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(NAPSA)—To enhance the quality of life for veterans with vision loss, the Blinded Veterans Association-which advocates for all blinded veterans—works to make sure Department of Veterans Affairs’ rehabilitation facilities have the training and equipment they need. Learn more at (800) 669-7079 and www.bva.org.

Buying a used car with a lien on it can keep you from registering the vehicle. To protect yourself, get a Carfax Vehicle History Report. It can contain title information, accident history and odometer readings, as well as liens. Learn more at www.carfax.com.

For many millennials, tax filing is complicated by the “gig economy.” Fortunately, an enrolled agent (EA) can help. They’re licensed by the Department of the Treasury and overseen by the IRS. To find one nearby, use the “Find a Tax Expert” directory on www.eatax.org.

The LAAM (laparoscopic-assisted abdominal myomectomy) minimally invasive fibroid removal at The Center for Innovative GYN Care is proven to be safer than open or robotic fibroid surgeries and more effective than uterine fibroid (or artery) embolization at preserving for fertility. Learn more at (888) 787-4379.

Good news for businesses: With the help of an experienced firm such as Tiber Creek Corporation, your company can raise capital by going public. For a free report and consultion, go to www.tcc5.com or call (310) 888-1870.

An FDA-approved OTC patch can provide up to eight hours of pain relief so you can get a good night’s sleep. The active ingredients in Salonpas are absorbed through the skin for fast, long-lasting relief. Learn more at www.salonpas.us.

Working adults who want to return to school and continue their education face a unique set of challenges, including juggling careers and family responsibilities. University of Phoenix President Timothy P. Slottow offers advice for working adults pursuing a higher education. For more information, visit www.phoenix.edu.

To reduce pollen problems, have your HVAC system professionally cleaned by a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Further facts and tips are at www.nadca.com. The Find A Professional directory can help you locate a certified individual in your area.

Curriculum leaders and classroom teachers say Discovery Education Techbooks-from the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms—provide standards-based content that is relevant, dynamic and carefully vetted in math, science and social studies. Learn more at www.discoveryeducation.com.

A knowledgeable tax pro, such as an enrolled agent (EA), can save you money because he or she will interview you in person and determine for which deductions you may qualify. To find one nearby, use the “Find a Tax Expert” directory on www.eatax.org.