Help Your Kid Say No To Underage Drinking
Prepare your child with the knowledge, skills and confidence to say no to alcohol.
Word Count:839
Warm Up To A New Way To Decrease Circumference And Diminish Fat Cells
The road to health and beauty is expected to take some innovative turns.
Word Count:192
Prevent Isolation As You Age!
Isolation is bad for your health but you don't have to put up with it.
Word Count:248
Get Connected With Next-Gen Hearing Aids
You may have heard about wireless hearing aids but aren't sure what they can do for you or someone you love who'd like to hear better.
Word Count:559
Breathe Easier Two Ways
Americans lost more than $4 billion to fraud and scams during the last five years-but you don't have to be one of them.
Word Count:215
A One-Stop App For Women's Health
A new app with artificial intelligence helps women plan their families.
Word Count:299
Worried About Outliving Your Retirement Nest Egg?
An annuity can help you make sure you have the money you'll need when it's time to retire.
Word Count:490
De-stress Your Move
Five steps to make moving easier.
Word Count:228
Surviving Suicide: Recovery Steps And Resources For Survivors
Many suicide survivors say they're glad they held on and worked for a better life.
Word Count:1067
Easy Way To Better BBQs: Add Hard Cider
Give backyard barbecues, campfire kickbacks and game day tailgates a flavorful boost with hard cider.
Word Count:411
Environmental Considerations Driving Major Evolution In Agriculture
Today's farmers use advanced tools and technologies that focus on the basics of plant science: how to make plants more efficient at taking up the essential nutrients they need.
Word Count:628
Make The Cool Choice For Room AC Savings
Four ways you save.
Word Count:313
Pollinators: More Than Just Bees
"Bee" a big help to pollinators.
Word Count:400
Breaking Down The School Staffing Surge
Recent research reveals public school employment growth dramatically outpaces student enrollment growth.
Word Count:391
Making Informed Choices About Student Debt
There are many ways to pay for college.
Word Count:302
Let Today's Technology Save You From 'Renophobia'
If you're thinking about buying a new home, don't let "renophobia"—the fear of having to do renovations—hold you back.
Word Count:492
Easy, Tasty Weeknight Pasta
Fast and easy shrimp and pasta dish should be a big favorite.
Word Count:260
Try California Avocados On The Grill At Your Next Barbecue!
Grill or smoke California avocados!
Word Count:644
Tips For A Hassle-Free Summer Road Trip
Top tips to help you on your next road trip.
Word Count:588
New Teachers' Helper
Schools can beat the odds in supporting the success of low-income students.
Word Count:230
Amazon Introduces A Discounted Monthly Prime Offer For Customers Receiving Government Assistance
Amazon Prime members save money and time through access to low prices, premium videos and music as well as convenient delivery options.
Word Count:404
Don't Let Kids Drown: Teach Them To Swim
Cooling off in the water can be a refreshing idea—if you know how to avoid the dangers.
Word Count:561
Make No Mistake—Play Is Crucial, Experts Say
Tips on helping kids learn and develop through play.
Word Count:430
220 Cities, 140 Million Americans To Lose Amtrak Service; Federal Budget Will Kill U.S. Train Network
Millions of Americans may lose rail service if Congress doesn't act to save it.
Word Count:396
Technology Can Give You The Upper Hand On Your Next Home Purchase
Technology has revolutionized the homebuying process in some surprising ways.
Word Count:404
Check Your Dollars: You Could Have A $1 Bill Worth $10,000
Your hardworking dollars could be working even harder for you.
Word Count:507
Don't Let Cost Be The Reason You Go Blind
Some diseases can rob your sight with no sign.
Word Count:513
Making Connections: Exploring The Themes Of 'Splash And Bubbles' With Preschool Children
An entertaining cartoon set in the sea teaches kids important lessons.
Word Count:693
Five Steps To Plan For Dealing With Diminished Capacity And Illness
Hope for the best but plan for the worst.
Word Count:621
How Some Of The Toughest Guys On The Planet Can Get Help
Being a caregiver can be tough—but you don't have to do it alone.
Word Count:518
Bringing Doctor House Calls To Nation's Capital
There's good news about better health care at less cost in Washington, D.C.
Word Count:493
Protecting Mental Health In The Wake Of Natural Disasters
Healthy ways to cope when disaster strikes.
Word Count:596
A Look At The Vibrancy Of The Human Spirit
As a special tribute to the people involved in a 75-year-old atrocity, modern American veterans and others participate in the annual Bataan Memorial Death March challenge.
Word Count:522
Eight Tips For Hiring A Quality Contractor For Your Next Digging Project
Selecting the right professional.
Word Count:554