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(NAPSA)—Public investment in cancer research offers hope to millions of people with cancer and their families. That's why many Americans are asking their elected officials to support an increase in federal funding for cancer research. Lawmakers are at www.house.gov and www.senate.gov. Learn more at www.asco.org/nihfunding.

For five generations, the LangeTwins family has been a sustainable winegrape grower in the Lodi appellation of California. They expect a quality harvest this year. Learn more at www.langetwins.com, www.facebook.com/LangeTwins, @LangeTwins and www.instagram.com/langetwins.

Thanks to some of the latest technology of today, Atlanta's oldest residential real estate firm can help homeowners make important decisions in real time. Harry Norman, REALTORS, has enlisted Kukun to provide easy-to-use tools for home renovators. Learn more at www.mykukun.com.

A leading app for women's health, Flo Period Tracker, tracks women's cycles and overall health, and helps users plan for pregnancy. It's available for download by Apple and Android users.

Good news for New Englanders looking to feed their families the freshest food: Stop & Shop is now partnering with nearby farms to offer locally sourced produce. Learn more at www.stopandshop.com.

For the fourth year in a row, Carfax has been nationally recognized as a  Top Workplace. Even better, it s looking to hire even more workers. For further information about the company and opportunities available there, visit www.carfax.com/careers.

A University of Phoenix survey found that only 37 percent of working adults are very satisfied with their career path. Large majorities are looking to higher education to increase their earning potential (87 percent), obtain a promotion (84 percent) or get a better job (85 percent). Learn how at www.phoenix.edu.

If a milestone in your life has you thinking about LASIK surgery, visit the American Refractive Surgery Council to learn how to research the procedure, what to expect before and after surgery, ways to pay for it, and much more at www.americanrefractivesurgerycouncil.org/blog.

Vamousse Lice Treatment is a pesticide-free pediculicide that s also proven to kill eggs with one treatment. The ingredients are nontoxic and safe to reapply as needed, so there's no waiting to fully end an infestation or quickly treat a reinfestation. Learn more at http://vamousselice.com/why-vamousse/.

Understanding and managing cholesterol is an important part of protecting heart health. To help, there's the "My Cholesterol Guide" from the American Heart Association supported by Sanofi and Regeneron. Visit www.heart.org/cholesterol for further facts, and www.heart.org/MyCholesterolGuide to download the free guide.