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New Fall Trends In Home Décor

(NAPSI)-Just like your wardrobe, your home can—and should—change with the seasons. Sabrina Soto, Target Style Expert for Home and HGTV Designer, offers a few simple ways to revitalize your home décor with the hottest seasonal trends and a quick lesson in updating your wall décor.

Splashes of Color

The fall color trends are vibrant and easy to incorporate—think turquoise, rust and chocolate brown. Soto suggests adding these effortless pops of color with bright accessories-vases, toss pillows and picture frames. To make an impact, use one color in the room at least three times.

Lucite Clear Style

Lucite is an incredibly versatile material often used in coffee tables and lamps. Soto suggests adding a colorful shade to the base for a touch of personal style. Target has a chic geometric Lucite lamp base for only $29.99, and mix-and-match shades starting at $12.99.

Lush Velvet

Comfortable cable-knit throws and heavier window treatments can give a room a more cozy look, says Soto. Velvet is on trend with its lush-looking sheen in a variety of colors including plum, rust and evergreen.

Warm Scents

To make a home feel even more cozy, Soto suggests candles with pumpkin, cinnamon or vanilla aromas. A centerpiece made of pumpkins or gourds atop autumn colored linens for your dining table creates a warm, welcoming setting.

Create a Collage

A really hot trend right now is wall collages created with framed artwork, which can be easily updated each season by switching out photos or art in the frames or incorporating mirrors alongside traditional artwork for a personal, yet designer appeal.

Soto offers this step-by-step guide to create a magazine-ready look:

1. When creating a wall collage, think of the entire collection as one piece of art. Cut a piece of butcher paper to the size of the overall collection. Tape it on the wall and make sure it looks just right.

2. Place the paper on the floor. Arrange the frames on top of the paper until the sizes and color scheme are balanced.

3. Trace each frame onto the paper. Mark an “X” where the hook should go.

4. Tape the paper onto the wall. When hammering make sure the hook (not the nail) hits the hanging system mark and is below the top of the frame.

5. Once the hooks are in place on the wall, pull off the paper and hang your wall décor.

For more affordable, fabulous finds and trend ideas, visit www.Target.com.

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Nursery Trend Update: Think Outside The Crib

NAPSI)-Blues and pinks are no longer the only choices on the color palette when preparing a new baby’s room. Expectant parents are designing nurseries that create a whimsical, imaginative living space perfect for a newborn, while incorporating elements that are easily changeable and can grow with a child.

“Babies grow quickly, so choose colors, decor and furniture that will grow with them,” suggests Christiane Lemieux, founder and creative director of DwellStudio and DwellStudio for Target. “I find it is easiest to start by selecting nursery bedding and then to design the room around that choice.”

As a designer and mother of two, Lemieux has had plenty of firsthand experience with planning decor for a baby’s room. She believes the nursery is the perfect room to experiment with a variety of patterns, colors and textures.

Make a statement with patterns

Nursery bedding has evolved from frilly and formal to cozy and chic; try patterns to help add charm and character to a room. Taking a cue directly from the runways, girls’ nurseries are all about modern florals this season. For boys, setting a scene is a great way to anchor the room. Try something unexpected, such as the DwellStudio for Target traffic crib bedding set, and use accessories to play on that theme. Robust, graphic imagery throughout the room is a wonderful way to tell a story and bring the nursery to life.

Add a splash of color

Use colors on walls and with accessories to accent a distinctive design. Pure, clean hues such as rosy pinks and soft yellows are the colors of the moment for girls, accented by great neutrals or bright color pops. For boys, try a soothing mix of blues and grays. Lemieux recommends adding a plush rug to pull in color and to add a cozy soft touch to the nursery.

Furniture that lasts

When buying furniture, select options that grow as your baby does and provide you with more than one use. Great options include a crib that transforms into a toddler bed and a changing table that easily turns into a dresser. Investing in pieces that serve multiple purposes over the years will save you money in the long run.

“I strive to create quality nursery items at prices that are perfect for a new parent’s pocketbook,” says Lemieux. “There are so many great options today when it comes to decorating a functional yet trendy nursery, but it also needs to be affordable.”

To check out Lemieux’s collection for Target and more great products for the nursery, visit www.Target.com..

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Shades Of Green

(NAPSI)-Saving energy is in style these days and there are fashionable ways to go green at home while still saving some green for yourself. Here are hints on how:

• In the bath: Soft on the environment and to the touch, new, stylish hybrid linens that are a mix of organic cotton and other natural ingredients create silky, luxurious additions to any home.

• In the kitchen: Bring green luxury into your daily coffee regimen with the Presso, an ecofriendly and recyclable espresso maker by designer Patrick Hunt. It requires almost zero energy to produce premium-quality espresso.

• At the window: NewStyle® hybrid shutters, which are from Hunter Douglas, are not only stylish and reasonably priced but highly energy efficient, with the ability to resist cold air in the winter and solar heat in the summer.

The UltraGrain™ finish makes them the only hybrid shutters to offer the attractive color and grain pattern of real stained wood.

Plus, the shutters are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Certified® and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

For more information, visit www.hunterdouglas.com or call 800-274-2985.

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Decorating With A View To Window Area Safety

(NAPSI)-When designing your child’s room, safety is always a consideration. Remember to pay attention to how you decorate window areas.

Safer Windows

The Window Covering Safety Council recommends using cordless window treatments in all homes where children are present.

Because cords pose a potential strangulation hazard to small children and pets, cordless treatments like shutters, motorized roller shades, and cordless cellular shades are recommended for homes where small children are present because they increase safety by eliminating cords.

The experts at independently owned and operated Budget Blinds franchises can explain all the features of each window covering and make recommendations to you so that you can make an informed decision about your window coverings purchase.

Furniture Placement

While nothing replaces the watchful eye of a loving parent or caregiver, there are precautions that can be taken to reduce the risk of injury around window areas. In addition to choosing cordless window treatments for their child’s room, parents should also be mindful of where furniture is placed within the room.

Moving furniture, such as cribs, changing tables, toy chests and chairs, away from the window area prevents access to window coverings. Additionally, it minimizes the risk of accidentally falling from the window should the child crawl off the furniture from the wrong side. Lastly, in the event that the glass breaks, positioning furniture away from the window reduces the risk of injury from broken glass.

Additional Safety Tips

If you are in a living situation where you cannot install cordless window treatments, be sure to secure dangling operation cords out of reach with cord cleats, which are readily available and inexpensive to purchase.

If your window treatment has a continuous cord loop, make certain that the cord is properly held in a cord tensioner that is fastened securely to the wall. Some cord tensioners, like those found on Budget Blinds’ Signature Series products, will not permit the window treatment to be operated if the cord tensioner is not fastened to the wall.

These tips, along with placing furniture away from window areas to prevent access, will make your home a safer place for little ones.

For More Information

For more information and window treatment safety tips, visit www.budgetblinds.com/safety or call (800) 519-6298.

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Update Your Home With Decorative Doorglass

(NAPSI)-Freshening up your home's appearance has never been easier. In fact, a chance to improve your home's curb appeal, energy efficiency, comfort and good looks can be right at your front door.

A clever way to give your home a "makeover" is to install a door with decorative doorglass, which can give the house a new "personality," increase privacy and pull together an architectural style. ODL, the design leader in decorative doorglass focuses on helping you improve the curb appeal of your home by offering decorative doorglass that you can easily switch out with some professional help or by yourself if you're handy. Styles range from craftsman and classic to contemporary.

The Choice is Yours

Doorglass from ODL, the market leader in doorglass designs, offers a wide selection of choices, including about 50 decorative doorglass designs, in addition to a custom design program that allows the homeowner to design their own doorglass. They have more fresh designs in a wide range of price points to meet homeowner preferences, and their dedicated design team focuses on researching interior and exterior home design trends to create decorative doorglass to fit the needs of any home's decor.

ODL's clear doorglass is constructed of two panels of tempered safety glass that are sealed and insulated for airtight, watertight performance. The decorative doorglass with trim has a third inner panel sealed between two outer panels. So, if you're planning a green renovation, you don't have to compromise beauty or natural light. ODL doorglass can be used in doors to meet ENERGY STAR® and Green Building criteria.

Decorative doorglass allows homeowners to put their stamp on their home's entryway. A few things to consider include:

Caming—The metal banding that joins panels of glass together in a design. It's a small detail with a big effect on the overall look of your entry.

• Opacity—How much privacy does each decorative glass design afford? Transparent glass lets a clear view through the glass into the home. Obscure glass allows only a view of shadows and color with no distinguishable shapes. Most homeowners prefer that their entry door has some degree of obscurity.

• Configuration—Would you like a grand entryway complete with a transom and sidelites on each side of the door? Or, is an elegant, understated door more your style?

• Painting and Finishing—Door frames can be left unpainted, painted or stained to match your home's decor.

Learn More

You can get more information and see a variety of doorglass designs online at www.odl.com.

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Accommodating The Crafting Craze

(NAPSI)-Difficult times can call for crafty measures. Providing an affordable escape, crafting has evolved into a fashion-forward pastime for all ages. In fact, a recent survey by the Craft & Hobby Association revealed that 56 percent of U.S. households have worked on at least one craft project during the past year; a rate that's remained consistent for the past three years.

What kinds of craft projects have captured the hands and hearts of Americans? The same survey reveals that scrapbooking, home decor projects and woodworking top the list. Other popular hobbies include quilting, jewelry making, knitting, art and drawing. As more and more Americans discover the art of the handmade and the satisfaction it can bring, some are even turning their artisanal passions into profitable side businesses.

Creating Space

You can set up "shop" in your own home by designating a separate space to handle all your crafting needs. Serious enthusiasts can consider dedicating an entire room--attic, garage or an extra bedroom--to their passion. If you don't have the space, you may choose to convert an extra closet into your own "craftastic" workstation to get the creative juices flowing.

Getting Organized

Once you've selected the space, make sure it's properly equipped. Include a workstation or desk large enough to handle your craft projects and hang up a corkboard to pin design ideas and inspirations for quick comparisons. Keep yourself organized by adding shelving and adequate storage space for tools, paintbrushes or other accessories.

For example, adjustable and ventilated shelving such as ClosetMaid® ShelfTrack™ can easily be installed on the wall or in a closet to keep supplies like fabrics, paper, canvases, paint or varnishes within arm's reach. Colorful ribbons and tape can slide onto closet rods for easy access, while buttons, clasps and other small objects can be kept in clear jars of varying sizes. Display your how-to books on the shelves and place yarn in baskets or pull-out wire or fabric drawers. Finally, a pegboard can be fashioned for color-coordinated thread or small-tool storage.

Learn More

To find out how you can create your own unique storage solutions, visit www.closetmaid.com or call (800) 874-0008.

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Five Easy Ways Lighting Can Bring New Life To Your Kitchen!

(NAPSI)-Make your ordinary kitchen look extraordinary with these simple lighting changes.

1) Install dimmers on all your lights. This allows you to adjust light levels, create drama, reduce energy costs and extend bulb life.

2) Install a new island light, rail system or multiple minipendants over the counter or island. There are many spectacular design options that can really add new life to your kitchen. It’s like jewelry for the home!

3) If you have recessed lighting, updating the trims and bulbs can have a big impact on the lighting effect in your kitchen.

4) Installing linear light sources under and over your cabinets as well as under toe kicks along the floor can make the kitchen appear bigger and make your backsplash, counters and floors really pop!

5) Selecting just the right chandelier or a decorative ceiling fan with a light for the kitchen table can add the final element to a well-thought-out lighting plan for your new or old kitchen.

To learn more about how lighting can illuminate and accentuate your home, visit www.1-800Lighting.com.

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Easier Wood Finishing

NAPSI)-You can easily give your own home the same sense of style seen in home decorating magazines, with stylish furniture, bold colors and well-placed accent pieces, by adding just the right splash of color.

Start with an unfinished wood item—perhaps an interesting picture frame or an end table—and take advantage of a one-step stain and finish. It’s a fast, easy way to complete a project because it provides rich color and a beautiful finish in just one step. You simply apply it to bare wood with a soft, clean cloth, remove the excess, wiping lightly in the direction of the wood grain, and the project is complete.

Choosing a color can be simple, because Express Color by Minwax offers four classic wood tones: oak, walnut, mahogany and pecan; and four vibrant decorator shades: emerald, crimson, indigo and onyx.

In addition, the one-step stain and finish has a water-based formula, which means low odor, fast drying time and easy soap-and-water cleanup.

For more information, wood- finishing tips and project ideas, visit www.minwax.com or call (800) 523-9299.

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