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(NAPSA)—Your sense of hearing is such an integral part of your life that when you start losing it, the effects are far-reaching. Treating hearing loss can improve your quality of life, suggests Jennifer Gehlen, Au.D, an Educational Specialist at Sivantos, Inc. Learn more at www.signiausa.com.

With the moto z2 force edition and moto mods, you can turn your smartphone into an Alexa-enabled digital assistant, instant photo printer, 360° camera, gaming console, movie projector-and more, all in a snap. Learn more about these devices at www.motorola.com.

One way to make holiday baking memories for your family even better may be to substitute Sue Bee Honey for sugar. You get a golden crust, moister texture and lower calories. For holiday treat and dinner recipes, see https://siouxhoney.com/featured.

Leaving empty TV or computer boxes on the curb could inform criminals that expensive items are up for grabs in your home, says Daniel Barry, University of Phoenix Las Vegas Campus chair for security & criminal justice programs and a retired Las Vegas Metro police captain.

Salonpas' new Lidocaine Plus Pain Relieving Cream and Liquid both contain two anesthetics: lidocaine for long-lasting relief and benzyl alcohol for fast-acting relief.

What may seem like a common infection could be life-threatening: sepsis. To protect Americans, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created Get Ahead of Sepsis. Learn more and access materials at www.cdc.gov/sepsis. Pay attention to infections. If an infection doesn't get better, seek medical care immediately.

Many high school and college students and their families don't realize it, but the road to a good education and career can begin with a single, simple step: registering with the Selective Service. Learn how and why at www.sss.gov and (888) 655-1825.