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(NAPSA)—Many veterans find that a great way to transition from active military and continue to enjoy camaraderie and a sense of purpose is to become volunteer firefighters. Learn how and find a nearby fire service volunteer opportunity at www.MakeMeAFirefighter.org.

The National Eye Institute reminds women, especially those over age 40, to make their eye health a priority. Learn how at www.nei.nih.gov/hvm.

Today’s walkers, such as the Motivo Tour rollator, are far more functional and stylish than in the past. To learn more and see the walkers in action, go to www.motivolife.com.

Ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems can cut your utility bills. Fujitsu General, a leading mini-split manufacturer, offers the most energy-efficient lineup on the market. Learn more or find a contractor at (888) 888-3424 or visit www.constantcomfort.com.

The new 3-IN-ONE RVcare Slide-Out Silicone Lube can lubricate, waterproof and protect against rust, corrosion and squeaks. The 3-IN-ONE RVcare Window & Track Dry Lube leaves a clear, protective film that reduces friction without attracting dirt and debris. Learn more at 3INONE.com.

The 33rd volume of “L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future” features 24 award-winning new authors and illustrators plus some famous established authors. It’s available from Amazon.com, BN.com, booksamillion.com, in Barnes & Noble stores, Books A Million and GalaxyPress.com. Learn more at www.writersofthefuture.com and www.galaxypress.com.

The driving force behind the latest in backyard maintenance is a utility task vehicle (UTV) and the No. 1Ðselling UTV lineup is that of the Polaris RANGER. The new XP 1000 is available in base, EPS and new special editions to enhance the driving experience. Learn more at www.Polaris.com.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some 42,000 Americans develop head and neck cancers every year. Smoking and alcohol use are major risk factors. For further facts about head and neck cancers, visit www.cdc.gov/cancer/headneck.

One company, Church’s Chicken, which turns hand-battered, double-breaded chicken, fresh-cooked fried chicken and delicious scratch-made honey-butter biscuits into great chicken experiences that guests love, has been in business for 65 years. To learn how it’s grown to more than 1,600 restaurants globally, visit www.churchs.com.

Young millennial men may get government assistance with college and job training once they register for the Selective Service by mail, at school or online. For further facts and to sign up, go to www.sss.gov.