Bostonians now have access to a highly personalized, on-demand mobility service.

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Car-Sharing Option For The Busy Bostonian

(NAPSI)—Sometimes, the vehicle you need isn’t the one you have. Perhaps you need to transport a large item or move across campus. Maybe you just want to head to Cape Cod for the weekend or attend a special event on Martha’s Vineyard. Regardless of the reason, having the right vehicle for the trip can go a long way toward making the journey more convenient and less stressful.

Fortunately, Bostonians now have a simple option for getting behind the wheel of the vehicle they need—a service that’s superior to public transportation, more appropriate than a rental car agency and less of a hassle than borrowing a vehicle from a friend.

For as little as $8 per hour for round-trip use—which includes the cost of insurance and fuel—you can access more than 40 different vehicles, from a Chevrolet Volt to a Cadillac Escalade, located at nine stations in the Seaport District, Back Bay and the Financial District.

Maven is General Motors’ new, affordable, on-demand car-sharing service that provides vehicles when, and for as long as, they’re needed. An exclusive smartphone app seamlessly links drivers and their vehicles. You can use the app to search for and reserve a vehicle by model or location, and unlock it with your smartphone. In most cases, you can also use the app to extend your reservation if you need more time with the car.

Maven gives customers access to a highly personalized, on-demand mobility service. Building on two decades of vehicle connectivity and service provided by OnStar, each vehicle provides an ownershiplike experience with the convenience of car sharing.

To bring your digital life into the vehicle, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, SiriusXM radio and 4G LTE wireless are all included in every vehicle. Plus, because Maven is an innovative new General Motors brand, customers can access OnStar technology for an in-car concierge service—from driving directions to reserving game tickets to finding the hot new vegan restaurant in town—all with the push of the blue button.

Drivers can download the free Maven app at the Google Play or Apple App Store. For additional information, visit On Twitter, you can tweet to @DriveMaven.

Note to Editors: This release is appropriate for publication only in Massachusetts.