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Help For People With Problem Perspiration
NHLBI: Exploring Research Directions In Hope Of A Widely Available Cure For Sickle Cell Disease
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Breathe Easier Two Ways
Osteoporosis May Raise Risk Of Needing Long-Term Care
Arthritis: Long-Term Pain May Need Long-Term Care
Fighting The Four Sleep Disrupters
When Minor Symptoms Turn Out To Be A Major-League Disease
Get the Better of GERD
The Word Of Mouth On Dealing With Dry Mouth
Safety And Security
It's Time To Show Your Kidneys Some Love
Some Surprising Ways To Reduce Muscle Pain
Alzheimer's Disease: What You Should Know
Heartburn Meds May Mean Kidney Problems
Alzheimer's Disease: Planning For An Unknown Future
Lawmakers Agree: Naturopathic Doctors Are A Solid Choice To Combat Chronic Pain For Veterans
Nonsurgical Healing for Bones That Won't Heal
Preparing for the Cost of Alzheimer's Disease or Other Dementia
Know Pneumonia Crossword Puzzle
How You Can Manage Knee Osteoarthritis Pain
Four Ways To Keep The Flu From You And Yours
Joint Discomfort
Doctors, Patients Have New Non-Prescription Option For Recurring Indigestion
Chronic Hepatitis C Affects 3.5 Million People In The United States, Yet Half Are Unaware They Are Infected
Six Ways To Sleep Better
Getting Real About the Bathroom: Tips and Resources for Managing IBS-D
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Practical Ways To Manage The Condition
First Zika Virus Death Reported West Nile Virus—119 Recent Deaths Protect Your Home
Dealing With Multiple Sclerosis
The Zika Virus: Six Prevention Tips
Why And How To Get A Better Night's Sleep
OTC Management Of Dry Mouth
Understanding Joint Discomfort.
Brain Health Registry: Speeding Path To Alzheimer's Cure
Understanding The Hidden Danger Of High Potassium Levels
Restless Legs Syndrome: What You Should Know
Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis
Six Things That Raise Your Blood Pressure
Screening For High Blood Pressure
Five Easy Tips To Save Parents Worry And Anguish Over Head Lice
Expectant Moms, Diabetics, Dialysis Patients Among Highest-Risk For Developing Restless Legs Syndrome
How To Combat Cold And Flu
The Flu Shot Is Still Your Best Shot For Protection Against The Virus
Understanding Lung Diseases
Dry Mouth Affects Millions And Can Damage Teeth
Alzheimer's Disease: Planning For An Unknown Future
Substance Abuse: What You Need To Know Now
A New Approach To Hypertension Treatment
Chronic Conditions Tied To Increased Falls
Healthy Lung Month: Adopt New Habits To Breathe Easier
Could Your Angry Gut be Caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
Understanding The Seriousness Of The Flu
Keeping Your Joints Healthy
Don't Let The Flu Mean Missing Memorable Moments
Those With Lupus Often Underreport Symptoms
Three Tips For Safer Breathing On The Job
Avoid Threats To Urinary Tract Health
Tackle The Taboo About Sensitive Bowels For Better Well-being
"Do I Have Restless Legs Syndrome?" What RLS Patients Need To Know
Raising Awareness Of The Most Common Type Of Asthma: Allergic Asthma
The Biology Of Bone Healing
Not For Human Consumption: Spice And Bath Salts
Helping Those At Risk For HIV To Stay Healthy
New Movement In Treating Paralysis
Protect Yourself From Waterborne Illnesses This Summer
U.S. Soccer Star Christen Press Spreads The Word About The Importance Of Sun Protection
Getting Screened For Viral Hepatitis May Help To Save Your Life
Understanding Rheumatic Diseases
What Women Need To Know About Their Bones
Breakthrough Device Relieves Restless Legs Syndrome, Allowing Patients To Get The Sleep They Need
Widows Share A Wish List To Help You Be Prepared
Nine Bone-Chilling Facts About Osteoporosis
Together, We Are Stronger Than MS--Make Your Connection Count To End Multiple Sclerosis Forever
Easy Ways To Alleviate Joint Pain And Stiffness
Healthy Bones For Life
Tips To Sleep Soundly
New Clinical Trial Offers Hope To COPD Patients
U.S. Army Medicine Leads In Infectious Disease Research
Taking Steps to Reduce Very High Triglycerides
Relieving Restless Legs Syndrome: Device A Real-Life Example Of "Physician Heal Thyself"
Awake Refreshed
Mike "Coach K" Krzyzewski Reveals Survey Results Demonstrating the Surprising Impact of Joint Pain in the Lives of Those Suffering from Osteoarthritis
New Hope For Those Battling A Genetic Disease
New Survey Reveals Knee Osteoarthritis Sufferers Make Daily Accommodations To Avoid Pain, Without Fully Realizing Its Effect On Physical And Social Activities
Cold/Flu Meds Pose Risks For High Blood Pressure
Know Your Family's Risk Of A Rare Genetic Disorder And The Resources Available To Help You
Flu-Fighting Information For Older Americans
Stop The Snore: Sleep Apnea Action Urgent For Those At Risk
Palliative Care: An Extra Layer Of Support For People Living With Serious Illness
It's Flu Season--Here's How To Avoid The Bug
CPR Training For Schools
New In-Office Treatment For Sinusitis Relief
Health Awareness
Parents Can Benefit From Genetic Testing
Recognizing The Signs Of Liver-Related Dementia
Whooping Cough Cases Are On The Rise--Be Protected
Adults 65 And Older Should Understand Flu-Related Risks And Their Vaccination Options
Sickle Cell Disease: What You Need To Know
When Breathing Isn't Easy: Understanding a Fatal Lung Disease
Threat Of A New Disease Carried By Mosquitoes
Safety Tips For Those With Alzheimer's
New Survey Helps Explain Why HIV Treatment Rates Are So Low In The U.S.
The Lowdown On Lyme: Tips For Prevention And Detection
Understanding Antibiotic Resistance
You Can Help Find A New Way To Fight Huntington's Disease
Natural Ways Toward Less Morning Sickness
Caregivers Of People With Schizophrenia Need Support, Not Stigma
Meet Health Care's Secret Weapons: Pathologists
Every Connection Counts to Create a World Free of MS
Headache Help
Watch For Warning Signs Of Alzheimer's During The Holidays
Expert Answers To Vital Questions On Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Flu-Fighting Facts For Parents
Don't Let COPD Take Your Breath Away--Bridge the Exam Room Communications Gap
A New High-Tech Image For Colonoscopies
Data Provides Insight On Today's Face Of COPD
A Proactive Approach To Holidays For People With Chronic Diseases
Stop Blood Clots Before They Stop You
Tips For Staying Healthy This Flu Season
Family History And Screening Are Keys To Treating An Inherited Disease
Caring For People With Chronic Conditions: Communicating With Your Loved One's Doctor
Take A Proactive Role In Your Health When Living With Chronic Illness
The Back Pain That's Hard To Find
Asthma, Diabetes And Other Health Conditions Increase Flu Risks
MS LifeLinesr Offers Educational Resources And Award-Winning Call Center To The Multiple Sclerosis Community
Skin Care Helps Fund AIDS Research
The Value Of Knowing
Giving A Voice To The Cystic Fibrosis Adult Community
Rare Genetic Disorder Brings Families Together
Patients Rally To Raise Awareness Of Rare Disease
It Takes A Global Village To End Multiple Sclerosis
Breakthrough Research Reveals Pathway of Fibromyalgia
Tips On Managing Chronic Pain
Give A Day To Those Facing Alzheimer's
Understanding And Overcoming An Ultra-Rare Bleeding Disorder
Spring Can Be Especially Challenging For Asthma Patients
Circadian Rhythm And Blues: When Your Body Clock Can't Reset
Lifting The Weight Of Life's Pressures
Little-Known Condition Can Have Big Consequences
Understanding Your Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
New Option For Patients With Rare Intestinal Disorder
Myths About Diabetes: Needles Hurt
A New Approach To Treating Emphysema
Enjoying The Ride: The Road To Living Well With Movement Disorders
Face Up To A New Way To Fight The Flu
Spread Cheer, Not the Flu, Throughout the Winter--Put Health First this Season by Getting a Flu Shot
Recognizing The Signs And Symptoms Of Schizophrenia And Seeking Support
Help Coping With Rare Disease Diagnosis
Asthma Rates At An All-Time High In The U.S.
Putting An End To Polio
Three Ways To Help Save A Life
Actress And Mother Sarah Chalke Urges Moms To Get Their Families Vaccinated Against Influenza
Bringing Together a Community to Stop Alzheimer's
Sleep Apnea Can Cause More Than Tiredness
A Quiz May Help You Take Control of Your Asthma
Setting The Record Straight On Multiple Sclerosis
Program Steers Students Toward STEM Subjects
Don't Let Flu Sideline You: This Season, "Stay In The Game"
Actor Chris O'Donnell Educates Adults On Seriousness Of The Flu, Annual Vaccination Options
Reduce The Threat Of West Nile Virus
Hepatitis C: What You Need To Know About This Silent Killer
Raise The B.A.R. For Zs
A Better Night's Sleep Might Lie In Your Blanket
Psoriasis And The Summer: They Actually Do Get Along
Help Protect Yourself Against Pneumococcal Disease - Talk to Your Health Care Professional About Vaccination
Maximizing Results With Wellness Programs
An Old Idea May Bring New Help To Migraine Sufferers
Restless Legs Syndrome Can 'Start Up' When It's Time To Sit Down
New Treatment Option For Patients With A Rare Genetic Disorder
Understanding Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, A Challenging Lifelong Condition
Foot, Knee Or Ankle Pain? Don't Rule Out Gout
Self-Injectable Treatment Option Available For Moderate To Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis
Treating The "Skin You're In"
Cushing's Disease: Common Symptoms, Rare Disease
MS Kills Connection > < Connection Kills MS
Here Comes The Sun
If Your Skin Could Talk, What Would It Say?
Taking Steps Toward Better Health
Medicine For Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Dealing With Opioid Painkiller Dependence
Getting Serious About Psoriasis
Crohn'sAdvocate Magazine Offers Support To 500,000 Americans With Crohn's Disease
Naturally Lowering Cholesterol
"B" Smart About Lowering Cholesterol
New Icon Cuts Through The Clutter To Increase Awareness Of Thyroid Disorders
Have "Heart In The Kitchen" To Develop Plan For Lowering Cholesterol
Volunteers: A Key To Curing Alzheimer's Disease
TLC For Eczema: How Lifestyle Changes Can Soothe The Itch
Gregg Allman Turns Up The Volume On Chronic Hepatitis C With The Tune In To Hep C Campaign
Real-Life "Disease Detectives"
Medicine Improves Walking For Some People With Multiple Sclerosis
Thousands Of Americans Make A Difference Using Alzheimer's Association TrialMatch
Autism Is Treatable
Fighting Alzheimer's
"Allergic Reaction" May Actually Be Unusual Swelling Disorder
Increasing Awareness Can Lead To A Cure
Hidden Causes Of Muscle Cramps And Chronic Pain
Combating Malaria
Finding New Ways To Treat Constipation Caused By Opioid Pain Medicines
Beyond Sunscreen: Reducing Sun-related Skin Damage From The Inside Out
How To Reduce Statin Side Effects
Fertility Help For Families
Three Ways To Cope With Back-To-School Stress
Protect Your Family - Steps to Prevent Food Poisoning
Seasonal Testing Of Blood Supply Can Control West Nile Virus
Study Finds Support And Services Lacking For People With Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities
Tips On Managing Good Cholesterol
When Symptoms Don't Point To A Clear Diagnosis; Navigating The Unknown Of Cushing's Disease
Help With Headaches
Why You Should Talk To Your Healthcare Provider
Add Meningitis Vaccination To Back-To-School Checklists
Good News For The Lactose Intolerant
Treating Sciatica Pain
The Obesity Cure
Diagnosing That Pain In Your Low Back
Beliefs About Healthy Lifestyle Clash With Behavior
Making Less Of Migraines
It's Often A Long Journey For People With Lupus
Managing A Serious Medical Condition Made Easier
Doctors Urge Action Against Deadly Infections
Understanding Sleep Apnea
Keep Teens In The Game By Getting Them Vaccinated
Citrus Under Attack
Tackling Rare Diseases That Affect Millions
Helping To Solve The Puzzle Of Autism
Effectively Managing Chronic Conditions
What You Need To Know About Marfan Syndrome
Not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain.
National Survey Sheds Light On Top Concerns Of Alzheimer's Disease Caregivers
From Fast Track To Fatigue: Is Uncontrolled Thyroid Disease Impacting You?
What Does MS Mean To You?
The General Fights Back Against Fibromyalgia
Controlling Hypertension Requires A Commitment From Both Physicians And Their Patients
HIV/AIDS Awareness
Racing To Raise Awareness About Multiple Sclerosis
Health Checkup: FDA Approves New Treatment For High Blood Pressure That Combines Three Medicines In A Single Pill
Retired Nurse Survives "Silent Killer"
What You Need To Know About Psoriasis
Vaccinations Give Adults A Shot At Good Health
Understanding Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Fosters Open Dialogue in Latino Community to Enhance HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care
Fighting AIDS
New Treatments Offer Rapid Release From Pain
Research Offers Hope For Those With Alzheimer's
Overactive Bladder Is Treatable, Not An Inevitable, Embarrassing Aspect Of Aging
Diagnosis Is Key To Breathing Easier With Little-Known Lung Disorder
The Cold Truth About Cold Sores
Maintaining Your Brain Health
"Invisible Illness" Impacts More Than 5 Million Americans
Don't Let Occasional Constipation Stop Your Holiday Celebrations
Hispanic Perceptions Of Alzheimer's
Four Letters Every American Should Know: COPD
Valve Disease: Getting To The Heart Of The Matter
Surprising Facts About Helping Protect Infants And Adults From Whooping Cough
Technology Tools For Those Living With A Chronic Condition
Increased Awareness Of Rare Diseases Helps Patients With Gaucher Disease Map The Right Blueprint
New Alzheimer's Study Seeks to Find Earliest Clues to Disease Progression "ADNI GO" Looking for Healthy Volunteers with Memory Concerns
Marfan Syndrome Research Provides Hope and Optimism
Reducing Stress For Better Health--Ideas To Help Manage Stress When Living With A Chronic Condition Such As Multiple Sclerosis
Sick Too Often? It May Be PI
Shortening The Journey To Epilepsy Independence
What You Should Know About Your Blood Health
Advances Against AIDS
How To Avoid A Bout Of Gout
Meningococcal Vaccination Urged For Summer Campers
Doctors Have A New Way To Ease Post-Shingles Pain
Recognizing The Symptoms
Tips On Caring For An Alzheimer's Patient
New Treatment For Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
Treating The Pain Of Gout Flares
Flu Vaccination = Your Best Protection
Shedding Light On Epilepsy
Prevention And Treatment Of Gout
Injury Prevention At CDC: Keeping Kids And Teens Safe From Concussion
Keeping Quiet Can Keep You Out Of The Game
Tips For Hitting Healthy Milestones Year-Round
NBA Star With Asthma Tyson Chandler Teams Up With Dr. Melina Jampolis To Raise Awareness About The Importance Of Fitness In Children, Particularly Those With Asthma
Joint Replacement Surgery: What Patients Should Know
Flashbulbs And Shutters Shed Light On HIV/AIDS
Drug-Free Headache Relief
Signs And Symptoms Of Gout
Awareness Campaign Helps People Meet The Daily Challenges Of Living And Working With Multiple Sclerosis
DVT: Are You At Risk For This Silent Killer?
Tips To Safeguard Travelers' Health
Asthma Patients May Be Accepting A High Burden Of Disease
Diet, Discipline, New Drug Therapy Help Tame Rare Genetic Disorder
Thyroid Problems Can Affect Your Health
Cooking Exciting Food is Possible Despite Digestive Disease
One-Time Whooping Cough Booster Shot Recommended For Adults
How To Manage COPD Effectively
New Resource Offers Tools And Techniques To Help Parents "Talk Asthma"
Hepatitis C: A Public Health Problem
Things You Should Know About Pneumonia In Adults
Osteoporosis: What You Need To Know
Bowel Control: Something To Talk About
Stressed Out? So Is Your Digestive System
More Children May Be At Risk For Seasonal Virus Than Previously Believed
New Web Talk Show Can Help People In Pain
More Than Half Of Patients With Dupuytren's Disease Have Not Received Treatment, Survey Says
Vascular Surgeons Save Legs And Feet
Finding The Key To New Medical Breakthroughs
"Oh, My Aching Feet"
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Mesothelioma: What You Should Know
Breathing Easy, Whatever The Weather
Helping People With Headache Take Control, Get Relief
Living With A Chronic Disease--Spotlight On Hemophilia
Joint Effort: What Do Your Knees Need?
Inguinal Hernia: A Treatable Problem
Summer Fashion Trends: Addressing PsoriasisT To Fit Your Style
Avoiding Cell Phone Elbow
Understanding Multiple Sclerosis
Warm-Weather Tips For Parents With Chronic Conditions
Vascular Health Quiz
Vaccine Research Urgent In HIV Prevention
High School Senior Manages A Rare Disorder While Pursuing Her Dreams
It's Worth The Risk To Get Relief
Life In Focus: How An ADHD Diagnosis Changed One Man's World
Migraine Awareness
The Changing Face Of COPD
Tips For Caregivers Of Loved Ones With Chronic Conditions
NBA Star Tyson Chandler Dunks Myths About Asthma While Challenging the Nation's Youth At The Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Basketball Skills Challenge
Better Sleep Can Help Warm Up Relationships
Celiac Disease: More Than A Digestive Illness
Dealing With Pain And Depression
COPD: Learn More About It
Digestive Disease Makes Food Unbearable For Sufferers
It's Time To Move It To End MS
Iraq Vet's New Enemy: Chronic Pain
Untangling The Mysteries Of The Brain
Football Legend Tackles Chiropractic Care
Medicare AAA Screening Benefit Now Offered For 12 Months
Chilly Air May Take Your Breath Away
ADHD In Adults: A Real And Treatable Medical Disorder
Varicose Veins Can Be A Family Affair
When The Going Gets Tough, Could It Be Interstitial Cystitis?
Tips For College Students Managing A Chronic Disease
Ignorance Is Not Bliss When It Concerns Your Health: Knowing Your Risk For Chronic Diseases Can Help You Stay Well
The Holidays and ADHD--A Survival Guide
Finding Better Ways To Treat Neck Pain
Know The Truth About MRSA Skin Infections
Flexible Spending Accounts: Don't Lose Your Hard-Earned Money
Is It A Cold Or Something Else? How To Help Protect Your Baby From A Common, Yet Potentially Serious, Virus
Stay Active--Keep Your Legs Healthy
COPD: Four Things You Need To Know
New Options For Baby Boomers With Foot And Ankle Arthritis
A Common Cause Of "Senior Moments"
Constant Cough? Short Of Breath? It Might Be COPD
Don't Be Fooled By Psoriasis: You Can't Catch It
It's Hard To Ignore The Sounds Of A Snore
New Kit Gives Patients Peace Of Mind When Managing A Serious Disease
Straight Talk About Pain: Arm Yourself With Information To Better Communicate At The Doctor's Office
Tips To Help Women Get A Better Night's Sleep
Relationship Matters: Learning To Live With MS
"Got Back Pain?" How Back Injuries From Everyday Activities May Cause Painful Muscle Spasms
Dispelling Common Myths About Asthma
Psoriasis: What Everyone Should Know
Asthma Q And A With Jackie Joyner-Kersee And A Specialist Pharmacist
Embracing Change In Asthma Treatments
A Quick Look At Alzheimer's
Simple, Easy-To-Use Screener May Help ID Common But Unknown Lung Disease
Preventing Joint Discomfort
Dealing With Digestive Disorders
Taking Steps To Control Life With Chronic Digestive Disease
Headache Relief
Managing Multiple Sclerosis
Five Foot Problems Men Should Never Ignore
Life and Style Expert Sandra Lee Offers Recipes And Shortcuts In The Kitchen To People With Rheumatoid Arthritis
Closing The Gap To Help Americans Control Their Asthma
America, The Tired
You: At Risk For Kidney Disease? Get Tested
Technology Plays A Critical Role In The Lives Of People With Multiple Sclerosis
What Will You Do To Join The Movement?
HIV: New Challenges For Women And Older Americans
Good Hygiene Is Key
About Gout: From The Inside Out
Nebulizers Ease Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis
Protect Yourself From Blood Clots
Sleep Solutions
Why Expectant Mothers Should Get Their Necks Checked
Empowering Over Epilepsy: Alan Faneca's Story
Going The Distance: Keep Your Blood Flowing Safely During Travel
When It's More Than Just A Cough: Early Detection And Treatment Of COPD Can Improve Quality Of Life
When Is Simple Heartburn Not So Simple?
Mother Fights Back Against Fatal Lung Disease
Survey Reveals The Taboo Topic Few Want To Discuss
Gut Check
Narcolepsy: Can't Fight The Urge To Sleep?
Talking To Your Teen About Sensitive Health Issues
Talking Blood Clots With Your Doc
Educating The Public About Chronic Disease
Avoid The Heat Of Heartburn
Getting The On Crohn's Disease And Ulcerative Colitis
Tips On Managing Your Asthma
Be W-I-S-E And Decrease The Threat Of West Nile Virus
Narcolepsy: Can't Fight The Urge To Sleep?
Race Car Driver Winning Race Against Pain
High Blood Pressure: A Worldwide Epidemic
DVT: What You Should Know
Kick Heartburn Out Of Your Exercise Routine
How Effective Is Your Migraine Medication?
Show your support. Help us spread the word for DVT Awareness.
Helping Hunter Syndrome Children
Lonnie Ali Champions Fight For MORE
Web Site Features New Tools And Information To Help People Manage Migraine
The Long-Term Effects Of Living With HIV/AIDS
New Campaign Has Asthma Patients Asking--What's My IgE?
New Treatment For Life-Threatening Disorder
Actors Corbin Bernsen And Amanda Pays Reveal For The First Time That A Common, Neurological Condition Impacts Their Days And Nights
Taking A Bite Out Of Lyme
What You Need To Know About Postsurgery Blood Clots
Tasty New Way To Drink To Your Health
Going The Distance: Keep Your Blood Flowing Safely During Travel
IBS Myths Interfere With Treatment
Alzheimer's Disease And Long-Term Care: Important Things To Consider
Danger In Diaperland: Giadiasis
Know The Risk Factors For Early Detection Of Chronic Kidney Disease
Understanding Epilepsy
Understanding Muscular Dystophy
Protecting Yourself From A Common Disease
Parents Urged To Immunize Teens During Meningitis Peak Season
Take Action Against Winter Skin Woes
How To Proactively Manage Your Asthma
Join The Movement
Knowing Your Rheumatoid Arthritis
How To Tell If You Have Thyroid Troubles
America's Moms Not Getting Enough Sleep
Relieving Irritable Bowel Syndrome Discomfort
Dry Mouth Can Be Managed
Painless Treatment For A Common Condition
Potentially Dangerous Leg Pain Often Confused With Sign Of Aging
Protect Your Legs For The Important Things In Life
Help And Support For People With Rare Diseases
New Medicare Benefit
Dealing With A Diagnosis
Less Is Often Best In Treating TMJ Disorders
Americans With Disabilities Act: Are Your Rights Protected?
Imagine Stopping The Progression Of Alzheimer's
Demand For Better Medicines On The Rise
Football Superstar Tiki Barber Says "Be Sickle Smart"
Dry Mouth
Helping Young Adults Deal With A Common Condition
Caring For A Loved One With Involuntary Emotions
Experts Help Those Living With Serious Skin Disease Live Life To The Fullest
Stigma And Denial Delay Diagnosis Of Alzheimer's Disease
Hereditary Emphysema
Coach Scores Renewed Health After Diagnosis Of Emphysema
Living Positively With HIV
Let's Talk Migraine
Risk For Developing Peripheral Arterial Disease
Knee Problems
Is Your Holiday Meal Hard To Swallow?
The Original Full-Body Makeover
The Pain Of Psoriatic Arthritis
Chronic Bronchitis And Emphysema
Giving People With Rheumatoid Arthritis A Hand
Pain Foundation Shines Spotlight On Shingles
Taking Care Of Your Legs
Feel Comfortable At Work
Learn About Your Burn
Tips To Help Ease Life With A Chronic Disease
Fungus Infects Up To 70 Million Feet!
Whooping Cough Is On The Rise
Support Needed For People With Breathing Problems
Knee Replacement Surgery: A Women's Health Issue
Treatment For Blocked Arteries May Save Limbs
One Women's Seach For Relief
A Sleepless Nation 70 Million Strong
"Bird Flu": What You Need To Know
New Booklet Offers Tips On Back Pain
Chronic Illness Grows
New Remedy For Vascular Pain
Gaucher Disease: Learning The Truth
Resources For Women With Sjogren's Syndrome
Is Pain A Barrier To Your Fitness Routine?
Treating Fibromyalgia
Athletes At Greater Risk For Foot Problems
Proper-Fitting Shoes: A Step In The Right Direction
Don't Ignore Achilles Heel Pain
Digestive Disorders, Safer Alternatives
Differentiating Gut Feelings
News For Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
Quick Response To Meningitis Can Save Lives
Exercise Away Pain
The Image Of MS
Improving Stiff Joints
Vitamin D And...Kidney Disease?
Take it From Alonzo Mourning
Sean Astin Talks About Bipolar Disorder
What You Know About DVT Could Save Your Life
Information On Genetic Or Rare Diseases
Aortic Dissection: Are You At Risk?
Epilepsy And The Hispanic Community
Managing HIV Wasting
The Causes Of Chronic Headaches
Treatment Found To Shorten Herpes Outbreaks
Giving Weather-Related Aches The Cold Shoulder
The Most Common Neurological Condition You've Never Heard Of
How To Recognize And Manage Concussions
Seizure Repsonse Dogs Help People With Epilepsy
Why Are You Coughing?
Ask The Expert About Alzheimer's Disease
GERD Costs America Lost Productivity
New Hope For Help In Managing Epilepsy
Foundation Promotes Lymphoma Education
Heart Attack And Stroke--Listen To Your Ankle
Acid-Reducing Drugs Decrease Ulcer Risk
Talk To Your Health Care Provider This Flu Season
Treating Epilepsy
Schedule An Influenza Vaccination Now
How Much Sweat Is Too Much?
Loosening The Painful Grip Of Arthritis
Polycystic Kidney Disease--What You Should Know
Hollywood Lends A Helping Hand
Clinical Trials Offer Hope For Parkinson's Patients
Much More Can Be Done To Prevent Migraine Pain
Movement Disorders Affect 40 Million Americans
Waking Up To The Weighty Effects Of Snoring
Camps Inspire Children Living With Sickle Cell Disease
Like Mother Like Daughter, When It Comes To Migraine
Program For People Living With Epilepsy
Important News In Battle Against Alzheimer's Disease
Get 'Skin Smart' This Summer
Don't Put Up With Pain From Hammertoes
What You Should Know About Deep-Vein Thrombosis
Overweight? It Could Be The Cause Of Your Back Pain
Answering Three Simple Questions Could Improve Asthma Control
Country Music Star Clay Walker Managing Multiple Sclerosis
Shingles: What Every Adult Over 50 Should Know
Do Women Get Enough Sleep?
Misconceptions Keep People From Getting Help
Undertstanding IBS Reduces Stigma
Teaming Up To Fight Osteoarthritis
Arthritis Medication And Your Safety
Get Your "Mind Over Migraine"
Expert Bob Vila Wants To Educate Do-It-Yourselfers To Think About Their Health
Ask The Doctor
Is Sjogren's Syndrome Causing your Dryness?
Shingles: Can You Recognize The Virus?
Millions At Risk For Kidney Disease And Don't Know It
New Resource For People With Kidney Disease
Managing Rheumatoid Arthritis
Stopping AIDS In The African American Community
Is Migraine Prevention For Me?
Understanding Celiac Disease
Tools To Make Daily Activities Easier
Non-Drug Options For Knee Pain
Treating IBS
What You Should Know About HIT
Understanding Adult ADHD
Hidden Food Allergies
Tips To Help You Have Happier Mealtimes
Bladder Disease Affects Thousands
Another Sinus Headache This Winter?...Not So Fast!
COPD: What You Should Know
That Nagging, Persistent Cough
People With Psoriasis Worry About Getting Up Close And Personal
Symptoms May Signal A More Serious, But Treatable, Condition
Experimental Drug For Chronic Fatigue
A Link Between Autoimmune Diseases
Tackling The Persistent Pain Of Endometriosis
Study Shows Patients Do Not Receive Full Dose Of Chemotherapy
Understanding Epilepsy
Dryness As A Lifelong Disease
Early Diagnosis Helps Adult AD/HD Sufferers
AD/HD Crosses Generations
New Survey of People with Crohn's Disease
One Women's Fight With Carcinoid Syndrome
Avoid "Traveler's Thrombosis"
Disparities In Causes Of Acute Back Pain And Muscle Spasm
New Questions About Old Diseases
Prevent Meningococcal Meningitis
A Powerful Weapon Against AIDS
Life-Long Consequences Of ADHD
Millions Of Americans May Have IBS
Could Your Body's Defense Be On The Offense?
Facts About Hepatitis B
Dealing With Dryness
Limit The Impact Of Arthritis
Green Thumbs Without Sore Joints
Black America's AIDS Battle
Moms Applying Business Techniques In The Home
Eating For Good Health
Deep Vein Thrombosis
Is Your Body Burning To Tell You Something?
Recognizing The Signs Of A Rare Disorder
COPD At 45?
Kidney Disease: What Everyone Should Know
Kidney Stones: Avoiding The Pain
Things You Can Do To Stop AIDS
Is Dryness A Problem For You?
Stop Singing The Winter Blues
A Cure For Polycystic Kidney Disease
Arthritis Treatments
Incontinence: Understanding And Communicating
Chronic Heartburn May Signal Serious Disease
Every Latino's Battle
A Painful Condition
Clemens' Mother Throws Striked For COPD Awareness
Small Steps To Healthier Holidays
Early Intervention Offers Best Results
Keep Green Thumbs Without Sore Joints
Help Improve Continuity Of Care
Diminishing Mental Performance
Caring For Someone With Alzheimer's
The Fungus Among Us
Slowing Alzheimer's
Kit For Caregivers
Challenges And Opportunities In Reducing HIV
Getting A Good Night's Sleep
Asthma Relief
Fighting Infections
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e than 5 million people with chest pain are admitted to emergency departments each year. It is estimated that over half of these patients suffer from what is known as non-cardiac chest pain (NCCP). Many of these patients, up to 60 percent, will ultimately be diagnosed with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) as the cause of this NCCP.
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