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Diamonds Are A Gift Giver’s Best Friends


(NAPSI)-Many believe that the holidays present a sparkling opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care, particularly with a classic diamond gift. Diamonds are often used by people to symbolize the strength of their love, and that never goes out of style.

Considered by some to be the ultimate Hollywood red-carpet accessory, diamonds are a choice that can make this year even more special. And they’ve proven to be a classic with staying power.

From simple diamond studs starting at just $99 at Ben Bridge to a dazzling array of diamond right-hand rings from Helzberg Diamonds, diamonds can be a great gift. Want to give her the hottest diamond trend in Hollywood? Then go with a diamond bracelet, one bangle or a whole stack, to add bling to any outfit.

Another new twist on the classic is the Everlon Diamond Knot Collection, which has become a red- carpet and personal favorite of many leading ladies.

The Everlon Diamond Knot Collection is a way to both express the strength of your love and give her a glamorous diamond gift. Based on the Hercules knot, the Everlon Diamond Knot Collection comes in a variety of designs-such as a ½-carat Everlon Diamond Knot Pendant from Macy’s for $2,100 or a dazzling Everlon Diamond Knot Pavé Ring from Zales for $299. To find a local Everlon Diamond Knot retailer and preview the new designs, visit adiamondisfor

The holiday season is the most popular time of year for couples to get engaged, and a diamond engagement ring remains the most desired for brides-to-be. No matter what style you are looking for, you can find a diamond engagement ring starting at $150 and up at retailers like Fred Meyer and Reeds. If you are already married, celebrate your past, present and future with a three-stone diamond pendant from JCPenney or Sam’s Club, or consider giving a Journey diamond bracelet from Samuels & Rogers.

For more gift ideas and information, visit

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Save Time And Money


(NAPSI)-This season, holiday gift shopping for friends and family may be easier than ever before. You can browse and buy many of the holiday’s hottest gifts in one place.

Exciting and affordable jewelry, clothing and gifts for everyone on your list can be just a call or click away with Avon.

Gifts include:

• Help your friendships grow and blossom with the gift of Kenneth Jay Lane for Avon Floral Collection Earrings.

• For gals on the go, give the gift of fashion and function with Avon’s Lite Weights Tote bags. These on-trend metallic accessories complement every look and carry all the day’s essentials.

• The timeless Little Black Dress is an excellent holiday gift for yourself and your bestie. The Noir Star Dress by Mark delivers figure-flattering, go-anywhere style.

• Warming up your loved ones just got glamorous with the sparkly Avon Cashtastic Collection Plush Sequin Glove and Scarf Set.

All these items are available exclusively through Avon representatives.

To locate one, call (800) For-Avon or visit

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A Gem Of An Idea


(NAPSI)-One thing that’s great about social media is that it allows for lots of feedback—which may come in handy when you’re buying a gift.

For example, now offers a selection of diamond and gemstone jewelry that’s based on over 8,000 reviews of the items customers report receiving compliments on. The categories follow:

1. Hearts and diamonds—twice as nice. While “diamonds are forever,” diamonds in the shape of a sterling silver heart pendant are eternally appreciated.

2. All that dazzles is not a diamond. Large, showstopping rings are all the rage. For extra dazzle, try a colored center stone, such as a green amethyst or a pink topaz, and make a big statement without the big price tag.

3. Mix it up. If adding color to your wardrobe lifts your mood, try adding jewel tones-from genuine jewels—to your accessories. Try mixing a mint-green amethyst with a traditional purple one for a look that’s as unique as it is eye-catching.

4. Silver is cool and sexy. Whether combined with enamel and studded with diamonds or paired with a colored stone and luminous mother-of-pearl, sterling says “glamour” and “sophistication” without breaking the bank.

To learn more about what’s hot, visit or call (800) 539-3580.

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Jewelry That Helps To Support Good Works


(NAPSI)-Those shopping for a diamond have a sparkling opportunity to purchase a piece of jewelry and support the people of Africa’s diamond-producing nations.

Following on the success of the original Simmons Jewelry Co. “Green Bracelet,” which raised more than $900,000, the Diamond Empowerment Fund (D.E.F.) is continuing its mission of helping Africans help Africa through exciting new collaborations with three jewelry designers.

D.E.F., in partnership with Freedom Stones, is offering what it calls the Green Collection. The pieces are handmade in Ghana of 100 percent recycled glass-bead bracelets and necklaces with signature broken-chain clasp. Freedom Stones is a nonprofit international organization that works to decrease exploitation in vulnerable communities.

With each purchase, consumers can help improve the lives of the women and children of Ghana and elsewhere. More than $9 from each sale goes to support education in African nations. The D.E.F. and Freedom Stones’ Green Collection will be available in Spring 2011 at select Kay Jewelers and other leading jewelry stores. For more information, visit

The elegant rings, earrings and pendants that make up the Stars of Africa Collection were designed by award-winning Reena Ahluwalia. The pieces consist of diamonds encased in a fluid-filled sapphire dome, which allows them to fall freely, like snowflakes in a snow globe. These globes signify education, health care and empowerment, all of which are essential components to the root of the Stars of Africa initiative.

Royal Asscher will donate $150 from each sale to Star of Africa to enable D.E.F. to continue to empower Africa’s youth through education. For more information, visit

The Everlon Diamond Knot Bracelet, designed by actress Rachel Bilson, is a leather and diamond bracelet that is not only chic but gives back, too! Last year, Bilson traveled to Botswana and South Africa to report firsthand about the improvements that diamond mining has brought to the people in these nations. The bracelet is available exclusively at Macy’s online, and $20 of each purchase goes to D.E.F. to help purchase student housing for the CIDA City Campus in Johannesburg.

To learn more, visit

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Creating A Gift To Be Treasured


(NAPSI)-All that glitters is golden this holiday season-whether it’s delicate jewelry or sparkling ways to make your home more festive. It can also be a gift that’s easier to make than you might imagine. Jo-Ann Craft and Fabric Stores offer all the basic materials and online instructions for making a variety of one-of-a-kind jewelry gifts.

In just a few hours and with some basic jewelry-making tools, you can make this season’s must-have lustrous pearl bracelet.


1. Join 5 pairs of Flower Connectors with 3 silver 5mm round jump rings.

2. Attach a lobster clasp to ending of Flower Connectors with 2 jump rings.

3. To create dangle, slide one 8mm Pearl onto a headpin and form a simple loop. Repeat 9 times.

4. Create dangle by sliding one Pearl Drop on a headpin and form a simple loop. Repeat 9 times.

5. Attach 2 Pearl Drop dangles and two 8mm Pearl dangles to middle connecting jump rings, 2 dangles on each side.

6. Repeat step 5, placing 4 dangles between all Flower Connectors and between last connector and lobster clasp.

Finish this fabulous look with a set of matching earrings. Log on to for complete instructions.

Bejeweled items such as wineglass charms and napkin rings can add some extra sparkle to any home for the holidays-especially when created with beautiful Czech beads.


1. Cut 4” of 16-gauge craft wire. Bend the wire into S shape with one ¼” in diameter and the other end 1” in diameter. Close smaller end. Leave the larger end open ½”.

2. Cut 6” of 20-gauge wire. Tightly loop the middle of the wire around the bottom of the small end of the S-shaped wire. Thread each hole of a button through the wires. Twist the wires together twice to secure the button in place.

3. Thread Czech glass e-beads and bright acrylic miracle beads in a varied pattern. Loop the wires back through each other to secure. To finish the ends, cut wire to 1” and create a swirl with pliers. Add pieces of wire, beads and swirls as desired.

For more crafty ideas, visit The site offers instructions on necklaces, earrings, jeweled picks and many more handmade holiday gifts.

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Trust The Experts When Buying Diamonds


(NAPSI)-Delighting someone you care about with the gift of a diamond this holiday season doesn’t have to be intimidating.

To help, Architectural Digest and the Gemological Institute of America have produced a how-to-purchase guide with essential tips for making a luxury investment. James Zemaitis, director of Sotheby’s 20th Century Design Department; interior designer Alexa Hampton; and architects Gisue and Mojgan Hariri provide insights on purchasing with confidence.

For example, Zemaitis explains: “Ultimately, for postwar and contemporary design, it boils down to one word that I probably use 50 times a day: provenance.” Adds Hampton: “Working with people who are tried and true is a surefire way to ensure quality,” while the Hariri sisters say: “Let’s talk trust. Our clients see and feel passion, integrity and commitment in every project we do.”

How To Buy With Confidence

With those ideas in mind, when your gift of choice is diamond jewelry, there are five steps you should consider taking:

1. Choose a qualified diamond jeweler as you would any professional. He or she should be a Gemological Institute of America (GIA)−trained Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) or Accredited Jewelry Professional (A.J.P.), and affiliated with jewelry industry groups and professional associations such as the American Gem Society (AGS) and American Gem Trade Association (AGTA).

2. Learn the 4C’s of diamond quality: Carat Weight, Clarity, Color and Cut. To learn the details and grading systems behind these important C’s, visit

3. Your diamond should have a grading report evaluating its quality and authenticity. GIA is known for the kind of unbiased scientific information that has guided diamond buyers for generations. Reputable jewelers will never hesitate to provide a GIA report.

4. Keep your purchase secure. Have the piece appraised and insured. GIA can laser inscribe the diamond’s unique Diamond Grading Report number to provide verification if the diamond is ever lost or stolen. Personalized messages can also be inscribed.

5. Learn more. You can get expert advice on diamonds by visiting and insights from experts in Architectural Digest in print or online at

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Join The Trend Toward Independence


(NAPSI)-According to a Direct Selling Association survey, more than 16 million Americans are direct sales representatives these days and they sell nearly $30 billion worth of products and services, despite the down economy.

There are many ways to get in on this growing opportunity to become an entrepreneur-and a surprising reason.

Doing Well And Doing Good

In some cases, you can not only make money, set your own hours and maintain your independence, you can help others as well. That’s because of another trend in business: the emergence of entrepreneurs taking social responsibility to new levels. These forward-thinking business owners have woven the concept of “giving” into the very fabric of their companies from day one. While it’s generally expected that companies make charitable donations once they have made it big, it takes an entirely different mind-set to create a profitable business model strategically based on the premise of helping others.

For example, one cause-oriented, for-profit business has expanded this concept further by putting giving power in the hands of its customers.

Specializing in the in-home purchase of precious metals, the company donates a minimum of 2.5 percent of all purchases to charitable organizations selected by party hostesses. As a result, in just two years, it’s given more than half a million dollars to thousands of charities across the country.

The expertly trained professional buyers who join Golden Girls are given the latest technology to assess, measure and certify the gold they purchase.

Party attendees can sell their unwanted jewelry in a pressure-free environment and get paid on the spot while enjoying the company of friends.

Charities across North America can use gold-buying parties as fundraising opportunities for their members, supporters and other contacts. These organizations can even create a network of parties to maximize their rewards.

Learn More

For more information on how to host a party or train to become a buyer, plus learn about other ways to make money, visit or call (866) 995-2008.

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Holiday Gift Shopping With A Purpose


(NAPSI)-Make cards and gifts for your friends and family especially meaningful this holiday season by purchasing from the UNICEF holiday collection. UNICEF Inspired Gifts, the 2010 holiday card and gift collection and several corporate partners offer unique, easy ways to help save children’s lives this season.

Supporters can bring hope, happiness and health to children around the world with the purchase of UNICEF gifts that give back this holiday season. Every day 22,000 children die from preventable causes. With the help of supporters, UNICEF is doing whatever it takes to bring the number of unnecessary deaths to zero.

UNICEF cards and gifts save children’s lives

The sale of UNICEF’s holiday cards has raised money to support the organization’s lifesaving work for more than 60 years. In addition to these iconic greeting cards, this season’s holiday collection includes everything from sparkling ornaments to must-have jewelry and great kids’ books. The cards and gifts—from UNICEF—can be purchased online at and at Pier 1 Imports, IKEA and select Hallmark Gold Crown stores.

Here’s a look at other ways to support UNICEF to do whatever it takes to save children’s lives this holiday season:

Fashionable and thoughtful

Since the Gucci partnership with UNICEF began in 2005, Gucci has committed over USD $9 million to UNICEF. To celebrate the partnership, Gucci relaunched the Gucci for UNICEF campaign—a yearlong initiative to extend Gucci’s commitment to supporting UNICEF programs in sub-Saharan Africa. The special-edition Gucci for UNICEF Sukey bag, designed by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini, is being sold in Gucci stores worldwide and online through February 28, 2011. Gucci will donate 25 percent of the retail price from all sales of the bag to support UNICEF’s Schools for Africa campaign in Malawi and Mozambique, where nearly 1 million children have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

The FEED Guatemala bags will support UNICEF nutrition programs that help children under the age of 5 in Guatemala, which has one of the worst nutritional conditions in the region. The bags are made of traditional Ikat fabrics by artisans in Guatemala, and for every FEED 1 Guatemala pouch and FEED 3 Guatemala bag sold at Lord & Taylor stores in the U.S. and online, FEED will donate $3.50 or $10.50, respectively, to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to help support UNICEF’s nutrition programs in Guatemala.

Colorful and cuddly

IKEA soft toys will bring countless smiles to the faces of so many children as a holiday gift, and will also touch the hearts of disadvantaged children worldwide. Continuing its commitment to the idea that all children have the right to an education, for each soft toy purchased in IKEA stores between November 1st and December 24th, IKEA will make a donation of 1 euro (approximately $1.39) to help support UNICEF and Save the Children’s education projects globally. This is the seventh consecutive year of the campaign, which has raised over $31 million to support 8 million children in 40 countries worldwide. This year, the Soft Toy campaign will also benefit the innovative UNICEF Schools for Africa initiative.

Other proud supporters are helping as well. For instance:

This holiday season, American Airlines AAdvantage® members can earn miles while helping UNICEF save children’s lives. Through January 15, 2011, for every $1 you donate to support UNICEF’s lifesaving programs, you will earn two AAdvantage miles in return, with a maximum award of 2,000 miles per AAdvantage member.

To learn more or to purchase cards or gifts, visit

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