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(NAPSA)—The Lung Association says for some, quitting smoking is only half the battle. That's why the Lung Association's LUNG FORCE initiative and the Ad Council created the "Saved By The Scan" campaign, featuring a quiz at www.SavedByTheScan.org to help determine if you should get screened.

A University of Phoenix School of Business survey found 58 percent of working adults are interested in changing careers, yet 81 percent still see barriers to doing so, said University of Phoenix School of Business Executive Dean Ruth Veloria. Learn how and more at www.phoenix.edu.

Most Americans are concerned about retirement but you may not have to be if you heed the insights in "20 Retirement Decisions You Need To Make Right Now" by Ray LeVitre, CFP, which clarifies how to manage your assets and prepare for the best possible retirement. Learn more at www.NetWorthAdvice.com.

Dennis Bonilla, executive dean of University of Phoenix's College of Information Systems & Technology, says one's digital brand can play a role in educational and career prospects, especially for younger generations. He suggests parents help children "declutter" their social identity to prepare for the professional workforce.

If you're in a car pool, schedule a complete vehicle inspection, advised Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council, the source for the Be Car Care Aware campaign promoting regular vehicle care. For car care news, visit http://media.carcare.org. For a free "Car Care Guide,"visit www.carcare.org.

Concrete paver patios, walkways, driveways and pool decks can improve your family's quality of life now and enhance your home's curb appeal when the time comes to sell. It s wise to select installers certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI). Learn more at www.concretepavers.org.

Clinical trials at top U.S. universities show that LivFresh Dental Gel reduces plaque 2.5 times better than a leading toothpaste. Over 100,000 people use LivFresh Dental Gel daily. Learn why dentists recommend LivFresh at www.BestDentalGel.com or on Amazon.

Seventy million people in the U.S. experience digestive issues. Herbalife Nutrition Simply Probiotic with BC30 delivers 1 billion active probiotic cultures with zero calories and no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives. It's gluten free and mixes easily in hot or cold liquids or foods. Learn more at www.herbalife.com.

Americans spend 2.5 days a year looking for misplaced items but technology can help. Simply affix a Pixie tag to anything from keys to remotes and use your iPhone or iPad with the corresponding app to find them. Find it at www.getpixie.com and on Amazon at http://amzn.to/2sfdWIw.

Bandwidth is inexpensive and easy to get with today's technology, advises Jeff Allen, Senior Vice President, Comcast Business, West Division. Bandwidth alone doesn't make a business successful, but it's important for communicating with customers, vendors and employees. Learn more at http://cbcommunity.comcast.com.