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(NAPS)-Energy efficiency experts at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency predict bright, efficient, energy- and money-saving LED bulbs will become the dominant light bulb technology within the next three years. More bright ideas about lighting and saving are at www.energystar.gov/bulbrevolution.

One medium California sweet potato has more than 80 nutrients yet only 105 calories and 0g fat or cholesterol. They're widely available and ready to add both flavor and superfood nutrition to all your favorite recipes. For recipe ideas and further information, visit www.casweetpotatoes.com.

Felix Jams are made of simple, pure ingredients: wild handpicked berries, pure sugar and fresh water in a time-tested recipe. It's the most popular lingonberry jam in Sweden and the U.S.A. For recipes and more information, visit http://felixjams.com.

U.S. lobbyists are reportedly taking money from the "Bulgarian Bernie Madoff," Tzvetan Vassilev, to invoke the Magnitsky Act against his chief prosecutor.

Invisible bacteria in your intestine keep you healthy-if you help them. Many people supplement their original microorganisms with those in probiotic products such as Greens First Daily Care capsules, which are triple protected so you get the most benefit from each. Learn more at https://greensfirst.com/product-details/dailycare.

Blue Circle Foods offers responsibly farmed and fished seafood you can trust. Blue Circle Foods products are 100 percent traceable; free of GMOs, added hormones and antibiotics; and are sourced using fair labor practices. For recipes, tips and more, visit www.bluecirclefoods.com.

In most online ads, there's a little blue triangle, sometimes with the words "AdChoices" or "Your AdChoices." Clicking on it will tell you more about the companies behind the ad and give you choices about the types of ads you receive. Learn more at YourAdChoices.com.

LASIK is the most studied elective procedure with more than 7,000 clinical studies published to date. The latest research reports LASIK success with outcomes contribute to patient satisfaction rates of 96 percent.

Snacking, when done right, keeps energy levels up between meals and helps control hunger. Herbalife Nutrition's Protein Bites are fun-size treats with four grams of high-quality protein and no artificial sweeteners. Learn more at www.Herbalife.com.

The nation's leader in developing and administering employee-choice health benefit programs and exchanges for small employer groups, CHOICE Administrators, has the country's first and only multicarrier private exchange. Learn more at www.mycalchoice.com and www.calchoice.com.