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Spicing Up Your Home’s Color Scheme

(NAPSI)—If you want to freshen your home without spending a fortune on a major renovation, consider spicing things up with the season’s newest colors-colors inspired by spices and other fresh, savory ingredients.

The eight new colors of DuPont™ Corian® solid surfaces blend all the ingredients of a great meal—diversity of color, attention to detail and good taste.

Stunning hues with dramatic flakes and flashes of particles set the new colors apart, while providing an aesthetic complement to both traditional and contemporary spaces.

These eye-catching colors can be used to contrast or highlight every design element in the room, from flooring to fixtures, walls to ceilings and appliances to cabinets.

Just hearing about the latest selection from DuPont may whet your appetite for a cost-effective update:

Hickory Smoke—Buttery yellows accented with saffron veining and large silver flecks.

• Clove—Copper and cinnamon emboldened with burnished brown flecks.

• Allspice—Intense chestnut brown with smoke-infused veining accented with silver flecks.

• Basil—Dramatic waves of nutmeg and green fennel peppered with gold metallic sparkles.

• Cilantro—Calming mint blended with hints of cucumber and fresh white flecks.

• Arrowroot—Crisp white leek swirled with mushroom grays and soft silvery metallic flecks.

• Blue Spice—A complex mix of cornflower blue and rich teal with flecks the color of poppy seeds.

• Hazelnut—Warm brown coriander sprouts through a river of white sage with large gray flecks.

The solid surface materials can be used in a variety of residential applications, including kitchen and bathroom countertops, backsplashes, wet bars, tub decks and tub and shower surrounds. The material is nonporous and with proper cleaning does not promote the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria.

More information is available at countertops.dupont.com, www.dupont.com/Surfaces or by calling (800) 4-CORIAN.

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Painting Ahead Of The Curve

(NAPSI)—If you’re ready to refresh the rooms in your home, let new trend colors inspire you to paint ahead of the curve.

Paint palettes are inspired by many sources—from social trends to fashion runways. Here are four of the trendiest color palettes from Erika Woelfel, Director of Color at Behr Paints:

Santa Fe Today: A far cry from the dusty pastels and kitschy cowboy accessories of the late ‘80s, the new Southwest style feels equally at home in country homes or urban settings. Furnishings are streamlined and minimal while accent details are authentic, handmade and natural. Elements such as Native American pottery and hand woven textiles, authentic leathers, cast iron fixtures, succulent gardens and reclaimed woods add a comfortable look and feel to the home. The palette is complex yet welcoming with warm tones of red, yellow, terra-cotta and brown. Paint colors are Prairie Poppy, Stagecoach, Canyon Sunset, Darlin Clementine and Lone Star.

Retro Recall: In this vibrant design trend, today’s games of high-def, high-touch and high-tech excitement blend affectionately with the nostalgic tech from decades ago. This style is clean and urban, with touches of light-hearted, techno-geek nostalgia. Warm remembrances—collections of quirky subculture characters, offbeat toys and gizmos—mix with contemporary icons and gadgets to form the basis of this style. Décor items reflect favorite characters or series from a video game, cartoon, comic or movie. The Retro Recall palette is action-oriented, using vivid shades of red, green and blue with a softer yellow and a midtone gray to provide balance. Paint colors are LOL Yellow, Red Wire, Reboot, Level Up and Game Over.

Safari Escape: This global style takes its inspiration from luxurious tent travel. It features relaxed neutrals, natural materials, sophisticated surfaces and exotic details. The Safari Escape palette reflects the dried earthen shades of the African grasslands. Khaki, soft taupe, camo green and warm off-white accompany a dark chocolate brown on the trim and ceiling rafters. The neutrality of this palette pairs beautifully with brighter pops of copper metallic. The overall look is exotic, soulful and theatrical. Paint colors are Compass, Jackal, Tribal Drum, Livingstone and Serengeti Dust.

Tea Party: This is a delightful spin on the traditional Edwardian kitchens of a century ago. With an air of flirtatious charm, the furnishings are either classic originals or modern interpretations of the traditional styles. A delicate aqua is the featured color, accompanied by minty fresh green and elegant violet. These cool tones are warmed with lively peach and a blushing pink mauve to give rooms a sense of happiness and fun. Paint colors are Queen’s Tart, Violet Water, Minty Frosting, Sugar Pool and First Peach.

Using a smartphone, consumers can scan a QR code on the back panel of the Color Trends brochure, available at The Home Depot, to see a video of Erika Woelfel describing each trend. For more information, visit www.behr.com. You may also “like” the paint company on www.facebook.com/behrpaint, follow it on www.twitter.com/behrpaint and visit Behr’s new blog penned by Erika at www.colorfullybehr.com.

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Spice Up Your Dining Room With Color

(NAPSI)—Here’s a delicious idea: Perk up your dining room with paint. It’s an instant, economical and effective solution that will help you set the stage for welcoming guests into your home.

“Think about adding yummy spice colors that can warm up the ambience and even add a glow,” suggested interior designer Sonu Mathew.

An ordinary bead-board paneled room, for instance, was dramatically rejuvenated with a touch of tumeric.

“We chose the spicy mustard-like color because the natural light pouring into the dining room causes different tonal effects each season. The color reads a bit more fiery and hot in the summer sun, but in the autumn and winter appears to recalibrate to a deeper, but still warm finish.”

Mathew added that it’s helpful to observe such details on how the sunlight affects your space since it, in turn, can make a difference in how the color reads.

Regardless of the color choice, said Mathew, the sheen you select is equally as important. She went with a semi-gloss and it’s the glossy finish in that dining room that contributes to the visual “wow,” creating the glow and leveraging the powerful impact of the natural sunlight. Mathew recommends seeking out the advice of your designer, your paint and decorating retail professional or painting contractor about the sheen type that’s best for your project, because it can make all the difference in the final outcome.

She also noted that tumeric is just the tip of the “spiceberg” of color offerings from Benjamin Moore. “There are more than two dozen inspiring hues that actually take their name from what’s typically found in the pantry—like Dash of Curry 2159-10, Chili Pepper 2004-20, Cinnamon 2174-20 and Allspice 2101-50, to name a few. Plus, there are many other reds, yellows and oranges that are evocative of nature’s most exotic spices and all the sensory pleasures they spark.”

Learn More

For more color ideas, visit www.benjaminmoore.com or a Benjamin Moore retailer.

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Pro Painting Secrets

(NAPSI)—A clean “canvas” and a twist on traditional painting techniques may be all you need to make your home stylish and trendy, says Carey Evans, TV personality, carpenter and interior designer. Here’s how:

Caulk For A Clean Start

First, properly select a caulk. “The secret to an enduring, clean look is to seal with a long-lasting caulk,” says Evans. “If the caulk underneath shrinks or deteriorates, then the paint that you worked so hard to apply may age prematurely due to unsightly cracks that have formed.

“My top pick for all my painting jobs is the latest caulking innovation by GE, Groov,” says Evans. With it, you can do the job right the first time because it provides long-lasting performance. Groov caulk won’t shrink, crack or break down like acrylic caulk. Acrylic caulk may go on easily, but it shrinks over time, leaving unsightly cracks, which can spoil a great paint job.”

Look Up, Down and All Around

Embrace the opportunity to give color to the fifth and sixth walls of a room: the ceiling and the floor. Soothing pastels or subtle ceiling designs are increasingly popular. Painting a floor, also popular, is even more cost effective than having it refinished.

“For unexpected ways to bring patterns into a room, paint a runner on the stairs where the treads have worn down or add a favorite color or pattern to the rise of each step,” says Evans.

Texture Tricks

Painting techniques that add texture and depth can liven up monochromatic walls. For beginners, Evans suggests the color washing technique. It’s easy to achieve using two colors in a wet-on-wet fashion. For more experienced painters, she recommends the grass cloth technique that achieves the same look as the popular wallpaper. By using a wire comb, broom or favorite tool, you create serene lines that add interest to otherwise flat walls.

“With a stronger color like royal blue, you can even mimic the look of your favorite blue jeans,” Evans says.

A Twist on Trim

You don’t have to paint each level of your home the same color. Mix it up by placing trim vertically between rooms to create definitive spaces that can be painted their own color.

Alternatively, move beyond traditional trim colors. “I like to choose neighbors on the color wheel for the wall and trim for a tone-on-tone, subtle richness,” says Evans. “Or, you can mix glaze with the wall color for added dimension.”

Learn More

For more design tips from Carey Evans and to learn more about caulking, visit www.gesealants.com and www.careyevans.com.

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How To Choose Exterior Siding Colors And Textures For Your Home

(NAPSI)—When it comes to picking the right colors and textures for a home, most homeowners color themselves confused. There are so many styles to choose from. Exterior design does not need to be difficult. Here are eight tips to help you pick the perfect home palette:

1. Think about the kind of statement you want to make. Do you want your home to naturally blend in with the environment or be bright and distinctive? Would you like your home to be welcoming or stately?

2. Look around at color schemes that appeal to you. What makes the homes you see look friendly and appealing? Take pictures and think about how the color scheme helps deliver that look.

3. Consider the materials already used in the house. Is the foundation brick, stone or concrete? What colors are the roofing shingles? The colors and textures you choose don't have to match existing materials but should harmonize with them.

4. Use an exterior design visualizer that lets you try colors and styles on your home's exterior without leaving the comfort of your home. For example, with siding manufacturer Exterior Portfolio's Dream Designer visualizer you can mix and match siding colors, textures and styles online to find the right exterior home design. The online tool gives users the freedom to change siding, window, door and corner trim, as well as roof color. You can also choose from a gallery of homes or upload images of your own home to design with. Try the Dream Designer at www.Exterior Portfolio.com/DreamDesigner.

5. Consider the surroundings. Some siding textures and colors work better in some environments than others. For example, a bright color that would look right in New Mexico might seem too garish for a home in Maine. Is the area you live in sunny or snowy? Is your home near a desert or a forest? In a city or the country?

6. What colors work best with the style of your home? Colors can be brighter with a Victorian house, say, than a Colonial house, if you want to stay accurate to the period.

7. Get samples to see how each color looks on your home. Swatches and color samples aren't just for a home's interior. The best way to test your home's design decisions is with actual color samples. Through Exterior Portfolio's Dream Designer program, you receive a customized Dream Designer Board with high-resolution images of your exterior design and large siding sample pieces of the selected products so you can try it before you buy it.

8. Lighten up. Pick a lighter neutral shade for the walls; use white for window trim and darker colors on add-on features such as shutters. Use bold colors or bright neutrals to play up beautiful architectural features.

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Play Dress Up With Your Bathroom

(NAPSI)—When it comes to the bathroom, there are simple, stylish and budget-friendly ways to creatively dress it up. From the shower curtain to hooks or even your toilet paper, paying special attention to these seemingly ordinary, everyday objects is an easy way to make any bathroom an oasis.

Lifestyle and interior decoration pro Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy has teamed up with the Cottonelle brand to share creative tips on how people can make the most of their bathroom. After all, Maxwell is devoted to helping people make their homes beautiful, organized and healthy—including the bathroom.

For some fresh ideas, see Maxwell’s favorite tips below.

• Long Is Luxurious. Make your bathroom look more elegant by making your shower curtain taller. Move your shower curtain bar up—right below the ceiling—and install an extra-long shower curtain (or make your own). By closing the gap between shower curtain top and ceiling, you’ll eliminate an unsightly view and give the feeling of luxury and more space with taller walls.

• Swap Your Hooks. Towel hooks are easy to find and replace, but they are usually boring. Go shopping for some cheap, vintage hooks of different shapes and sizes, paint them all the same color and then hang them in a nice straight line. The detail and “collection” quality will make a big impact—even if they’re covered with towels.

• Flowers Always Impress. Fresh flowers in the bathroom OR even just ONE flower in a small vase on the bathroom sink or back of the toilet will make the room fresh and festive.

• Roll Covers. Even small necessities, like your toilet paper, deserve storage in a modern roll cover. Just like how people care for their cotton swabs by storing them in a stylish container, people can care for their Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper like never before with a modernized roll cover.

• Go with Color. Shower curtains and towels were made to carry colors and you can change your bathroom in minutes by coordinating and changing the colors here. Maxewell’s favorite lately? Deep brown towels and hand towels with a linen shower curtain.

The Cottonelle brand has introduced new designer roll covers, featuring three fashion-forward designs inspired by the latest trends. To see more of Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan’s tips to transform your home, visit www.RespectTheRoll.com and learn how to get a Cottonelle brand designer roll cover.

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Creative Projects To Avoid The Back-To-School Blues

(NAPSI)—Transitioning from sunny afternoons at the pool to long days in a classroom isn’t easy for some children, especially when it’s still nice outside. But if you involve your kids in a few simple projects that stimulate learning and creativity, you can get them excited about the new school year.

“Most kids love to express their creativity, and what better way than to get them involved in projects that make learning fun,” said Angie Stinner, Rust-Oleum design expert and blogger.

Here are three fun project ideas that can help ease your children into the new school year.

1. Create a blank chalkboard globe to challenge their geography knowledge. Purchase a used globe at your local thrift store, from an online retailer like Amazon or eBay, or use one you already have in your home. Paint the surface using Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint. It comes in a variety of colors—like traditional Moonstone, Grape Fizz and Periwinkle—and you can double the fun by letting your kids select the color. After it’s dry, give them some chalk and ask them to draw the continents. You can alter the difficulty level for younger children by drawing in a continent or two as a starting point. They’ll love showing you how much they already know and will actually look forward to learning more.

2. Create a homework hot spot. If it’s a daily struggle to get your kids to sit down and focus on homework, why not “upcycle” an old desk or table to create a designated homework hot spot? They’ll love creating their very own “office” to get their schoolwork done.

Rejuvenate an old wood desk or table with an easy-to-use wood stain like Rust-Oleum Ultimate Interior Wood stain. Its one-coat coverage and fast dry time means projects can be completed 75 percent faster than with traditional wood stains. Finish their “new” wood desk or table with a durable finish like Ultimate Interior Polyurethane for a homework hot spot that will last for years.

If the old desk or table is metal, wicker or plastic, you can make it look brand new with a spray paint like Universal. It can be used on any surface and comes in a variety of colors and finishes, so let your children’s inner artist choose the look they like best.

3. Help keep them organized. To keep schoolwork organized, put a file cabinet in your kids’ room to file their A+ work and other important papers. Instead of using stickers to label what’s in each drawer, paint the cabinet with chalkboard paint or Rust-Oleum Dry Erase Paint. You can write directly on the surface so the file cabinet can also serve as a calendar, message board or to-do list. It also gives your kids a place to write down homework assignments so they can easily keep track of when they are due.

Visit http://www.facebook.com/Paintideas for additional inspiring and creative “back-to-school” projects.


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Create Halloween Magic On A Shoestring Budget

(NAPSI)—Ghoulish ghosts. Wicked witches. Things that go bump in the night. What better way to have a little Halloween fun than to decorate your home for that spooky night?

Halloween decorations can be expensive if you buy them in a store, but don’t let that stop you from capturing the spirit. It’s easy to create Halloween magic for next to nothing. All it takes is a few beverage cans, terra-cotta pots, pumpkins, some paint and a little imagination.

Here are a few projects from the archives of paintideas.com to help you deck out your home for the Hallow’s Eve:

Create a gaggle of ghoulish ghosts. Reclaim a few aluminum beverage cans from your recycling bin and rinse them thoroughly. Flip up the tab on each can so it’s upright. After the cans are dry, take them outside and give them a couple of coats of Stops Rust Gloss White spray paint. Make sure you cover the entire surface and let them dry for about 24 hours. Then take a permanent marker or foam paint pen to draw on ghostly faces. Attach a 4X4” piece of thin gauze to each can by draping it over the top and affix a pipe cleaner or piece of yarn through each tab to hang. They’re perfect for decorating a porch, entry hall—even your child’s room.

Paint a pumpkin. Give a traditional Halloween activity a new twist. Paint a few pumpkins you’ve picked at the pumpkin patch with a spray paint such as Rust-Oleum Chalk Board Paint. Give them 24 hours to fully cure, and then use chalk to draw pictures or write messages like “Boo,” “Go Batty” or “Happy Halloween.” Line them up on the steps leading to your front door and you’re ready to welcome trick-or-treaters.

Or, purchase minipumpkins and spray paint them with on-trend finishes like Universal Copper Hammered or Oil Rubbed Bronze. Place them in a basket on your dining room table for a sophisticated alternative to the traditional painted pumpkin. The paint will preserve your pumpkins so they last through Thanksgiving.

Pilgrim’s landing. Here’s a project that can make your Halloween party extra festive and make great placeholders for your Thanksgiving table, too. Gather several inexpensive, 4” terracotta pots and give them a couple of coats of paint, such as Ultra Cover 2X Gloss Black spray paint or Rust-Oleum Chalk Board Paint. After they’re completely dry, cut felt circles slightly larger than the opening of the pot and attach them with your hot-glue gun. Then decorate the pots with orange ribbon, candy corn, dried flowers or other seasonal decorations to make festive pilgrims’ hats.

You can find more holiday decorating tips at www.Facebook.com/Paintideas.

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