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Time To Get Ready, Florida
Floridians can protect their homes and families from severe storms.
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Seven Smart Steps To Great Giving
Heeding a few hints can help you look like a blooming genius when sending Valentine's Day flowers.
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News You Can Use For The Household Well Owner
Well owners can tap into a stream of helpful advice.
Word Count:466
Three Steps Toward A Better Retirement In 2018
You can make your retirement years more fulfilling.
Word Count:506
Hot Tips To Help You Avoid Home Heating Fires
Help protect your home and family.
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Bomb Cyclone Preparedness: Four Easy Steps To Help Prevent Water-Pipe Damage
Tips to help you avoid frozen water pipes.
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No art with story
The Flower Of The Year Is Here: The Purple Rose
The purple rose is Flower of the Year for 2018.
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When It's Time To Replace Your Water Heater
Your house could give you more comfort at less cost if your water heater were upgraded.
Word Count:451
Stay Powered Up All Winter Long
Emergency backup power helps homeowners be prepared for whatever the weather has in store.
Word Count:425
"Water" Your Resolutions for 2018?
Taking the "I'm for water" pledge can help you save water, energy and money.
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Let's Talk About Sympathy
Helpful tips on how to approach someone who is grieving.
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#PoweringGood: Power Equipment Helps People Give Back
Outdoor power equipment powers good in many ways.
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Five Hacks To Help You Have Happier Holidays
You can get the best out of "the most wonderful time of the year."
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Planning Your Water Well
Enjoy an adequate supply of good-quality water.
Word Count:493
Tips To Help You Make The Season Bright
Four holiday hacks from a celebrity designer.
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Give Her A Present With A Future
Save time and money when you present the girls in your life with something they can enjoy all year round.
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Pets And People
'Bone Up' On Wise Winter Weather Practices For Your Pet
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Well System Parts Vital For Good Water Quality
The parts of a well system protect water from contaminants that are harmful to health or adversely affect the water's appearance, taste or odor.
Word Count:564
Unexpected Ways to Support Pollinators
Anyone with enthusiasm and a potted plant can provide bees with the food and habitat they need.
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Homeowners Want Elegant Electric Upgrades
Stylish lighting and power controls can easily enhance a home's design and functionality.
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HOT Trends For GREEN Living
As homeowners consider ways to "live green," many may be surprised to learn the effect home heating has on achieving optimal energy and cost efficiency.
Word Count:578
Property Owners Can Protect Their Homes From Hurricane Damage
Floridians can create a storm-resistant home with no up-front costs.
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Shock Chlorination Of Water Wells: What You Need To Know
Shocking facts about disinfecting a well.
Word Count:565
This Halloween, Have A Few Tricks Up Your Sleeve
Get into the spirit of the season.
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A Smart Thermostat Can Be A Smart Investment
Cut costs and increase comfort at home.
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How To Keep The People And Things You Care For Safe At Home
A smart security system can bring you peace of mind.
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Small Is Big In Home Design
Increasingly, families are making the most of small living spaces.
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Do This Fall Yard Work And Reap Springtime Benefits
What you do in autumn determines the quality of your yard in spring.
Word Count:651
Clearing Away The Clouds Of Turbidity
Cloudy well water can be cause for concern. Testing can help.
Word Count:603
How To Be Prepared With A Backup Power Plan
Understanding backup power supply options can be critical to surviving a blackout.
Word Count:418
Prep Your Home For Fall
Hints to help you save money, time and space.
Word Count:318
Cancel Out Noise By Soundproofing Your House
You don't have to put up with a noisy house if you follow six steps.
Word Count:409
Three Simple Tips
Tips to update your approach.
Word Count:225