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Four Retirement Readiness Fixes For Baby Boomers
You may be able to sell your life insurance policy to get money for your retirement years.
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Talk To Your Doctor About Migraine Prevention
People with frequent migraine attacks can now get daily preventive therapy.
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Fortis School Of Nursing At All-State Career School Launches Practical Nursing Program
By 2030, the baby boomer generation, totaling more than 2.1 million in Pennsylvania, will be over 65. Many will require medical care at nonhospital settings.
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No art with story
Minnesotans: Quitting Tobacco Is Hard. Here's Help.
Quitting tobacco isn't easy but with help and your own determination, you can do it.
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Long-Distance Caregiving
Chances are at some point you'll be a caregiver to an older adult. Learn about local resources that can help.
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It's Never Too Late To Achieve A Healthy Weight
Simple tips and tools to help Americans start and maintain healthy habits.
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Winning Attitudes
Among the record 26,000 runners participating in the St. Jude Memphis Marathon, nearly 1,000 were St. Jude patients or family members and friends.
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Why It's Wise To Hire Veterans With Disabilities
Many businesses recognize the importance of hiring veterans with disabilities.
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Medical Authorities Spread the Word About Prediabetes
A public service advertising (PSA) campaign encourages people to ask themselves "Do I Have Prediabetes" and helps them learn their risk.
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Writing Off The End Of The Year
The average person gains six pounds in holiday weight.
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Know The Facts: Five Biggest Myths About Diabetes
Nearly half of U.S. adults are at risk for or have diabetes. The numbers alone are staggering, yet diabetes continues to be misunderstood and often disregarded.
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How To Stay Comfortable During A Cold
The next time you get a cold, you won't be alone. Adults have an average of two to three colds a year, and children even more.
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Four Easy Tips That Will Keep You Working Out All Winter Long
Exercise can strengthen your immune system to help fight off cold weather blues and illnesses.
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Eight Tips For Caregivers To Help Ease The Risky Business Of Caregiving
Maintain your own well-being while caring for your loved one
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Home For The Holidays
Certain changes in behavior in an older relative may indicate a need for long-term care.
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Do You Know If You Have COPD?
While a COPD diagnosis may seem overwhelming, with the right treatment plan, COPD patients can stay active and improve their quality of life.
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Tooth-Friendly Tailgating
Tips for prioritizing good oral health and food options at your next tailgate.
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Warning Signs Your Aging Parents Need More Help
Many grown children head home for the holidays and notice their aging parents need some help.
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Sickle Cell: One Gene, Many Faces, And A Quest For A Cure
Sickle cell disease research, which has led to pain-reducing treatments.
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Medicare Advantage Plans Offer A Broader Mix Of Benefits
Whether you're new to Medicare or an established beneficiary, take a close look at Medicare Advantage plans during this year's open enrollment period.
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Containing Contamination To Protect Your Family
A paper towel is the best way to clean up the bacteria found on a contaminated kitchen counter.
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Drink To Your Health
You can enjoy a refreshing pick-me-up without drinking something loaded with fat and sugar.
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After The Storm: Coping With The Trauma Caused By Natural Disasters
As people rebuild their lives and communities following a natural disaster, seeking emotional support is important.
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Rural Americans Face Greater Challenges In Accessing Cancer Care, According To New National Survey
Americans worry about the cost and the availability of cancer care.
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North Carolinians Urged To Get Flu Shots Following Record-Breaking Flu Season
Health care professionals should address health disparities and encourage more people to get flu shots.
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Dos And Don'ts For Managing High Blood Pressure During Cold And Flu Season
People with high blood pressure should consult a doctor before taking any cold medicine.
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Keeping Mom And Child Healthy After Gestational Diabetes
Steps to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes for you and your child.
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When Should I Worry About My Child's Foot Pain?
When a child has foot-related problems, early intervention by an expert can be key.
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One Family's Incredible Journey To Wellness
Standing up to cancer can be one of the toughest challenges anyone has to face.
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Hearing Aids That Suit The Modern Lifestyle
Four features to keep in mind when choosing hearing aids.
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More Matters: Millennials Leading The Way To Increased Vegetable Consumption
As eating habits have evolved across the generations, so have recommendations regarding what constitutes a healthy diet.
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Your Medicare Open Enrollment To-Do List
Things to keep in mind for Medicare's annual enrollment period.
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Medi-Cal Coverage To Smile About
Regular checkups and cleanings save time and money and reduce the risk of more serious dental problems.
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After Stroke Strikes, What Comes Next?
There could be more good news for many stroke survivors.
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Together, We Can (And Must) End Family Fire
With a few simple steps, America can save hundreds of young lives.
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Preparing For Motherhood: How To Protect Your Health And Your Growing Baby
The most important thing expecting moms can do for themselves and their baby is to protect their health throughout pregnancy.
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Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke
AFib can have symptoms such as an irregular-feeling heartbeat, shortness of breath and light-headedness or it can have no symptoms at all.
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Healthy Air, Healthy Home
To help keep your family "Breathing Clean," get your HVAC system cleaned.
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Saying 'Boo' To Cavities This Halloween: Preventive Tips And Tricks For Parents And Kids
Correcting some myths about mouths.
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Four Ideas For Health Care Planning In Retirement
Generate cash to pay your health care expenses.
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Innovative Technology Improves Patient Experience For Women Undergoing Breast Cancer Treatment
Breast-conserving surgery can now be easier and faster.
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You May Be Able To Help Save A Child's Life
You can help save children hoping for lifesaving blood stem cell transplants.
Word Count:418
Organ Transplantation: 7 Surprising And Inspiring Things You Should Know
For people on the transplant waiting list, returning to health is a real and remarkable possibility.
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Managing Heart Failure
Heart failure can be treated and managed.
Word Count:341
Recovering From Stroke
Rehabilitation is paramount to helping people build their strength, capabilities and confidence.
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Flu-Fighting Facts
Protect yourself from the flu.
Word Count:647
Managing Moderate Pain Three Ways
While everyone experiences pain differently, managing it may be simpler than many people realize.
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Managing Your Mental Health With Or Without Insurance Coverage
Numerous programs are available to help uninsured Americans who struggle with mental health issues.
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Harnessing Research Discoveries For Patient Benefit
Cutting-edge research is making significant progress in the treatment of cancer.
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Sisters Together: Move More, Eat Better
Black women can reach and maintain a healthy weight by being more physically active and making healthier food choices.
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Small Moments Make a Big Difference.
Engaged fathers can help children lead happier, healthier and more successful lives.
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Tips For Tailgating: Add A Little Healthy Balance
Bring a little healthy flavor to your tailgate with nutritious snacks like blueberries and games that keep you moving during the day.
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Make Your Health Part Of Your Hurricane Prep Plan
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts we may see an above average hurricane season.
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Release, Refresh, Reset
You don't have to let a busy schedule break your healthy stride or keep you from crushing your goals.
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Choosing The Right Caregiver For Your Parents
Finding the right caregiver can be less stressful if you know the right questions to ask.
Word Count:610
Why Won't My Ankle Sprain Heal?
Sprained ankles are painful and can limit your ability to walk, so accurate diagnosis and treatment are necessary.
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Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Insurers Efforts To Deny Patients Coverage
Americans believe insurance companies should not be allowed to deny coverage for people with chronic diseases.
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Reading Sunscreen Labels Can Save Your Family's Health
Studies show that parents need to exercise caution when choosing the right sunscreen for their kids.
Word Count:392
Twice A Victim: Finding A Path Forward After An Accident
Because there are often long delays in collecting payments for legitimate insurance claims, injured parties can become "twice victims."
Word Count:615
Struggling With Addiction? Tips On Finding Quality Treatment
Treating addiction doesn't have to be something you do alone.
Word Count:528
Combating Cancer In Young Women Online
Several communities are making a particular effort to see that young women have reliable online resources when it comes to breast cancer.
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Rural Hospital Closings In Missouri Reach Critical Level
Air ambulances get critically ill Missourians to the medical help they need when they need it.
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Veterans Today
If you or someone you care about is among America's more than 20 million veterans, here are a few facts and figures you may find of note. Do you know how people who are blind support our nation's veterans?
Word Count:320
What To Do When The 'Lice Letter' Comes Home
Don't panic, but do take control.
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Antibiotics And Your Dentist—CDC Urges You To Be Antibiotics Aware
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages the public to Be Antibiotics Aware by talking with their dentists about when antibiotics are needed for their oral health.
Word Count:577
What To Do When Life Makes You A Caregiver For Someone You Love
Providing encouragement and fostering understanding for those providing care for their loved ones.
Word Count:408
Moving? This Is Why You Need To Get Your Next Mattress Online
If you're one of the 35 million Americans moving this year—and even if you're not—consider replacing your old mattress with an easy direct-to-consumer online brand. Here's why.
Word Count:379