Five Tips For Prescription Medication Success
Finding Help With Expensive Medications
Get Help Taking Your Medicine
Can An Aspirin A Day Keep The Doctor Away?
Taking Control Of Prescription Costs
Medicare Beneficiaries Can Save On Prescription Drugs
Advice On Aging Well
The Remedy To Pill Confusion
Are You Getting The Right Prescription At The Pharmacy Counter?
Rx IQ: Do You Know How To Save At The Pharmacy Counter?
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New Medicines In Development To Treat Skin Disease
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Ten Million Times A Day
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Rover Offers Owners A Healthy "Leash" On Life
Ingrid Vandebosch, Wife of NASCAR Champion Jeff Gordon, Models Perfect Stance Against Pertussis Following Son's Birth
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Hundreds Of New Ways To Fight Infection
Knee OA Does Not Have To Limit Your Life
Getting High Blood Pressure Under Control
The Lowdown On High Cholesterol
Is Your Heartbeat Normal? What You Need To Know About A Complex Heart Disease
Leading Better, Healthier Lives For Less
How To Get Health Care If You're Uninsured
When "Getting Back To Work" Means Getting Your Back To Work
Active Aging In The Face Of Osteoarthritis
Hispanics Largely Unaware Of Their High Blood Pressure, Despite Risk Factors
How To Buy Safe, Affordable Medication
The Economy-Could Some Low Back Pain Be A Sign Of The Times?
Treating Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Without Surgery
Get Help Getting Your Prescription Medications
FDA Approves Juv‚dermr XC, The Latest Advancement In Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers From Allergan, Inc., For A More Comfortable Injection Experience
Not Everything Your Child Needs For School Is In His Or Her Backpack
Vaccines For HIV And AIDS On The Horizon
Newest Migraine Product Can Offer Relief That Starts Within 10 Minutes--Without A Pill Or Needle
Hope For Those With Osteoarthritis Knee Pain
Alzheimer's Disease--A Growing Concern For The Hispanic Community
New Vaccine Against Meningococcal Disease Now Available For Preteens, Teens And Others
Innovative Medicines: Saving Lives
Lowering Your Costs For Prescription Drugs
Promising New Medicines In The Pharmaceutical Pipeline
New Drug Provides One-Two Punch Against High Blood Pressure
Smart Ways To Manage Medications
Health Flash: Important Type 2 Diabetes News
Ten Tips To Help Women Take Care Of Their Health And The Health Of Their Families
At High Risk For Heart Attack Or Stroke But Having Trouble With Your Medication?
New Treatment Helps Woman Fight Husband's Metastatic Kidney Cancer
Longer, Better Lives For More Americans
Healthy Eating During The Holiday Season
Chronically Ill May Breathe Easier
Understanding Osteoarthritis
Save Money On Medicine
Study Confirms An Optimal Breast Cancer Treatment Approach Vs. Tamoxifen After Surgery In Hormone Receptor-Positive Postmenopausal Early Breast Cancer
Targeted Medicines Provide Important Treatment For Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Patients
New Option In Heart Attack Treatment
Back To School With Asthma: What Parents Should Know
New FDA-Approved Treatment Provides More Options For Patients With Most Common Type Of Kidney Cancer
Long-Term Study Finds Combination Therapy Helps Patients With Alzheimer's Disease
Widespread Infection Strikes People In Every Walk Of Life
Helping Patients And Places Recover From Disaster
Get Kids Up-To-Date On Vaccines Before They Go Back To School
Taking Steps Toward Epilepsy Independence
Know Your Knees' Needs
Words To Live By For Your Health
The Power Of Love: Maintaining A Fulfilling Relationship Despite The Challenges Of Alzheimer's Disease
Heart Health Check-Up: New Tool For People With High Blood Pressure
Millions Of Americans Have Very High Triglycerides. Do You?
FDA Approves New Use Of Drug To Help Thousands of Children
A Couple's Journey With Breast Cancer: Tips For Co-Survival
Increasing The Options For Those With Advanced Kidney Cancer
New Medicines Offer Hope To African-Americans
In Your Face About Skin Health
New Study Aimed At Slowing The Progression Of Alzheimer's Disease
Patient With Potentially Life-Threatening Blood Clotting Disorder Shares Her Story
Treating Chemotherapy Complications
A Doctor--Miles Away--Will See You Now
Understanding Osteoarthritis
Medication And More For Those In Need
Understanding Your Health Care Plan
Young Woman Finally Diagnosed And Treated After Years Of Suffering From Rare Blood Disorder
Treatment Option In Metastatic Breast Cancer
Take Steps To Maintain Control Of Your Ulcerative Colitis
Four Essential Tips To Safeguard Your Health
Simple Steps Can Make A Big Difference In Managing Nasal Allergies
Tips On Avoiding Injury During Exercise
New Treatments May Further Reduce Fatality Rates
Men Can Now Benefit From A Once-Yearly Osteoporosis Medication
Cold Weather Advice For Healthy Skin
Solutions For Chronic Diseases
Be Sun Smart All Year Round
Top 10 Books For A Good Cry
Nonathletes Get Sports Injuries, Too
Face-To-Face With The No. 1 Cancer Killer
A Critical Part Of Everyone's Health Care
Long Jump Record Holder Takes Steps To Improve His Health
New Medicines To Treat Hundreds Of Diseases
Service Offers Personalized Drug-Safety Information
Significant Barriers Prevent People With MS From Fully Committing To Treatment
Living With Crohn's Disease And Having Relationships Can Be Compatible
Working With Your Physician To Identify And Manage The Symptoms Of Parkinson's Disease
Choosing Between Generic And Brand Name Drugs
When Two Are Better Than One: Helping African Americans With High Blood Pressure Manage Their Condition
Orphan Drugs Give Patients With Rare Illnesses New Hope
Finding Relief For A Chronic, Painful Condition
Treating A Common Side Effect Of Cancer Therapy
A Dream Back On Track
A New Treatment For A Common Side Effect Of Opioid Pain Management
Simple Tips To Recessionproof Your Health
Health Education Campaign Raises Awareness Of Cervical Dystonia
Eighth-Grader Turns Life-Long Genetic Condition Into Science Project
Preparing Your Skin For Facing Your Wedding Day
Career Success With A Chronic Illness
Help Manage GERD Symptoms By Taking Simple Steps
Avoiding Medication Errors
A Prescription For Reducing High Drug Costs
Cosmetic Technology: Replacing Traditional Procedures
Improving Access To Prescription Drugs
New Data Show It May Never Be Too Late For Women To Protect Themselves From Breast Cancer Recurrence
New Hypertension Treatment "Takes The Pressure Off"
Top Multiple Sclerosis Myths Debunked
Pharmacies Customizing Prescriptions
Sick People Fail To Take Medicines That Will Help Them
TV's Tracy Gallagher On Traveling Healthy
Don't Let a Chronic Disease Disrupt Your Life
Helping Take The Pain Out Of Travel
Atherosclerosis Is Prevalent, But Treatable
Managing Your Child's ADHD Throughout The Year
Strategies For Improving Your Health Literacy
Staying Active--Longer Than Ever
Travel Doesn't Have To Be A Pain
Ask the Doctor: Osteoporosis
Prescription For A Healthy Nest Egg: Hidden Ways To Save Money On Your Medication Costs
New Asthma Guidelines Encourage Physicians To Closely Monitor Asthma Control
Feel Good Fun
Beyond Breast Cancer: The Fight Against Recurrence
Ask The Doctor About Osteoarthritis Pain
Face To Face With The Number-One Cancer Killer
Safely Switching Medicines
Newer Therapies Can Relieve Suffering for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
Food Allergies On The Rise: What You Should Know
Living Life After Breast Cancer: Surviving And Thriving
First And Only Skin Patch For Mild To Moderate Alzheimer's Disease Is Approved In The U.S.
Parents: Be Aware Of Prescription Drug Abuse
New Survey Shows Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Often Do Not Find Relief
New and Powerful Treatment Option Now Available To Help Millions of People with High Blood Pressure
Make Sure Your Nails Are Healthy And Beautiful
Chronic Kidney Disease: More Common Than You Think
Putting Medications On Your Packing List
How To Take Medicine So It Does The Most Good
Troy Aikman Leads Effort To Raise Awareness Of Migraine Among Men
Watching Out For Counterfeit Medicine
Medication Safety Tips For Travelers
FDA Approves First Patch For Early-Stage Parkinson's Disease
Lesser-Known Arthritis Plagues Millions
Traveler Alert: Get Immunizations Before Your Trip
Catch Your Breath: Keep Stress Levels Low To Help Manage Asthma Symptoms
Vanquishing Pain
Reduce Your Prescription Bill With Generic Drugs
Survey: Chronic Pain On The Rise At Work: Up Almost 40 Percent In Past Decade
Partnership For Prescription Assistance Is Helping Those In Need
Generics Vs. Brand-Name Drugs: What Is The Difference?
Easing The Financial Burden On Kidney Patients
New Medicines To Fight HIV/AIDS
Breakthroughs Could Mean Healthy Future
New Ways To Fight Second Heart Attacks
Aid For Anxiety
When Antibiotics Stop Working
The Facts On A Common Cancer
New Hope For Sufferers Of Rare Diseases
Do Nighttime Asthma Symptoms Have You Counting Sheep?
Understanding The Stages And Symptoms Of Alzheimer's Disease
FDA Expands The Use Of Rituxan Treatment For NHL Patients
Inhaled Insulin Offers A Breakthrough In Insulin Delivery
Don't Let Frequent, Bad Headaches Keep You Out Of Work
Generic Drugs: Same Benefits As Brand Names
FDA Approves New Treatment Option For The Adjuvant Treatment Of HER2-Positive Node-Positive Breast Cancer
Playing It Safe With Online Health Care Tools
Treatment Fills Void For Some Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers
Death Rate For Male Breast Cancer Higher Than Testicular And Prostate Cancers Combined
Lessons Learned: Helping Students With ADHD
Easier Ways To Treat Parkinson's Disease
Don't Let Headache Pain Ruin Your Holidays
Dos And Don'ts Of Using Your Pharmacy Benefit
"Bad Air" Increases Health Risks For Millions Of Asthma Patients
"Super Bug" Scares--Straight Facts About Antibiotic Resistance
New Patch "Sticks It" To ADHD
When Back Pain Is More Serious
Millions Live With Painful GI Symptoms
Cost Saving And Safety Tips For Medicare Beneficiaries
Offering Assistance To Patients In Need
Sjogren's Syndrome: What Is It Really Like?
Compounded Drugs Need Closer Scrutiny
Tips For Good Foot Health
Getting A Good Night's Rest
Prevent Inhalers From Running On Empty
How To Buy Medications Safely
Preventing Outbreaks: One Woman's Story
Don't Let Staying Active Be A Pain
Medication Cuts Risk of Second Stroke
Symptoms of Sjogren's Syndrome
Combination Therapy May Provide The Greatest Benefit
Cancer Screening Made Easier
Why Do my Knees Ache?
Hockey Player Returns To Center Ice
Sjogren's Syndrome Interferes With Daily Activities
Hepatitis C: What You Should Know
New Medicine Available For Round-The-Clock Pain
Cancer Therapies Right On Target
The Heart Of The Matter On Health
More Than Just A Headache
Teen Talk With Dr. Gilda
Sopranos Star Takes Control Of Diabetes
Saving Money Through Generic Medications
New Therapy For Parkinson's Disease Patients
Making Prescription Drug Information Easier To Read
Recognizing Symptoms In Parkinson's Disease
The Answer To High Drug Prices?
A Teacher In Tune With MS
Medicines Available To Treat Rare Diseases
The Heights Of Achievement
Understanding How Pain Medicines Work
Taking The Sting Out Of Allergies
Having Trouble Staying "Regular"?
Medicines In Development: Hope For The Future
New Formulation Of Migraine Headache Treatment
Plain Talk About Insomnia Medications
Sally Field Takes On Osteoporosis
Understanding Medicare Prescription Coverage
Byron Cage Raises Awareness About Kidney Disease
Will My Breast Cancer Come Back?
New Hope For Psoriasis Sufferers
Healing Cold Sore Outbreaks
Triathlete Triumphs Over Epilepsy
Treating Alcoholism: A Chronic Disease
Be Careful What You Eat And Drink On Vacation
Your Antibiotic
Cutting Prescrpition Drug Costs
Don't Let Headaches Control Your Life
Information To Help Make Health Care Decisions
Which Came First: The Disease Or The Deficiency?
Make Sure You Know The Rules
Helping Avoid Prescription Drug Problems
Help For High Prescription Costs
New Answer To Knee Pain
Consumers Worried About Drug Safety
African Americans Less Likely To Be Treated For ADHD
How To Choose A Pain Reliever
One Woman's Struggle To Breathe Easy
Choosing A Prescription Drug Plan Can Be As Easy As 1-2-3
Personalized Nurse Program Helps MS Patients
Help For An Often Uncomfortable Condition
An Alternative To Vioxx?
Making Decisions To Manage MS
Living With Psoriatic Arthritis
First Omega-3 Fatty-Acid Prescription Drug
Easing Cancer Treatments
Two Often Under-Recognized Pain Conditions
High Cholesterol Does Not Discriminate
The "Do's" And "Don'ts" Of Your Daily Drugs
High Blood Pressure Treatment Helps Heart Attack Survivors
Hormonal Therapy For Early Breast Cancer
Cholesterol And Heart Health
Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Also Battle Depression
Drugs From Canada? Not Necessarily
New Treatment Approved For Black Heart Failure Patients
Hundreds Of New Medicines In Development
Singer/Songwriter Goes "Beyond The Music" With Her Battle With Depression
The Importance Of Sticking To Treatment
Alonzo Mourning On Chronic Kidney Disease
NHRA Drag Racer Leaves MS In The Dust
Women Unaware Of Sjogren's Syndrome
Parents And Children: The Genetic Link For ADHD
Relieving News For Anxiety Sufferers
Answers To Important Health Questions
New Hope For Patients With Ankylosing Spondylitis
Good News For People With Osteoarthritis Of The Knee
New Way To Deliver Familiar Pain Reliever
Answers To Drug Safety Questions
What You Need To Know About Cholesterol-Lowering Medications
Cards Support Kidney Disease Patients
Millions Unprepared For Retirement Health Care Costs
Leg Pain May Warning Of A Future Heart Attack
Stroke Impact
Healthy Water Tips
Vitamin D: The Often Missing Link In Bone Health
Top Medication Mistakes Revealed
Ingredients For Nourishing Mind And Body
Heartfelt Advice For Women
Empowering Cancer Patients
Rx For Affordable Health Care: Generic Medicines
Stopping Tossing And Turning
Way To Understand Cardiovascular Risk Reduction
A Prescription For Health
Save With Generics
Inflammation In RA
"Words Of Strength" To Kidney Disease Patients
Drug May Help Parkinson's Disease Patients
Hope For Lung Cancer Patients
Generic Drugs Make A Name For Themselves
Managing Pain Safely And Effectively: Know Your Options
Help Prevent Heart Attack
Important Health Information
First-Ever Anemia Self-Screening Kit
Stroke Survivors Report Concern About Returning To Daily Activities
For Women, Strokes Are A Much Greater Concern
Benefit From Prescription Medicine Ads
Helping Cancer Patients Connect
Keeping Cholesterol Under Control
Talk To Your Parent About Alzheimer's Disease
Nail Down The Right Treatment
Help For A Very Treatable Condition
Help For African Americans With High Cholesterol
Cutting Prescription Drug Costs
Simplier Way To Treat Parkinson's Disease
Treat Eczema Now
"State-Of-The-Art Treatment" For Stubborn High Cholesterol
Cutting Prescription Drug Costs
Choosing The Best Prescription Drug Coverage
Saving With Generic Drugs
Rare Platelet Disorder Doesn't Stop NASA Scientist
Diabetes And Foot Care
Getting Around GERD
Counterfeit Medicines
Vacation Fun Awaits
Keep Yourself Safe From Skin Cancer
Prescription Safety
Antibiotic Treatment For Sinus Infections
Health Experts Concerned
Tennis Champion Monica Seles
One Mom's Battle With Crohn's Disease
Relieve Migraine Pain
Healthy Blood Pressure
Prescription Medicine Ads
Osteoarthritis Of The Knee
Alzheimer's Disease
Your Nails May Be Home To An Infection
Driving Performance Of Teens With ADHD
Stroke Among African Americans And Hispanics
New Hope For People With Schizophrenia
Severe Flu Season
Hope For Alzheimer's Disease Patients
Is Taking Your Medication A Hassle?
Help For Parkinson's Disease
Managing Injury And Pain
Burning Questions About Digestive Health
When Losing Weight Is Bad
Alzheimer's Disease Caregivers
Getting Just What Your Doctor Ordered
Overactive Bladder Sufferers
Winning The Battle To Keep Heart Vessels Open
Travel Troubles
Rare Immune Disorder Doesn't Stop "Globe Trotter"
A Remarkable Citizen
Preventing Second Strokes
Travel Health Update
Stride With Less Knee Pain
Risks And Symptoms Of Lung Cancer
The Trauma And Treatment Of HPV
Asthma: A Growing Health Problem In Young Children
Buying Prescriptions Online
Heart Lesson
Card For Breast Cancer Patients
Don't Let Allergies Sideline Your Kids
Patient Communication
Learning From Each Moment
Delay Nursing Home Placement For Alzheimer's Patients
The Doctor Knows Best
Hot News For Heartburn Sufferers
Help For Hip Fracture Patients
What You Don't Know About Schizophrenia
ADHD Treatments Last Longer
Drug Discount Cards Help Save On Commonly Prescribed Medications
New Treatment For Rheumatoid Arthritis
Good News For Bronchitis Sufferers
Helping Kidney Patients
Chemotherapy Patients Get Boost
Beauty Helps Americans Breathe Easier
Preventing Severe Allergic Reactions
The Compromises Overactive Bladder Sufferers Endure
Rebound From Anemia
Treating Anemia May Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease
Lifeguards For Your Heart
Avoid Taking A HIT In The Hospital
Free Advice About Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Reduce Risk of a Future Stroke or Heart Attack
Taking The Heat, Coolly
Social Anxiety Disorder
Golfers Spread The Word About Arthritis Treatment
Dealing With Depression
Tips To Help Improve Your Memory
"Laverne & Shirley" Star Plays New Role
Foundation To Raise Funds For A Cure
Preventable Pain
Better Bone Health
Chronic Pelvic Pain Sufferers Search For Answers
Soothing Eczema Therapy
Protecting Your Investment: Easier Than You Think
Who's Checking Your Prescriptions?
New Insight Into Understanding Multiple Myeloma
Online Access To Medicines For Those In Need
Program Make Prescription Drugs Available Free
Technology: A Prescription For Today's Pharmacy Ills
Taking Medications Safely
Antibiotics And Birth Control
Soothing Pain Through Doctor-Patient Discussions
Therapy For The Intitial Treatment Of Patients With Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
First New Class Of ADHD Medication In Decades
Saving Money With Generics Is The "Name" Of This Game
Millions May Suffer From Treatable Digestive Disorder, But Not Know It
New Treatment For Hepatitis C
Alzheimer's Caregivers Compromise Jobs To Cope With Disease
Cutting Prescription Drug Costs
Web Site Will Educate Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients
Americans Still Believe Myths About Alzheimer's Disease
Weight-Loss Medication Significantly Prevents Or Delays Type 2 Diabetes
Understand Your Risk For Urinary Tract Infections
Increasing Patient Safety, Reducing Medication Errors
Trimming Your Prescription Price Tag
Messages Of Hope And Support To Cancer Patients Nationwide
A New Weapon In The Fight Against Crohn's Disease
What's Your Cholesterol Size?
Can't Get Rid Of That Urinary Tract Infection?
New Treatment For Irritable Bowel Syndrome
One Out Of Four Holiday Shoppers Report Knee Pain
Migraine Pain Doesn't Have To Ruin Your Holiday
What "Be Prepared" Means On your Honeymoon
How To Talk With Doctors About All Your Health Concerns
Advanced Treatment May Be Your Key To Parenthood
Paying Attention To Gender Differences And ADHD
Approval For New Hypertension Treatment
Hypertension Management When You Need It Most
College Prep 101: Learning About The Risks Of UTIs
Do You Have The Right Information About Prostatitis?
Prostatitis Affects Men Of All Ages
Combating Chemotherapy-Related Anemia
Coping With Migraine
Making The Most Of Your Medication
Benefits Of Weight Loss Medication In People With Type 2 Diabetes
Pitching In For Health
Good News For Those Suffering From Joint Pain
Powerful New Treatment For Depression
Finding New Ways To Treat Alzheimer's
Stinging Season Can Mean Serious Reactions
Basketball Superstar Alonzo Mourning Helps Chronically III Patients to "Rebound from Anemia"
SPGA Golfers Chipping Away At Their Arthritis
Once-daily ADHD Therapy Gives Parents Control Over Medication
Football Hero Tackles His Toughest Opponent--Social Anxiety Disorder
Free Advice About Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Research Provides New Information For Parkinson's Patients
National COPD Awareness Campaign
New Drug Use May Improve The Outlook For Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
Crohn's Disease: Victim or Victor?
Americans Have 90 Percent Chance Of Developing High Blood Pressure
Your Nails May Be Trying To Tell You Something
Debbie Reynolds Raises Awareness Of Medical Condition Affecting Millions
Getting A Foothold On Nail Problems
Working Together To Improve Patients' Lives
Joe Namath Joins New Team To Fight Osteoarthritis
New Treatment Option Available For People With Relapsing Forms Of Multiple Sclerosis
Rob Lowe Speaks Out About One of The Most Dangerous And Unrecognized Side Effects Of Chemotherapy--Infections
NASCAR Driver Shares MS Battle
A Condition No One Talks About
Safely Cleaning Out The Gastrointestinal Tract
Effective Therapy For A Common Problem
Star Encourages People To Have A Heart-To-Heart With Their Parents
A Better Choice Than Tamoxifen For Early Breast Cancer?
National Campaign To Help Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients `Survive And Succeed'
Beating Colorectal Cancer
New Findings May One Day Shorten Lyme Disease Treatment
People With Diabetes Fear Disability More Than Death
Study Shows Advanced Age And Residence In Nursing Home Need Not Be Barriers To Treating Alzheimer's Patients
Trauma Across America
Inspiration In The Face Of Adversity
Getting Women the Cardiovascular Care They Need
Enjoying A Heartburn-Free Meal
Most Americans Are Not Concerned With Contracting Herpes, Despite Alarming Increase In Infections
Controlling Morning Sickness Symptoms Safely
Study Looks At Weight-Loss Medication And Diabetes
Prescription Drugs: Misuse Won't Care What Ails You
No Time For Sleep?
Generic Drug Watch: It "Pays" To Stay Tuned In
Protect Yourself From Malaria
Early Intervention Available For Alzheimer's Patients
News For Seniors With Arthritis And High Blood Pressure
Getting Back In The Swing Of Things
New Research Shows Zelnorm Helps IBS Sufferers
Medication Errors
Margin Of Error With Your Rx?
American College Of Radiology Urges African Americans To Join Clinical Trials
New Hope For The Millions Who Suffer From Rheumatoid Arthritis
Drug Interactions: What You Should Know
Study Shows Medication Effectively Treats Overactive Bladder
Americans Cover-Up Serious Infection
Finding Relief From Sinus Infections
Erosion Of Dental Enamel May Be Result Of Acid Reflux
Is It Stress, Or Something More?
Progress Against Multiple Sclerosis
School Nurse Takes Risk To Save Life Of Teen Suffering Anaphylactic Attack.
Leg Pain Sufferers Walk Farther Without Pain
Women Less Effective Than Men In Managing Cholesterol
Sinus Pain Awareness
Patients Can Play In Medication Error Prevention
Progress Against Parkinson's Disease
The Ruddy Cheeks of Winter May Be Rosacea