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(NAPSA)—A few simple steps (including taking more steps) can help you to a healthier lifestyle and a longer, even happier life. Learn more at partnering 4health.org.

Veterans are at a higher risk of mental health disorders than civilians, which may create hurdles when pursuing a career or continuing education. University of Phoenix has the tools, resources and support to help veterans reach their career and educational goals. Learn more at www.phoenix.edu.

Dr. Lori LaCivita, industrial and organizational psychologist and director of industrial and organizational psychology programs at Walden University, specializes in helping individuals and organizations unlock their potential, develop vision and establish a path to sustainability. She suggests you make goal-setting a year-round initiative. Learn more at www.WaldenU.edu/resolutions.

You’ll be less likely to worry there’s an error on your tax return if you get help from an enrolled agentóthe only federally licensed tax practitioners who both specialize in taxation and have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS. Learn more at www.eatax.org.

The world’s leading online vacation rental marketplace, HomeAway, has more than a million vacation homes for rent around the world. It sees its mission as helping families disconnect from everyday life and spend time reconnecting with each other. Learn more at www.homeaway.com/lp/vacation-equation.

A geothermal system can save you money year-round—and help save the planet, too. For further facts and tips, visit www.waterfurnace.com and consult your tax professional.

Even the cleanest home will look messy if it’s not properly organized. But there are a few simple ways to declutter your home and make your space look tidy. For a complete rundown of organizational ideas, tips and product solutions, visit Lowes.com.

A single geothermal unit from WaterFurnace—which manufactures and sells more geothermal systems for homes than anyone else—can provide both heating and cooling. Some can even heat water. Learn more at www.waterfurnace.com/switch.

When someone experiences a loss, it can be hard to know what to say. 1800flowers.com/sympathy can be a valuable resource. For advice or to order, call 1-800-FLOWERS, go to ­1800flowers.com or find a retail store at florist.1800flowers.com.

WaterFurnace, which manufactures and sells more geothermal systems for homes than anyone else, points out that its heat pumps quietly and reliably provide precise distribution of comfortable air all year long, eliminating hot and cold spots. Learn more at www.waterfurnace.com.