solitaire pendant from Reeds Jewelers, not only tell her how much you love her but can be staples in a woman's wardrobe. For more diamond gift ideas and information, visit

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Insider's Guide To Updating Your Wardrobe

On A Budget

(NAPSI)-Even though cutting costs is top of mind, you still need to dress to impress, especially at the office. No matter what your personal style, office culture or shopping preferences are, you can save time and create a polished look by putting some savvy shopping and style strategies into action.

• Broaden your horizons beyond department and specialty stores. Check out off-price retailers such as Ross Dress for Less that carry the same current styles and name brands as department and specialty stores at significant savings.

• No matter where you shop, a good rule of thumb is that the new merchandise (at full price) will be front and center when you enter the store, but there's always a sale or clearance rack. Keep your eyes open for these markdowns--they are often located toward the back of the store.

• Remember that it pays to make friends. Befriend the sales associate and discover shopping secrets, including delivery schedules, the typical markdown cycle, and specific seasonal merchandise.

• Keeping your closet organized, knowing what you already have that you can build on--this season and next--is also a smart shopping strategy.

• Often the best deals are found by buying clothes early or late in the season.

--As a general rule, when retailers are preparing for another season's inventory, they generally put old merchandise on sale to make room for new shipments. Take advantage of these deals by shopping at the end of the season.

--Always look ahead when mapping your shopping strategy, as off-price stores will often stock merchandise in advance of the season (e.g., you may find coats in August and swimsuits in March).

Beyond knowing where and how to look for bargains, there are some smart style strategies you can employ by shopping to stretch your wardrobe and your budget.

• First, seek out investment pieces when they are deeply discounted-such as cashmere sweaters that you can wear year after year with anything from slacks and jeans to dresses, and trench coats that add a stylish flair to any outfit. Seek out neutrals, such as chocolate, charcoal, navy and basic black, that will stay true season after season.

• Second, never underestimate the power of accessories to change a look. Use current accessories such as a scarf or belt to freshen up classic pieces such as a basic sheath dress or blazer for the new season.

• The same principle holds true for jewelry. Costume jewelry, such as long necklaces layered together, can add a finished and posh look to your basic blazer, blouse or sweater.

• Lastly, look for ways to breathe new life into your favorite pieces and extend them across seasons, for example:

--Take a summer dress into the office and into fall by pairing it with a jacket or cardigan, belt and opaque tights.

--For casual Fridays, match your favorite evening top with a long cardigan and straight leg jeans for a current look.

--Wide-leg khakis are not just appropriate for a weekend afternoon. Wear them with a blouse and heels for a trendy business look.

Getting smart on how to update your work clothes for less will help you look professional without breaking the bank. To learn more about Ross Dress for Less and find the nearest location, check out

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A Barometer For Weight-Loss Success:

Your Jeans

(NAPSI)-As a summer full of barbecues and family picnics comes to an end, many women face one of their ultimate moments of weight-management truth--getting back into their jeans.

Women looking to drop a jean size* should consider the following health tips for achieving or maintaining a healthy weight:

• Eat a complete breakfast every day. Research shows this is one of the key lifestyle habits that help overweight individuals lose weight and keep it off.

• Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and other fluids to stay hydrated but limit regular soft drinks, coffees with cream and sugar, and alcoholic beverages. They can add a lot of extra calories to your day.

• Plan meals and snacks. Eat at regular intervals throughout the day to help you stay energized and to help prevent overeating later in the day.

• Watch portion sizes. To help control your calorie intake, check the Nutrition Facts panel for the serving size and calories per serving of the foods you choose.

• Stay active. Aim for at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Of this, at least 30 minutes per day should be in moderate-intensity activities.

• Monitor your weight. Weigh yourself no more than once a week. Because weight varies throughout the day, it's best to weigh yourself at the same time of day (e.g., before breakfast).

In addition, women can turn to the new to customize their own victory plan or they can become members of the Special K Yahoo! Group to build their own support system.

That's because in an effort to help consumers drop a jean size and embrace a new, slimmer figure, the Special K Drop a Jean Size Challenge provides a simple, satisfying way to drop a jean size in two weeks by replacing two meals each day with great-tasting Special K cereal, waffles, protein shakes or meal bars and following up with a sensible third meal. To make the challenge even better, the Special K brand offers crackers and shakes as snack and meal options for participants.

*When part of the Special K Challenge. Consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise program. Average waist-circumference reduction when replacing meals with two cereal meals is 1.3 inches. Weight loss may vary.

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Start-up Opportunities For Extra Cash

(NAPSI)-Here's a gem of an idea. Selling jewelry might offer the opportunity to make some extra income for stay-at-home moms, college students or anyone who wants to have a little extra cash in their pocket.

It's easy, it's fun and there are lots of sparkling opportunities to link up with fashion-forward jewelry companies that already have a loyal following.

Companies such as Aspire Style offer many opportunities in the fashion jewelry industry. The wallet-friendly start-up packages let you pick the styles, catering to your personal taste.

The company also offers plenty of flexibility in career options. You can become a designer, host a party or just shop through the catalog or Web site. Not only are the parties an opportunity for fun with friends and a chance to try on gorgeous jewelry, but the extra income may help you achieve some of your dreams.

For more information, visit

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