Gifts Ideas

Tips To Help You Make The Season Bright
Four holiday hacks from a celebrity designer.
Word Count:422
Smart Ways To Enhance The Holiday
This year, you and your family may have something extra for which to be thankful: smart technology that makes the holiday happier.
Word Count:353
Give Her A Present With A Future
Save time and money when you present the girls in your life with something they can enjoy all year round.
Word Count:396
Gifts That Matter
Your donation can help foster kids have happier holidays.
Word Count:263
This Halloween, Have A Few Tricks Up Your Sleeve
Get into the spirit of the season.
Word Count:330
Give The Gift Of Music For The Present Of A Lifetime
Make singing holiday songs extra special.
Word Count:414
Give Something Special This Year
This holiday season, remember, the more thought you put into the gifts and greetings cards you choose, the happier the recipient may be.
Word Count:378
All Of The Fun, None Of The Calories
There's a beautiful alternative to calorie-laden birthday cakes.
Word Count:335
Stop Losing Your Keys With This Great Find
Technology today can help you find lost items.
Word Count:209
Visually Impaired Reader Inspires Author
Character in Mary Jane Clark's new best-selling mystery series faces macular degeneration head-on.
Word Count:397