Top Health Stories Of 2011

Practical Skin Care Tips For Men
Though men's grooming is on the rise, it is often still the case that when guys hear the words "grooming routine," they envision a lengthy process involving many products and spending as much time in the mirror as their wives and girlfriends.
Word Count: 581
Advances In Prenatal Care Help Prevent Premature Birth
Prematurity is a difficult puzzle to solve, but researchers are finally putting some of the pieces together.
Word Count: 406
Add a Flu Shot to your List of New Year's Resolutions!
Many Americans associate influenza with the fall, but you may be surprised to learn that during many flu seasons, influenza activity doesn't peak until winter or early spring.
Word Count: 406
Military Medicine
Most Americans know they should thank the nation's Korean War Veterans. Not everyone, however, knows for just how much.
Word Count: 184
Coping With Cold Weather And Heart Disease
Give the health dangers of cold weather the cold shoulder--even if you have a heart condition--with these hints from the American Heart Association.
Word Count: 466
Simple Tips for Getting Fit in the New Year
For many, controlling their weight starts with getting control of impulse eating.
Word Count: 372
A Cleaner Toothbrush May Mean Fewer Colds
Brushing up on your knowledge of germs and viruses --particularly when it comes to your toothbrush-may mean fewer colds for you and your family.
Word Count: 170
Are You Following The Doctor's Orders?
Helpful tips to help you stay on track with a bone health treatment plan.
Word Count: 977
Some Long-term Care Insurance Is Better Than None
Advice that can help keep long-term care insurance costs under control.
Word Count: 386
Are You Getting The Right Prescription At The Pharmacy Counter?
What patients can do to ensure they get the medication that they've been prescribed.
Word Count: 781
When Does It Make Sense To Go To The Emergency Room?
Urgent care, walk-in clinics and retail health clinics operate nationally to help care for patients who need minor medical attention.
Word Count: 479
Volunteers: A Key To Curing Alzheimer's Disease
Scientists have learned a great deal about potential underlying causes of Alzheimer's disease and advancements in treatments have been accomplished in recent years.
Word Count: 436
New Resources Help Patients Breakaway from Cancer
A new cancer resource navigator tool aids patients and caregivers.
Word Count: 386
The Remedy To Pill Confusion
New software can help doctors make more accurate prescribing decisions and diagnoses.
Word Count: 323
Regenerative Medicine: Helping The Body To Heal Itself
Regenerative medicine accelerates the body's natural healing process to help restore damaged tissues.
Word Count: 452
New CDC Program Created To Help Cancer Patients Prevent Infections
There is important news for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.
Word Count: 723
Travel-Ready Dental Care Delivered In Compact Size
Daily oral care routine now accessible for travelers and those with limited home bathroom countertop space.
Word Count: 261
Colon Cancer Screening Saves Lives, But Many People Don't Get Tested
One in three people 50 years old or older has not been screened for colon cancer, a test that could save their lives.
Word Count: 482
Maximizing Your Cold Weather Workouts
Many people can warm up to these four simple tips from celebrity fitness expert Jennifer Cohen to help keep up with their workouts.
Word Count: 415
Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy Among Young Adults
The U.S. has one of the highest rates of unplanned pregnancy in the entire developed world.
Word Count: 399
CT Screenings Could Be Game Changer For Lung Cancer
Advocates of lung cancer screening are hoping to find the cancer early enough for therapy to work.
Word Count: 453
Do You Know What Could Be Hiding In Your Medicine Cabinet?
When it comes to buying medicine online, consumers need to be sure they're getting the real thing.
Word Count: 665
Fight Flu And Cold Germs
Tips to help your kitchen get a "clean bill of health."
Word Count: 193
Racing To Raise Awareness About Multiple Sclerosis
While people with chronic, debilitating diseases might not typically be thought of as champion athletes, a group of MS patients has been working passionately to debunk this perception.
Word Count: 741
Save Time, Trouble And Your Own Skin
If you're like many American women, you may feel there's a lot more to do than time to do it in--but there can be a simple answer.
Word Count: 353
Listen To Your Mother: Wash Your Hands
Despite the obvious benefits, there are still many people who do not follow good hand-washing habits.
Word Count: 370
Tips On Dealing With Bullying
When it comes to bullying, adults can stop it, fix it and prevent it from happening again.
Word Count: 465
Not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain.
One key to getting a good night's sleep.
Word Count: 386
Effectively Managing Chronic Conditions
Researchers are finding new ways to deal with chronic diseases, which are becoming an epidemic in the U.S., especially among senior citizens.
Word Count: 621
Aspirin And Your Heart Health
Aspirin, a drug that "thins" the blood, can offer benefit in patients who are at a high risk for cardiovascular disease, including prevention of the formation of blood clots, which could cause a heart attack and stroke.
Word Count: 483
Top Tips For Finding The Right Plan
Tips to help you find the right health plan for your needs.
Word Count: 388
Medications 101: How Much Do You Know?
While everyone needs to be careful when taking medication, older adults face particular challenges.
Word Count: 407
Diagnosing That Pain In Your Low Back
If you or someone you care about has back pain, there's a good chance the problem isn't in your back at all--and that can be good news.
Word Count: 404
Keep An Eye On Your Vision
Things you can do to save your sight.
Word Count: 426
Six Simple Ways To Get Ready For Swimsuit Season
Shape-up tips.
Word Count: 403
Treating Sciatica Pain
Doctors have discovered spinal manipulation can be just as effective as surgery for most people struggling with sciatica.
Word Count: 187
Safe, Affordable Medication
As baby boomers are aging, some are joining the growing group of senior citizens on fixed incomes who often find themselves having to choose between filling their prescriptions or buying groceries.
Word Count: 237
Use What You Have To Stay Healthy And Fit
Here's a healthy idea.
Word Count: 338
Backpack Safety: What Parents Need To Know
To help your family use backpacks safely, consider these tips.
Word Count: 413
How To End The "Chore Wars"
Practical, solutions-based strategies to strengthen communication and cooperation.
Word Count: 423
Healthy Habits Start at the Fridge
According to the recent U.S. Dietary Guidelines, calorie balance over time is important for weight management.
Word Count: 214
Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite!
If the thought of bed bugs has you bugged, here are some ways to know if you have them.
Word Count: 214
Join "1000 Cranes Of Hope" To Help Fight Cancer
Getting involved in the fight against cancer can be as easy as making a wish.
Word Count: 402
Dentists Can Save Lives
Going to the dentist could save your life.
Word Count: 182
What You Can Do To Create A World Where Beauty Is A Source Of Confidence, Not Anxiety
Inspiring the next generation of women can be as simple as offering a few encouraging words.
Word Count: 597