Home Ideas/ Decorating

Overcoming Life's Messes
You don't have to live with clutter and chaos.
Word Count:574
Roofing Solutions To Environmental Concerns
Roofing granules offer a variety of solutions to environmental issues found in urban areas.
Word Count:538
New Shingles Protect The Curb Appeal Of Homes
Special shingles can help eliminate black streaks caused by algae.
Word Count:446
Give The Gift Of Delicious Coffee
Brew a rich delicious cup of coffee in a minute.
Word Count:316
Start Breathing Clean
A new year, whether the one on the calendar or a more personal milestone, is a good time to give your health and well-being a new start, too.
Word Count:199
Snow Thrower Usage: Questions To Help You Keep Safety In Mind
Clearing driveways, sidewalks and parking lots of snow is no small job but home and business owners can keep safety in mind.
Word Count:592
7 Questions To Ask Around Winterizing Outdoor Power Equipment
Ask yourself seven questions.
Word Count:508
Hints For Keeping Your Friends Happy
Picking just the right presents for your friends can be easy.
Word Count:410
Upgrade Attic Insulation To Save On Energy Expenses
One of the most cost-effective ways to make your home more comfortable.
Word Count:378
Containing Contamination To Protect Your Family
A paper towel is the best way to clean up the bacteria found on a contaminated kitchen counter.
Word Count:507
It Doesn't Have To Cost 6 Percent To Sell A Home
It doesn't have to cost 6 percent to sell your home. New startup aims to make selling a home cheaper nationwide by empowering agents, instead of replacing them.
Word Count:567
Prep-Your-Place Pointers
The most affordable time for home repair projects.
Word Count:294
How To Prevent A Multigenerational Home Thermostat War
Promote multigenerational home harmony with a smart climate control system.
Word Count:597
Get Ready For A Smart Home Three Ways
If you've been thinking about making your house a Smart Home, three tech trends are worth considering.
Word Count:408
Be Smart About Your Kitchen Sink
Four hints to help you select the correct sink for you.
Word Count:552
Bring Home Some Wild Beauty
Farm-fresh blooms naturally arranged in designs that are untamed, outspoken, and with a fresh point of view couldn't be more au courant.
Word Count:338
Tips For Having A Smart Move
Every year, some 40 million Americans move into a new home. The next time you're one of them, consider these three helpful ideas.
Word Count:181
There's A Lot More To A Mortgage Than Just Your Interest Rate
A look beyond mortgage interest rates to help have the lowest possible costs.
Word Count:463
Storms And Flooding Require A Fast, Effective Mold And Odor Solution
The CDC and FEMA both advise treating flooded structures as soon as possible to help prevent mold development.
Word Count:225
Healthy Air, Healthy Home
To help keep your family "Breathing Clean," get your HVAC system cleaned.
Word Count:461
Be Savvy About Succulents
Easy to care for, long lasting and more popular than ever, succulents are the plants that people are buying for themselves and giving as gifts to bring the beauty of nature inside.
Word Count:474
How To Combat Four Pet Peeves Around The House
If your family is like most, there are a few things about your home lighting and connectivity that really annoy you but ingenious solutions are available.
Word Count:448
Life Is Loud-But You Can Still Enjoy A Quiet Home
Protect yourself and your family.
Word Count:323
The Time Is Now To End Family Fire
To protect your loved ones from "Family Fire," keep any guns unloaded and securely locked up.
Word Count:526
Beware 'Blow-and-go' Scams
Knowing the right questions to ask can help keep you from getting duped about duct cleaning. Protect yourself six ways.
Word Count:228