Smart Factories With A Human Feel
Future smart factories may look like something out of a science-fiction movie, but they'll also contain a familiar element: people
Word Count:510
Challenged Friendships, Past Secrets And Lies, Touching Animal Tale, Lakeside Tranquility In Four Great Reads
Ideas for your next read.
Word Count:441
Get Your Kids Checked For Asthma And Allergies
Doctors now have better equipment than ever to help them diagnose asthma.
Word Count:548
Make Back-To-School A Breeze With These Essentials
Stock up on the essentials for a successful school year.
Word Count:501
Mushrooms Are Ready For Their Closeup
Often called a superfood, mushrooms are a source of powerful nutrients, low in calories and sodium, and they're free of fat, cholesterol and gluten.
Word Count:408
Diabetes Makes Disaster Planning Even More Important
Nine steps to be ready for natural disasters.
Word Count:608
Intriguing Reading: Inside the CIA; Fear And A Knock On The Door; Homicide In Hawaii; And Fighting Inner Demons From An Abusive Past
Four great reads.
Word Count:479
Hints To Help You Be Engine Smart, Earth Kind
Knowing where to look can help you save money at the fuel pump.
Word Count:391
Ticket To Work Helps People Regain Independence
Millions of Americans who get Social Security disability benefits want to work.
Word Count:428
How To Scratch Head Lice Off Your List Of Worries
Defend your family against super lice.
Word Count:530
Historical Fiction, Real-Life Thriller And Lovable Characters To Round Out Your Reading List
Four great reads: "The Ticket," "Better Dead Than Divorced," "Twine a Novel" and "Pursuits Unknown".
Word Count:475
How to Dress For A Do-It-All Fall
What to wear this year.
Word Count:605
More Privacy Choices Are Just A Click Away
Protect your privacy online and gain both information and control.
Word Count:613
Put Your Home To Work This Winter
Homeowners can realize financial benefits renting out a residence or vacation home.
Word Count:495
Intrigue, Secrets And A Touching Animal Tale In Four Great Reads
Great ideas for your next read
Word Count:460
There's Plenty To Watch On TV Without Having To Pay For Streaming, Cable Or Satellite
When it comes to home entertainment, one of the latest innovations in TV viewing is really one of the oldest: the antenna.
Word Count:498
Summertime Living is Easy with Plant-Based Butter-ed Foods
A plant-based swap for summertime treats
Word Count:470
'Fur-get' About Stress When Moving With Pets
Things to consider to keep your four-legged family members happy and healthy during a move.
Word Count:518
Healthful School Lunches: What Parents Need To Know
The healthfulness of school lunches is one of the top three parental concerns.
Word Count:660
Smart Ways To Save For Your Future
It can pay to expend some time and effort on taking care of your finances. Here are tools to help you save.
Word Count:373
'A Mirror And A Prayer': Beauty Icon's Unfiltered Reflections On A Rocky And Wild Ride
Readers looking for a thrill—or inspiration—may enjoy "A Mirror And A Prayer" by Gina Rivera.
Word Count:473
New Way To Save All Shelter Pets
An innovative Web-based platform could help save thousands of shelter pets.
Word Count:293
Skip The Gym: Exercise At Home For Better Results
If you prefer working out in the comfort of your own home, you're not alone.
Word Count:386
Four Intriguing Tales Of Lies, Crimes And Secrets
Four thrilling new books to try.
Word Count:488
How To Never Miss A Day Of Your Medication
From pill reminders to tools for conveniently managing your condition, the answer to improved health could be in the palm of your hand.
Word Count:439
Pointers On Moving To A New Home By Rental Truck
Moving yourself to a new home by renting a truck can be easier than you may realize if you heed a few hints.
Word Count:312
Grilled California Sweetpotatoes
An easy, healthy side dish with huge wow factor, grilled sweetpotatoes are nutrient rich, high in fiber and absolutely delicious.
Word Count:223
Free Glossary And Compensation Guide
A free booklet can help victims of asbestos diseases get the compensation they deserve.
Word Count:213
How To Identify Flood-Damaged Vehicles
Getting a flood-damaged vehicle can put a real damper on the whole used car buying experience. But there are ways to tell.
Word Count:538
Avoiding Common Driving Dangers
The safest accident is the one that never happens, so automotive technology offers some innovative ways to reduce your risk.
Word Count:565
Fastest Way To Shop For A Home? Snap It!
House-hunting can be a lot less stressful and complicated than many people realize.
Word Count:249
Did You Know?
BE FAST, advise the experts at Intermountain Healthcare, when you suspect a stroke. Recognizing the signs and calling 911 can help a loved one get the medical attention he or she needs.
Word Count:367
Did You Know?
To make eye health care easier, doctors now have two new devices from Welch Allyn: the RetinaVue 100 Imager and the Spot Vision Screener, both available to doctors from Henry Schein Medical.
Word Count:371
Did You Know?
Make a difference—choose ENERGY STAR certified appliances, electronics, lighting, smart thermostats and air conditioners, independently certified to save energy and reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases associated with climate change. Learn more at
Word Count:410
Did You Know?
Pressure ulcers are both costly and deadly but new technology such as the Leaf Patient Monitoring System can dramatically curb the pressure ulcer pandemic, says Dr. Margaret Doucette.
Word Count:256
Did You Know?
Here's news to help people with chronic respiratory diseases such as COPD breathe easier: Pulmonary rehabilitation is a proven treatment that improves quality of life, reports the American Thoracic Society.
Word Count:387
Did You Know?
If you have high blood pressure, consult your doctor or pharmacist about the safety of over-the-counter medicines. Some pain relievers and cold and flu medications may raise blood pressure. Always read medication labels and discuss alternative pain, fever or cold medicine with your doctor.
Word Count:362
Did You Know?
New cholesterol guidelines from the American Heart Association emphasize a personalized approach to preventing and treating high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.
Word Count:310
Did You Know?
To reduce indoor pollution, get your HVAC air ducts cleaned by a NADCA professional.
Word Count:316