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(NAPS)—The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force’s new guidelines for colon cancer screening state that newer methods, such as noninvasive at-home stool DNA testing (Cologuard) and virtual colonoscopy (CT colonography), provide just as much benefit to patients as traditional colonoscopy. Learn more at www.CologuardTest.com.

To help fight fraud, you can sign up for identity protection services from LifeLock. It can regularly monitor credit reports for suspicious new accounts and screen for sale of personal information on the dark Web. For a free, easy-to-use identity fraud risk assessment, visit www.lifelock.com/risk-calculator.

To have more fun for less money at a music festival, you and your friends can stay in a vacation rental home with a company such as Wyndham Vacation Rentals. Amenities typically include multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, a washer/dryer and more. Learn more at www.VacationDifferently.com.

Trust in law enforcement has tied its lowest point in the last two decades. A return to community policing and a focus on technology and soft skills can help improve community relations. Higher education degrees can provide the necessary skills. For more information, visit phoenix.edu.

Household leaks can waste more than 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide.

Understanding how to use technology to assess and purchase investment properties online can lead to more-informed buying decisions. Tune in to “The Real Investor” podcast hosted by Dennis Cisterna on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher and Google Play for weekly tips, strategies and insights into real estate investing.

Twenty-six million Americans are affected by kidney disease today, and millions don’t even know they have it, says Kevin Longino, kidney transplant patient and CEO of National Kidney Foundation. Learn how to help your kidneys at www.kidney.org or join the conversation at #heartyourkidneys.

Clinical trials suggest adding TG Therapeutics’ novel drug, ublituximab, to another immunotherapy medication could greatly increase leukemia patients’ rate of remission. For information about leukemia, see your doctor. For more about the new drug and how to participate in clinical trials, go to www.tgtherapeutics.com.

Many Americans avoid early Alzheimer’s testing because they fear a diagnosis, but detecting the disease earlier allows time for critical treatment and financial planning for long-term care. Learn more at www.BankersLife.com/ALZ2.

University of Phoenix College of Education provides bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for individuals who want to become teachers or current educators and administrators seeking advanced degrees to strengthen their professional knowledge. For more information, visit phoenix.edu/education.