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(NAPSA)—To help keep your teenage driver on the road to safety, it can be a good idea to take advantage of Les Schwab's free pre-trip safety check, which includes a visual inspection of tires, alignment, brakes and more. Learn more at www.lesschwab.com.

If you ever need long-term care, a life settlement can help pay for it. It's a proven strategy for generating cash from an unwanted or unaffordable life insurance policy. To learn more or find a life settlement professional, call (800) 664-9024 or visit www.lisa.org.

You can have peace of mind with an Arlo or Arlo Pro 100 percent wire-free, indoor-outdoor home monitoring system. Its weatherproof cameras provide seven days of free cloud HD video recordings, motion- and sound-activated alerts, and a 100+-decibel siren. For further facts, go to www.arlo.com.

At www.PlaySafe.org, parents can find a comprehensive, free resource that includes detailed tips on small parts, advice for new parents, how to keep kids safe during active play, information on battery and magnet safety, the importance of parental supervision during play and much more.

The Bayer Bee Care Program recognizes outstanding beekeepers and partner organizations making a difference in their communities. At 14, Jake Reisdorf was awarded the first-ever Young Beekeeper Community Leadership Award, which recognizes future key players in an otherwise aging beekeeping industry.

The veterinarian-formulated, natural way to deter dogs from eating cat stools is to give both animals tasty NaturVet Outta My Box soft chews from Garmon Corporation. Learn more at www.naturvet.com and (888) 628-8783.

Most first responders, a recent survey found, have experienced a traumatic event on the job. To help, University of Phoenix College of Humanities & Sciences operates counseling centers that offer free services to these people. Learn more at www.phoenix.edu/colleges_divisions/social-sciences/counseling-skills-centers.html. See the survey at www.phoenix.edu/firstresponders.

Recycled cartons can be turned into tissue paper, stationery, paper towels and building products. Learn more at www.recyclecartons.com.

For ideas on improving your cell signal, you can get the "Ultimate Consumer Guide to Cell Phone Signal Boosters" from the industry leader in cellular signal-boosting technology, weBoost. Its phone accessories amplify signals by as much as 32 times. Learn more at www.weboost.