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(NAPS)—There’s an advancement in aortic valve replacement called the rapid-deployment Perceval sutureless valve. To learn more, including how the valve works and its benefits, visit the Sutureless Valve Education Center at www.heartvalvesurgery.com/sutureless.

The Army Historical Foundation wants everyone who served in the U.S. Army, and the civilians and animals that support them, to register his or her story with the National Museum of the United States Army. Tell your story at www.armyhistory.org/the-registries.

If you or someone you care about has kidney problems, it may be due to taking heartburn medicine. You should see a doctor and may want to get a free case evaluation from the expert attorneys at Keller and Keller. Visit www.2keller.com/library/prilosec-prevacid-and-nexium-lawsuits-for-kidney-damage.cfm or call (800) 253-5537.

Yale University offers outstanding high school students from around the world academic enrichment and leadership development through the Yale Young Global Scholars program sessions on the Yale campus. Learn more, including how to apply, at http://globalscholars.yale.edu.

A Bankers Life financial advisor can help you weigh your options and choose the best combination of health care benefits for your physical and financial well-being. Visit www.BankersLife.com to learn about simplifying the Medicare Open Enrollment process.

SilverSneakers Fitness, the nation’s leading exercise program for older Americans, partners with more than 70 health plans to offer fitness benefits at no additional charge. Visit www.SilverSneakers.com to find out if you’re eligible, find a class, print a membership card or select a nearby location.

Ruth Veloria, executive dean of the University of Phoenix School of Business, says for many CEOs, innovation is an essential driver to help keep their organizations ahead. For more about University of Phoenix programs, visit www.phoenix.edu/programs/gainful-employment.

The amount of humidity in the air directly affects the comfort of your home. Pairing a humidifier with a Champion Premium modulating gas furnace will complement humidity control with a total comfort system. Learn more at www.championhomecomfort.com and @Champion_HVAC on Twitter.

Whether you’re the host of the holiday party or a guest, 1-800-Flowers has a centerpiece arrangement for you to bring to the table. Call 1-800-FLOWERS or go to www.1800flowers.com. To find a nearby store, visit florist.1800flowers.com.

“Research points to cranberries’ unique ability to block certain bad bacteria,” said Dr. Christina Khoo, Director of Global Health Sciences and Regulatory Affairs at Ocean Spray. “This makes cranberries one delicious option that may help prevent urinary tract infections.” Learn more at www.cranberryhealth.com.