More Matters: Millennials Leading The Way To Increased Vegetable Consumption
As eating habits have evolved across the generations, so have recommendations regarding what constitutes a healthy diet.
Word Count:436
Your Medicare Open Enrollment To-Do List
Things to keep in mind for Medicare's annual enrollment period.
Word Count:305
Holiday Entertaining Advice From A Celebrity Chef
Tips to consider before planning your next gathering.
Word Count:387
Try This Clever Twist On Classic Tailgate Food
Add an unexpected twist to some of your favorite grilling recipes and give your guests something to talk about at your next tailgate.
Word Count:415
Medi-Cal Coverage To Smile About
Regular checkups and cleanings save time and money and reduce the risk of more serious dental problems.
Word Count:408
After Stroke Strikes, What Comes Next?
There could be more good news for many stroke survivors.
Word Count:457
Storms And Flooding Require A Fast, Effective Mold And Odor Solution
The CDC and FEMA both advise treating flooded structures as soon as possible to help prevent mold development.
Word Count:225
Together, We Can (And Must) End Family Fire
With a few simple steps, America can save hundreds of young lives.
Word Count:562
Preparing For Motherhood: How To Protect Your Health And Your Growing Baby
The most important thing expecting moms can do for themselves and their baby is to protect their health throughout pregnancy.
Word Count:866
Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke
AFib can have symptoms such as an irregular-feeling heartbeat, shortness of breath and light-headedness or it can have no symptoms at all.
Word Count:275
Healthy Air, Healthy Home
To help keep your family "Breathing Clean," get your HVAC system cleaned.
Word Count:461
Pollinator Health 101: 'Schooling' Students Through Hands-On Learning
Many schools bring science to their own backyards—literally—by developing school gardens and pollinator plots.
Word Count:379
Get Back To Loving Your Digital Life After A Hack
The right steps can prevent a hack from happening. Visit Allstate's for tips on how to manage and protect your digital footprint.
Word Count:505
Saying 'Boo' To Cavities This Halloween: Preventive Tips And Tricks For Parents And Kids
Correcting some myths about mouths.
Word Count:598
Establishing A Competitive Edge: SMB Spending Trends That Create A Competitive Advantage
To maintain a competitive edge, SMBs must prioritize investments in software technology.
Word Count:789
Four Ideas For Health Care Planning In Retirement
Generate cash to pay your health care expenses.
Word Count:481
Innovative Technology Improves Patient Experience For Women Undergoing Breast Cancer Treatment
Breast-conserving surgery can now be easier and faster.
Word Count:507
You May Be Able To Help Save A Child's Life
You can help save children hoping for lifesaving blood stem cell transplants.
Word Count:418
Be Savvy About Succulents
Easy to care for, long lasting and more popular than ever, succulents are the plants that people are buying for themselves and giving as gifts to bring the beauty of nature inside.
Word Count:474
Organ Transplantation: 7 Surprising And Inspiring Things You Should Know
For people on the transplant waiting list, returning to health is a real and remarkable possibility.
Word Count:447
How To Combat Four Pet Peeves Around The House
If your family is like most, there are a few things about your home lighting and connectivity that really annoy you but ingenious solutions are available.
Word Count:448
Top Tips For Buying Safe Toys
When it's time to find the right toys and games for the kids on your shopping list, keep these safety tips in mind.
Word Count:307
Celebrate Popcorn: October Is National Popcorn Poppin' Month
Popcorn always fits the mood or occasion.
Word Count:364
A Lasting Tribute To American Soldiers
Over 30 million men and women have served in the U.S. Army. If someone you care about is among them, you can now forever honor their service.
Word Count:358
Managing Heart Failure
Heart failure can be treated and managed.
Word Count:341
Time Is Money When It Comes To Car Maintenance
Finding the time to perform simple preventative vehicle maintenance is money in the bank.
Word Count:365
Life Is Loud-But You Can Still Enjoy A Quiet Home
Protect yourself and your family.
Word Count:323
Invasive Pests Go Postal: How To Keep Them Out Of The Mail
Invasive pests can easily hide in fruits and vegetables and on plants, then quickly spread to new areas when sent through the mail.
Word Count:408
Helping Minnesota's Farms, Food And Future
Minnesota could soon be well on its way to becoming a leading state in agriculture and a greater competitor in the global food economy.
Word Count:611
Recovering From Stroke
Rehabilitation is paramount to helping people build their strength, capabilities and confidence.
Word Count:290
Four Tips For Protecting Your Family's Financial Future
You can increase your peace of mind as you plan for retirement.
Word Count:582
Learning Golf Can Be Good For Your Career
Many women, looking to advance in their careers, have found the grass is always greener—on the golf course.
Word Count:413
Get Smart About 'Smart' Home Cooling This Summer
Be cool and comfortable at home.
Word Count:660